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Timmy and Remy

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Based on a dream I had of these two! And in my dream they really were like this, well Timmy laying face down with Remy sitting almost behind him.

This is my very first drawing of Remy Buxaplenty, that naughty kid on Fairly Odd Parents who rivals Timmy and doesn't treat Timmy with respect and always doing something evil against him!

After seeing the first four episodes with Remy, including Operation F.U.N., an episode I don't think I'm gonna watch again, I really really really don't trust Remy, especially around Timmy! I mean that rich jerk is either being outright mean to Timmy or pretending to be Timmy's friend but is actually plotting against him. Well in the episode "Country Clubbed," he didn't seem all that mean to Timmy, but he and his parents sure were mean to Timmy's parents!

I do like Remy but I don't like his behavior or the way he treats Timmy! 

I do not ship these two. Others do but that's their business, but I for one do not, I could never put Timmy with someone like him even if either one of them were female (and Timmy always seems to be the female, never the other male, it's always Genderbent Timmy and a male cartoon character but not Male Timmy and a Gender-bent male cartoon character. I guess many people see Timmy as a girl but I don't and I don't want to! I prefer Timmy as male and masculine (I think Timmy prefers that too!)) 

Well, I have one more picture of Remy and one nicer than this and without Timmy in it.

I apologize if this looks suggestive, it's not supposed to be but if it is then I will remove this picture. So if you like it I'd download it or copy it just in case!

Poor Timmy, and shame on Remy!

Drawing (c) Yours Truly
Fairly Odd Parents (c) Butch Hartman and Nickelodeon
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