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Sage Arvine Lawton

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A new O.C. I came up with and drew a picture of, well, actually doodled. I named him Sage Arvine Lawton.

He's, well his physical appearance is supposed to be modeled after Richie Foley from Static Shock and Andy Arlington from Maya and Miguel. I wanted to make a young white male with spiky blond hair, black bold-frame glasses, and a mostly green shirt with some orange on it.  I did come up with such a character back in 2004 and his name was Anthony and I think he too was modeled after Richie and or Andy but 13 years old. I guess this guy is my remake of Anthony but I renamed him.

This character still needs work as it says and his hair needs to be redone! 

I did come up with a couple of friends for him, including an African American friend but I cannot remember who they are anymore or what their names were (I should have at least written their names down!) and now I'm afraid to come up with new ones because I want to remember the old ones and use them. I forget if his other friend was supposed to be White or Hispanic.

May draw him with Richie and or Andy. And this is not the only blond spiky haired kid in glasses, the week before last week or so I discovered this cartoon character, I think his name is Oliver www.deviantart.com/halypooh/ar…. He too reminds me a lot of Richie. Mind you, I drew this way before I found out about Oliver!

I don't plan on developing this character all that much, only wanted to draw a spiky blond-haired boy in glasses and wearing green with some orange, but trying not to copy Richie or Andy too much.
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He sounds interesting. He looks like an athletic type guy who's a soccer fanatic.
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I never actually thought about that!

One of the cartoon characters I modeled him after does play soccer and other sports! I'm talking about Andy although I've seen Richie play basketball too, well, shoot hoops.

That sounds like a good idea although I don't know if I'll make him a soccer player, but that's a good idea! I could make him an athlete! Thanks for the idea!
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You know what else he reminds me of... A formidable chess opponent. You know, one who's also really skilled at chess - or checkers! So, basically, he could be a superstar soccer and chess player!