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Food from Taco Bell and Orangy Stuff

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The same Taco Bell food from these previous three pictures

Two chalupas, a Doritos Locos Taco, and two custom-made burritos, one made after the Beefy Crunch Burrito (made with beef, nacho cheese, although I think I got shredded cheese instead or in addition to it, sour cream, seasoned rice, and red crispy strips,) and a chicken and potato burrito with cheese, lettuce, and tomatoes.

Also pictured is Orange-Vanilla Coca Cola and Ultra Sunrise Monster Energy drink www.deviantart.com/willm3luvtr…. And I mixed the two drinks together and tried them! I was influenced by :iconmastuhoscg8845iscool: to try this after seeing this www.deviantart.com/mastuhoscg8… and so I did and turned out to be good! And he better be glad too because if it tasted bad or caused me any bad side effects I would'a sued him! No I'm just kidding, I'd never do that, maybe just gave him a little wet noodle! (I'm kidding about that too!) And he didn't influence me, he just inspired me! I do regret I don't have a picture of this kamikaze drink by itself (without the food in the picture with it.)

Also included is a fresh navel orange, which I ate half of after my taco bell meal! I like to have an orange after having tacos or other Mexican, or so-called Mexican food and some other foods, oranges are a pallet cleanser! So not only did I have taco bell but I had orange stuff, a fresh orange, orange-flavored Coca Cola, and an orange-flavored (or at least orange colored) Monster Energy drink!

I may not have had the drink with Popeye's chicken, and may never do so, but at least I got to try it and have it with tacos. That and I have some Church's chicken so I can drink the Monster Energy drink with that instead!
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That looks great.