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Flashing Ring Collage

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Here is a collection of pictures I took of my flashing ring and put together so you could see the different looks and different colors in it. Three of the pictures I posted previously are included

First row first column www.deviantart.com/willm3luvtr…
Second row first column www.deviantart.com/willm3luvtr…
First row third column www.deviantart.com/willm3luvtr…

And as you can see, this ring only lights up in yellow and red but I've also seen some that flash in blue and red and in green and red. I don't know if there are any that flash blue-yellow, blue-green, or yellow-green and I'd love to see them if there are any, but I like the ones with red lights best since red is my most favorite color anyway. I think the red and blue is my top favorite and the red and yellow is my second favorite! And I believe these are lit with L.E.D. strobe lights. And they're very tiny L.E.D.s too!

UPDATE April 12, I did make artwork and gifs of this but I was told that my pictures could cause seizures which could kill people and I don't want people to die because of me, I so cannot live with that! So I took the artwork down and cancelled plans to make any artwork of such things. Better to be safe than sorry as the person told me!

Thanks for looking.

Although this photo doesn't look professional, you can use this if you want but please credit me for it!
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This is just so awesome!