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Flashing Ring 1

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Does anybody remember these little doohickeys?

This is supposed to be a flashing ring, one of those little flashing objects that when screwed on tightly, two different colored strobe lights flash rapidly and alternately. This one here flashes in red and yellow.

My mother found this last night in her collection of rings and showed this to me. I remembered seeing these back in the early 2000s. I first saw something like this in 2002, only that one flashed in red and blue, kind of like an emergency vehicle, and I was fortunate enough to get one when I was in high school towarrd the end of my sophomore year! And as I was heading back to my class, I ran through one of the halls of my high school flashing it like I was an emergency vehicle! :dignity-laugh: And at least one person mentioned it as I did so! Yeah I used to run in the hallways in my schools although it was against the rules, I only because I wanted to get somewhere faster and didn't want to be tardy for class!

Please note though, do not do what I did, NEVER run through the halls in your school! I did get in trouble for it a few times and so will you if you get caught!

Anyway back to these lights. I did find a few more of these from a small vending machine that takes quarters (kind of like a gumball machine only it sold these light thingies) in a grocery store in 2004. and I took my change and bought a few of them. Most of them flashed red and green but some flashed red and yellow. These were just too cool and beautiful not to have! I also bought some for two my boss's children, or one of his biological children and one he was fostering. I think I hoped to get one that flashed in blue and one that didn't flash in red but I never got such, either the red and yellow or red and green.

I don't know if this was one of them that I got back in 2004 or if my sister got this for my mother as my mother herself said, but she gave it to me!

But does anybody know the real, proper name of these flashy thingies. I called them belly lights, at least the one I got in 2002, I think you wore them on your belly button but I didn't. And they had these in rings like you see. I'd also like to know where I could get more of these cool little lights if they still make them, may have to get some off eBay!

By the way, to support this object, to make it pointing diagonally upwards, I used a big ball of lint happening to lie around in my room and to make it visible, I used my grocery list for yesterday's shopping!

You'll see a few more pictures of these after this so you can see this in action! 

Proof that these light up:
To see my collage of this ring, including the photo above and the two linked, www.deviantart.com/willm3luvtr…

Permission granted to use and repost this photo since it has a cool object and what I think is an antique, but please credit me for it!
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