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Eward Louis Comic

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A comic strip I made 11 years ago about a little 4-year-old boy named Edward, Edward Huey Louis (I know it says "Henry" but I changed the name to "Huey," will explain that later,) his mother Melanie (originally spelled "Melene" but that was a misspell,) and his father Howard. They are the Louis Family.

In this comic, Edward is sitting down in the living room playing with his toy train while his mother Melanie tells her husband, and Edward's father, Howard, that they should order pizza for dinner. Only Melanie wants doesn't want her son to know that yet so she spells the word "Pizza" and other words as she talks to her husband, hoping their son wouldn't understand!

Unfortunately for Melanie, what she said, or spelled, doesn't go past her son, he knew exactly what she was saying, or spelling, much to his parent's surprise and amazement, well especially Melanie's. And so Howard tells his wife they should have spoke Spanish in front of him, he may have known his son was that smart! Melanie agrees with Howard but unbeknownst to them, Edward knows Spanish already and shows it by saying it!

The idea for Edward Louis, maybe his last name should be Lewis, but I like the spelling "Louis" better, anyway this idea came after me watching an episode of Arthur Arthur Read Icon 1. I forget which episode is was but Arthur was talking to his friends but spelling words instead of saying them so D.W. wouldn't understand although D.W. wanted to know what he was saying. But Arthur isn't the only cartoon this comic came from, this is also somewhat modeled after Calvin and Hobbes and Jimmy Neutron (The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron.) What this cartoon has in common with Arthur is my main main character, Edward, is the same age as D.W., he's 4-years old.) The Calvin and Hobbes and Jimmy Neutron part, Edward is an only-child living with both of his parents, and of course the same gender as Calvin and as Jimmy. And like Jimmy Neutron, this boy is a genius! Yes, this progeny is also a prodigy! (anyone ever used those two P words in the same sentence? I'm sure many have but I never heard it before, at least not according to my memory.)

I also named Edward after two male singers: Edward Barnes and Huey Lewis, the same Huey Lewis from "Huey Lewis and the News." I only know Edward Barnes by his song "Kookie, Kookie, Lend Me Your Comb," sung with Connie Stevens, a song I first heard while working at Sonic, and a song I find funny. I also decided to make Huey Lewis's first name my Edward's middle name. I only named him "Henry" because I thought Huey Lewis was "Henry Lewis!" And how did I know about him? It's because of the cover song originally by Smokey Robinson "Crusin'," which Lewis performed with Gwyneth Paltrow, an interesting name. D'Angelo also performed "Crusin'" but I don't like his version, I prefer Robinson's and Lewis and Paltrow's version, although my mother hates the Lewis-Paltrow version!

Little did I know, there really was a man named Henry Lewis, only he was Henry Lewis Gates Jr., who was arrested several months after I made this comic, to which then president Barrack Obama said on TV, "The Police acted stupidly!" I'll always remember that! But I mention "Henry Lewis" not knowing there really was a Henry Lewis and I would hear about him. I did look up Henry Lewis only to find out that he was black man and that I got the name wrong, and I knew the person singing with Paltrow was a white man. I finally got it cleared up when I did another search and found out "Huey" was his name. And truth be told, I like the name "Huey" better.

As regards to his parents, I just picked out random names and ages for them, although it's possible I named Melanie after one or two of the Spice Girls (Mel B or Mel C.) Melanie is 29 years old and Howard is 32. Their full names are Howard Darrel Louis (father) and Melanie Jennifer Louis (mother.)

And as regards to their physical appearances, they all have brown hair and brown eyes. I did think afterward and still think so now, that that's too much brown. I'm not sure if I'll change Howard and or Melanie's hair or eye colors, but I'm thinking of recoloring Edward's eyes blue, although that will make him more like Jimmy Neutron and I don't want this to be a carbon copy of Jimmy Neutron. Plus unlike Jimmy, Edward has more friends and is respected more, although of course not everyone likes him, he has his enemies just like the rest of us! I also worry the same thing for Melanie, I thought of making her hair red, maybe giving her green eyes, but again, carbon copy of Jimmy Neutron!

Mind you, I made this before Caillou became popular to me, although I think I was watching Caillou at the time, and way before The Loud House came out (Caillou and Lisa are also 4-year-olds, but Lisa is the genius!) So like Lisa, (and Levi,) Edward is a four-year-old genius.

Another thing about Edward, unlike Calvin, Edward doesn't have an imaginary friend that's actually a stuffed animal, and Edward doesn't like to cause trouble for anyone, he's not asocial. Well, he might be but he's not as bad as Calvin!

I've thought of expanding more on Edward Louis but never got around to it and did lose interest in this cartoon immediately after, but my interest is back. And I may make some more Edward Louis art but I don't know if  and when I will and how I will. (PLEASE DO NOT PRESSURE ME INTO MAKING MORE EDWARD LOUIS ART, I didn't really plan on doing very much with him and still don't. But I might, you never know! I was even thinking of doing a crossover of him with a character from an actual existing cartoon.) Okay I'll draw at least a couple more pictures of Edward, but don't expect too much development from this cartoon I made.

All I can say is, Howard and Melanie are blessed to have a son like Edward!

I know not all of you are going to like this, and this is old art, but maybe a few of you will like it. I also hope you found it funny, that's also what I was aiming for, I was aiming for humor in this comic and I hope I succeeded!

Thanks for looking and for reading!
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:iconmaddie-dite13: and :iconraakone: Thanks. I'm so glad you like these.

I must admit though I'm not so very good at comedy, I'm very weak there! I mean, "Why did the chicken cross the road?"

So he wouldn't bwak traffic!

But no I stink at comedy!
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Love this. When my brothers were younger we'd spell things out. When I was younger, if my parents truly didn't want me understanding something, they'd speak in French. The same thing for my grandmother, when she came to live with us.
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I like this! Incredibly clever! You should do more of this! Than your railroad stuff...