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Cody Carpenter and Kyle Sullivan 1

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A request from :iconcourtlyhades296:

"I'd like you to draw Cody with my Loud House OC, Kyle Sullivan. Kyle is a Caucasian with jean shorts, a light blue shirt, hazel eyes and brown curly hair, and is around 5 inches taller than Lynn despite being Lincoln's age. In the soulmate AU, Kyle and Mollie are already a couple, while Stella has a crush on Cody."

He made this request over a month ago, on the 8th of last month! And I finally got around to doing this! This is why I don't take requests, because I cannot promise I'll do them and sometimes it will take me a long time to get to them, and I still have one or two other requests waiting to be fulfilled. I even have a request from someone on Loud House Wikia from like two years ago I still haven't done!

Anyway this is my drawing of Courtly's O.C. character Kyle Sullivan with and talking to my O.C. Cody. I thought he would have his drawing of him so I'd know what he'd look like but he didn't so I had to come up with my own design and gues how he'd look. I don't really know how to color hazel and the Loud House characters don't have colored eyes anyway, at least not obvious colored eyes, I mean Lincoln could have blue eyes and Clyde could have brown eyes but we won't know that unless they modify the Loud House characters (I kind of hope they don't, I like them just the way they are! I mean I was a little shocked or something to see Alvin, Simon, and Theodore's eyes get colored after seeing them just have black and white eyes (1980s series.))

I wasn't given a color for Kyle's jean shorts or shoes so I colored his shorts blue and left his shoes white. CourtlyHades296, I hope you like this!

Although I prefer not to take requests, and I don't recommend you make any to me but I won't try to stop you from doing so, if you have an O.C. you'd like me to draw and depending on what he's for (like if he does occult practices I will reject that request,) please provide me a picture of him or I'll have a clearer idea on how to draw him and be very specific too or else I'm going to draw whatever I want or reject the request.

Okay I'm sorry if I sounded like a jerk in my last paragraph, I hate talking to people like that, it never makes me feel good! Still, I would appreciate it if you had a preexisting picture of your O.C.

By the way I don't like the way this came out so I drew a second picture of these two: www.deviantart.com/willm3luvtr… And it's not often you get two for the price of one, including from me!

Drawing and Cody Carpenter (c) Yours Truly
Kyle Sullivan :iconcourtlyhades296:
The Loud House (c) Chris Savino, Nickelodeon, and Viacom
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I have a request: A picture of Ronnie Anne in Hell, enduring every prank she's ever pulled
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I'm sorry but I'm going to have to turn down your request. :( I don't believe in Hell, at least not the fiery hell many religions talk about and I wouldn't be comfortable doing that.

I'll admit though I didn't like very much Ronnie Anne pulling pranks especially on Lincoln, it makes her look like a bully, a monster, although she seems to be a little better behaved than before.
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Ok, it doesn't have to be in Hell.
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The drawing looks exactly how I envisioned Kyle.