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And so, I've been looking at this reply to a comment that @RailfanBronyMedia had once made to me about a particular infamous user: https://www.deviantart.com/comments/1/879629634/4920230011 And I will say that it does apply to other instances as well. However… I've also been talking with @PuffyTopianMan on such matters, and he had honestly been making a very good point; I can't just let certain people who demonize and gaslight me become such a hindrance in my life, or even my internet future for that matter, because the fact is, I know who I am in actuality, and I am not… - A man-child - A sexual predator - An idiot - A fanbrat/hatebrat - A whiner - Using autism as an excuse for bad behavior - Toxic Who and what I am is… - A child at heart - Caring about the opposite gender for whom they are (I just happen to like the whole "increase in size" aspect as a fantastical thing) - Smart (but makes mistakes) - A fan of my favorite characters - Making complaints with the intent of being
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My Bio

Cartoons, Railroad Crossings, Trains, and Rabbits


Greetings, my name is William. I'm Black and over 30 years old.

I've visited this site since 2006 but between early 2008 and August or most likely September of last year I was absent due to personal issues but started visiting this site again in September and became a member then.

Long story short, I'm Jehovah's Witness and proud of it, and do not want to change, politically neutral, have Asperger's Syndrome, like trains and railroad crossings, especially with flashing lights and gates, hence my username.

My two most favorite cartoon characters are Timmy Turner from "Fairly Odd Parents, my most favorite cartoon ever," and Tim Possible from "Kim Possible."

Other favorite cartoons, or cartoons I just like, are Arthur, Maya and Miguel, Jimmy Neutron, Braceface (only episodes that feature Josh Spitz, he's my most favorite character in the show), Underdog, Calliou (yes I like Calliou even if other people don't,) 64 Zoo Lane, Angelina Ballerina, Spongebob Squarepants, Catscratch, Super Why, Bubble Guppies, the Simpsons, The Weekenders, Fillmore, Rugrats All Grown Up, and more. I like animated shows better than live-action shows.

My top three favorite animals are rabbits (my number 1 favorite animal!), cats, and turtles.

I have mental, emotional, and psychological issues including depression, anxiety Obsessive Complusive Disorder, and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. I admit I'm a very troubled person and am not easy to deal with. And like Nonny from the Bubble Guppies, I have a boring personality (not because of my religion which I won't talk about unless you ask me by message or unless certain circumstances come up where it's necesary for me to talk about it) but I don't have a lot of interests and I'm asocial so nothing personal but I prefer not to have any social interaction with anyone. I didn't join this website to make friends or enemies or to be liked or disliked. I used to be a very open person but now I'm a generally closed person. But don't worry, I don't bite!

I also have physical health problems, or so it seems I have. And I suffer from Peripheral Neuropathy. I also get tired very easily and I often get sick. I have to deal with coughing spells, cold-like symptoms, headaches, sometimes fatigue, backaches, and having to keep my balance and sometimes I move very slow or have to walk carefully. I even have times I cannot stand up for very long and end up having to sit down. I use a walking stick and a wheeled walker. Sometimes I have to use my walking stick and even my walker just to get around my own apartment, but don't always need to. And I take my walker just about everywhere I go now. Though I'm at least 30 now, I'm already having health problems and feeling like an old man.

Another thing, I may have autoimmune diseases. My mother has it (she has lupus among other things) and autoimmune diseases run in my maternal part of the family and I may be starting to feel it. In fact I started getting sick after my 28th birthday. It's possible I also have arthritis.

But my physical health seems to be failing me. Some days are better than others though and thankfully I'm still able-bodied and can still do things like walk, run even, shop, take the bus, cook, but some things are not as easy to do anymore. This will also affect my drawing, or whether I feel like doing so or not, same with writing fanfiction.

(End Update)

I'm also not giving out my email address, home address, or number, so please don't ask. Unless it's strictly for business purposes.

I like to draw pictures and write cartoon fanfiction and song-fiction, and I also like to do self-inserts (in stories only.) My favorite things to draw are railroad crossings, trains, cartoon fan art and rabbits, and even better a combination of those things. I also like to take photos and post them!

Also, I know male fairies on Fairly Odd Parents get pregnant but I do not like that at all and am totally against it. I cannot stand the sight or the thought of male pregnancy, including fairies. I will instead be doing artwork of female fairy pregnancy, for myself and for anyone who wants to see pictures of Wanda and other female fairies pregnant, and those against male fairy pregnancy and I don't care what anyone says about it. Well actually I do, I don't like to sound haughty or prideful, that's wrong, I do care but I will not be swayed by what people say about female fairy pregnancy.

I really hated Fairly Odd Baby and that Cosmo gave birth, that disturbed me very much, I regret watching that movie and I never want to see it again and I want no support in it. I don't care if male fairies get pregnant, well I do but I cannot control what happens on Fairly Odd Parents, but I can control what I put in my fan-art and fanfics and I will NOT draw pictures of male fairies or other male creatures, not even sea-horses, being pregnant, as natural as that is. If you want male fairy pregnancy, you're going to have to get it from someone else.

I also do not do LGBTQ themed work, but I will still draw LGTBQ characters, there's nothing wrong with that. I also will not do anti-LGBTQ work including hate art, that's disrespectful and stupid. I have nothing personal against the LGBTQ community and I'm NOT homophobic. Yes I'm Jehovah's Witness and nothing anyone can say or do to make me change that, but that DOES NOT mean I hate LGBTQ people, I treat everyone regardless of who or what they are the way I want to be treated (Matthew 7:12 and Luke 6:31) and I love EVERYBODY (Matthew 5:44; 22:39.) Of course I don't like everyone, who can or does, but I don't hate anyone either, it's against my policy to hate anyone even those who hate me! But it's also not in my policy to do LGBTQ-themed work. Notwithstanding this, I will still respect LGBTQ people like I do anyone else and I will draw some LGBTQ cartoon characters but only out of my own decision and discretion!

I am sorry to say this but I do not take requests, at least not generally. I mean I would, but I couldn't promise you I'd fulfill it, plus I cannot handle a lot of people making requests for me all in a short amount of time. Plus I have other obligations, including my spiritual obligations, and I need to make sure I have a life outside of Deviant Art, although this place can be addictive and I do need to try to have some away time, and I can be gone for a week, three weeks, I'm likely going to start staying away for more than a month.

But I prefer not to take requests. I don't mind doing artwork for other people and I do take and make suggestions, and you can leave it on my message wall or in a comment in one of my deviations and I'll see what I can do. I might take you up on your suggestion, just be prepared to get a "No" answer.

But Suggestions are okay.

I will also try not to make requests myself since I'm not taking any, although I'll admit it is tempting to make requests and I am curious as to see how you guys do things and I guess now you think the same as me toward me, and that I understand. But I will try not to make requests but will leave suggestions and it's of course your decision if you take it or not.

But please respect my wishes, and I will make sure I do the same for you. And please do not be pushy with me, I work on and post artwork out of my own time, effort, and energy and there will be times I won't always feel like doing artwork or writing fanfiction though I'd like to. Plus remember, I have health issues as mentioned above and that will affect my doing of artwork and sometimes I'll be too tired to do artwork.

I do apologize for any inconvenience I may have caused any of you. But let's face it, we're all humans and we all have our limitations, some more than others.

One more thing: I don't like fighting or arguing or getting into confrontations with anyone or causing trouble for anyone and I don't like upsetting or annoying anyone on purpose. I like to be nice to others and believe in peace, and though it's not easy, even if others are not nice to me. Don't think I won't block, I reserve the right to do so but will try not to and will try to make that a last resort depending on the circumstances/ offense (like if you keep asking me to do something or pestering me to do something even after I say "NO" or tell you to be patient, if you're extremely rude to me or if you harass or threaten me) and may block on the spot and without advance warning, but I'll try to give a warning first, I don't like to block anyone.

I'm very sorry if I sounded like a jerk, I didn't mean to, I like being nice to others, but as nice as I want to be, I had to be firm. And that's not easy to do. I'm not the nicest person in the world but I don't want to be one of the meanest.

I love everyone and want to be nice and kind to everyone, but I love Jehovah first and I want to please him more than anyone else.

Social Media: I prefer NOT to watch videos on or through YouTube or Vimeo or Google Videos. I prefer to watch online videos on DailyMotion (cartoons only,) KissCartoon, KimCartoon, Watch Cartoon Online, PBS Kids, maybe Nickelodeon, FlickR, Pond5, and Shutterstock. But if I have to watch something on YouTube, it's not worth watching and I'd rather just not watch it. It's a psychological issue. I also do not use Facebook, Twitter, Myspace, or LinkedIn and I do not want to visit those websites period! But Instagram, Tumblr, Reddit, Pinterest, and Incur among other places I can do.

ADDED JUNE 18, 2021: Although I'm okay with my art and fanfics and other content reposted on some other websites, PLEASE DO NOT post, feature, or talk about my things on YouTube, Vimeo, MySpace, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or anything copied or downloaded from those sites. Again, I appreciate the recognition but I'd rather not be learned about on ANY of those sites! Furthermore and I'm serious about this, PLEASE DO NOT put anymore of my stuff on Kiwi Farms, I DO NOT want anymore of my stuff there or anywhere else I'm talked negatively about. THIS INCLUDES things I post on ALL other websites! I don't care if I'm disliked and I know many hate me, that's a given, but I do mind being disrespected like everyone else! I should have mentioned these much sooner and didn't but now I'm doing so. No guarantee these rules will be followed and maybe I'm throwing my pearls before swine but I'm saying this just so you hear it from me! But please do not add my stuff to those sites and please remove my things from them! Thank you and sorry for the inconvenience!

But you can repost and talk about my content anywhere else like Pinterest, Reddit, Imgur, Dailymotion, Instagram, Tumblr, etc unless I say otherwise as sure long as you credit me for my work and talk respectfully about me and my stuff, and I will welcome constructive criticism, my work can use some improvement! Thank you. (END UPDATE)

That will be all I'll say of myself. I will add more if needed. Thanks for reading.

Any Questions or Concerns?

Missing Buttons:

Caillou (positive stamps not anti-Caillou)

Buster Baxter

Harry and His Bucket Full of Dinosaurs

Tim or Jim and Tim Possible

Nonny (Bubble Guppies)



Jehovah's Witness Stamps

Jehovah's Witnesses STRONGLY Cautious: Please be careful and remember that not everyone using these and other stamps is Jehovah's Witness. Just a word of caution.

Also rest assured of this It is not my job to convert anybody, I convert NO ONE but myself!

My railroad crossing emoticons (all free to use!)

Favourite Movies
Space Jam, Twister, Men In Black, Aladdin, Category 6, Silver Streak
Favourite TV Shows
Fairly Odd Parents, Arthur, Maya and Miguel, Kim Possible, Caillou, Super Why, Jimmy Neutron, Braceface, Angelina Ballerina, Krypto the Superdog, The Simpsons, The Weekenders, Fillmore, Rugrats All Grown Up, Fatherhood, My Dad the Rock Star, and more.
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Technotronic featuring Ya Kid K, Eurythmics, Joe Jackson, Heart, Mr. Mister, U2, Spice Girls, Sade, Toni Braxton, Aalyiah, Michael Jackson, Club Nouveu, Will Smith and more
Favourite Books
Mostly train books
Favourite Games
Mostly Mario games and Kirby Games
Two new status updates by @TrainsAndCartoons (I hope this is alright with you, if not I'll delete this.) https://www.deviantart.com/trainsandcartoons/status-update/And-so-I-ve-been-looking-892237096 https://www.deviantart.com/trainsandcartoons/status-update/Uh-oh-Godzillavkk-has-liked-my-879629634?comment=1%3A879629634%3A4942929266 I commented on both of them but I said nothing about the person he was talking about. I do wanna say this as a side note, the people on The Slums of Elwood are jerks! I talk about them in a comment to one of those! But they say nothing but bad things about me over there! 😠 They are NOT nice people, at least some of them aren't, I know some of the people there and some of them are not all bad but others there are!
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Guys, I don't know if this is true or not but I just found out on Slums of Elwood the infamous Arthur Fanfic Writer Travis Hicks, aka Travis2016, Travis2015, Arthur2014, Travis the Arthur Fan passed away. This is a link to what might or might not be his obituary https://www.leesmanfuneralhome.com/m/obituaries/Travis-Hicks-2/Memories This might be the same Travis because he's in his 30s, he's older than I am, and he lived in Illinois and then moved to Missouri after I yes, mailed him a Bible. He told me a few years ago his mother died, now he might be dead too. I know Travis wasn't such a very good person to a lot of you or me and I actually associated with him until after his Gay Bath House fanfic, but this is a shame, at least to me. I'm shocked to find this out! If this is true, I gotta say not even Travis deserved this! Well probably did but that's not for me to say. In other news: "What were you doing on Slums of Elwood?" I was just seeing what people were saying about me
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Some or many of you are or have been wondering why I don't do certain things like go on YouTube, watch certain shows, look at certain pictures be it of people or places, and why I lack interest in so many things. Alright I'll try to tell you but it won't be easy, you won't understand, and you'll think its ridiculous! And this long so better sit down and relax and get comfortable for this!) Around the time I learned about YouTube, it was September 2006, I was suffering from severe depression and very high anxiety, plus my life didn't go the way I hoped plus I was dealing with other things. I had depression from May of that year, my life started to get messed up just when things were starting to get better. The computer I had at the time, my very first own computer, got viruses and I couldn't use it as much anymore and no one got it fixed, and then I tried to make myself go back to a life I tried to get away from that I wasn't happy with. When I moved to Tucson in 2002 things were
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Hi, there. :)

Do you take train sprite requests?

Honestly not really. I'm not really so great at making train sprites and I haven't even made very many locomotives, the ones I made aren't so good. I'm currently working on an MPI MP36PH but I never finished it.

And my computer mouse pad is hardly working, making digital art harder to do. Plus I tried to make a Phase 3 Amtrak version of

SC-44 Charger

I still intend to but the original artist didn't make transparent versions of this sprite and I've been wanting to ask if he would but never got around to it and I don't know if he'll want to,or not and I don't want to ask him to if he doesn't. But because his sprites aren't transparent I cannot decorate them that easily, and with my cursor pad being wonky it's even harder, I need to get it looked at and fixed but I don't have the money and won't for a while unless I get a stimulus check! So I ended up making this instead

Amtrak ALC-42 Siemens Charger Drawings 1st Attempt

I'm mostly happy with it but I don't think I added enough black to the front, well the side of the front of the locomotive (there should be black around the door and side windows. I may need to redraw this. Fun fact, I hope Amtrak does this with a lot of their new charger locomotives, Phase 3 is the best in my opinion and that of other Amtrak enthusiasts.

Sorry but I don't think I can do a sprite for you, not unless you want me to use one of the sprites I already made. Otherwise you might want to ask someone else. But I do appreciate you wanting my sprites! I feel honored!

Out of curiosity though, what did you want me to do?

If you can use any of the templates you have, I'll show you.

I'll send you a note.

They're from some Road Runner cartoons.

Fascinating railroad crossing but I don't see a ball of twine anywhere.

Those signals look almost similar to the last cantilever signals I made except the arms are shorter and the lights are bigger than the ones on mine

Wishbone Gates and Old Cantilevers 6-24-21