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Any night behind Hogwarts

By WilliamSnape
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"Any night behind Hogwarts" oil on canvas (60x80 cm)

It's my entry for the contest "My favorite tale" of :iconpainters:

My favorite tale is "Harry Potter".

The scene of the painting is a full moon night behind Hogwarts Castle. You see Professor Severus Snape in the foreground...Remus Lupin as werewolf...and Mr. Filch comes out of the dark forest with a lantern. Maybe he have bad news for Professor Snape?

Sorry, my english is not very good.

Harry Potter and all characters © JK Rowling, Warner Bros.
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© 2010 - 2021 WilliamSnape
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<font><font>Wow wie wunderschön </font></font>
WilliamSnape's avatar
BlairWa's avatar
<font><font>Gern geschehen :-)</font></font>
Le-ARi's avatar
Wow! It's great drawing
I-never-stop's avatar
Perfect. I love it. I think is the most beautiful picture of hogwarts i have seen. ;)
WilliamSnape's avatar
WOW...thanks so much!!!:bow:
ilustforseverussnape's avatar
its Very Beautiful! i Love it!
lukomorievna's avatar's really cool!!
Remus, Severus... ^^ Wonderful !
WilliamSnape's avatar
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this is really cool :D :wizard hat:
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Wow das sieht absolut genial aus *O*
Die Farben sind fantastisch, die ganze Szene sieht so echt aus .. 8O
Snape sieht i.wie leidend aus :O
WilliamSnape's avatar
Ich danke dir von Herzen für diesen netten Kommentar! :bow:
Snape hat wie du weißt, allen Grund zu leiden...ich sage nur Lily :-(
Wisperwynd's avatar
Bitte :3
Stimmt.. :C
TarcDnB's avatar
Really nice, I like how "cool" the colors are, even though sky is always blue. Something's unique about it
plumcider's avatar
I like the blue-green color scheme. It lends a nice atmosphere.
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