Star-bound lovers (Part 2)

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Outpost was a small colony,
But Fate had plans for it.
Two people were about
To change the colonists' lives.

The ancient gate activated,
Which caught the attention of a dog.
A man and a woman landed safely
On the gate's platform.

The two lovers kissed each other
When they saw they weren't separated.
They arrived where the message came from,
Which S.A.I.L. confirmed.

They received another message,
A call to adventure.
They went straight to the Ark,
Where they met the mysterious sender.

They met Esther Bright,
Who told them about the Ruin,
About how it destroyed Earth.
The two survivors were horrified.

They wanted to do something
To prevent similar tragedies.
However, they would need
A ship in working order.

It was a foreign word.
It made some uneasy.
It was needed to repair the ship.

Penguin Pete mentioned an Erchius mine
That mysteriously went silent.
Something was very wrong,
And someone had to investigate.

The two lovers were ready.
Their spirit was indestructible
And nothing could stop them now,
So they answered the call.

There was a flame in their eyes,
A flame I've seen before.
But I digress, so, if you don't mind,
Let's get back to the story at hand.

The teleporter brought them
Back to their damaged ship.
They made new equipment and rested.
Anything could happen, after all.

They stepped on the ship's teleporter.
"Do it, S.A.I.L.!"
They started hugging and kissing
As they beamed to the mine.

The mine was unwelcoming.
Lights out and no signs of life.
"All life readings emanate
From a great depth below the surface.

The readings are...
Difficult to define.
Congratulations in advance
For your courage."

S.A.I.L. added its thoughts to the matter.
As they heard those words,
The two adventurers readied their weapons
And ventured deeper into the facility.

Underbarrel flashlights
Illuminated the dark rooms.
They each covered the other's back,
But the place was eerily quiet.

"Please proceed with caution
In conditions of low light."
S.A.I.L. was their only friendly company
In those corridors.

As the survivors turned the power back on,
They were attacked by strange creatures.
They nicknamed them "moontants".
Of course, S.A.I.L. gave more information.

Those creatures were an unholy fusion
Between men and Erchius.
"High likelihood of behavioural volatility predicted."
Obviously, the two lovers knew that already.

They reached the mine itself.
"Erchius readings have reached 94 rad.
You are in peril.
Your Peril level is currently 14607 morts."

The protagonists chuckled
When the AI said those words.
As they went deeper,
They saved some miners.

They continued their way down.
"Erchius readings have reached 101 rad.
Your Peril level is currently 18472 morts."
"Hush! You're not helping."

Esther joined the conversation.
She was making sure the two were fine.
They weren't, but they were determined
To finish what they started.

They weren't afraid of death,
Since their ship had a way
Of resurrecting them.
Technology is great, isn't it ?

But I digress again.
The two lovers reached a door.
They felt a strong killing intent
Emanating from behind it.

They tended to their wounds,
Kissed each other,
Then opened the door.
Shock could be seen on their faces.

A giant Erchius crystal,
With an eye in its centre.
The horror!

Bullets started to dance,
But couldn't even dent the crystal.
The lovers noticed the cannon,
Right below the beast.

Four switches were connected to it.
The two started to run and jump.
One switch was flipped,
The others soon followed.

All of this occurred
As the crystal fired lasers
To stop the two survivors,
But they were agile enough.

The woman jumped towards the cannon,
Then her hand hit the switch.
The cannon fired an energy blast
Which hit the monster.

A roar of pain resounded
In the entire cavern.
It was working,
So our protagonists went for it.

After two more blasts,
The Erchius Horror was defeated.
The lovers were bruised,
But alive.

They hugged for minutes,
Then went onwards.
A miner gave them the Erchius crystals
They needed to repair their ship.

A teleporter welcomed them
At the end of the mine.
They entered Outpost's coordinates,
Then beamed to it.

The second part of "Star-bound lovers" is now here, and it's quite the read! In fact, it's my longest poem as of this writing, dethroning "Digital soul".
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