Star-bound lovers (Part 1)

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A ship,
Travelling through space.
In it are two humans,
Two lovers.

They escaped something.
Something destructive.
It destroyed their home,
And made the planet uninhabitable.

Their ship was damaged,
Its AI was bugged,
Food stocks were running low,
They had just woken up.

The woman rebooted the AI,
While her boyfriend
Estimated the damage's extent.
"S.A.I.L. online!"

The man looked at the ship's map,
And saw they were orbiting
A Garden-type planet.
Maybe it would be a new start.

They gathered their supplies
And armed themselves,
Before going through the teleporter.
The galaxy was a dangerous place.

On the planet,
Beautiful landscapes
Awaited them.
They were in awe.

The woman's emerald eyes
Scanned the area,
While her coral brown hair
Floated freely in the wind.

Her boyfriend begun setting up camp
Because night started to fall.
Using his matter manipulator,
He cut trees and dug a cave in a mountain.

In the meantime,
His girlfriend
Gathered some plants
To make crude bandages.

After a night's rest,
They built a workbench,
As well as other stations
That would allow them to craft more items.

Hunting spears and a bow
To get meat from creatures.
A hoe and watering can
To start a farm.

After a few weeks
Of near self-sufficiency,
The two lovers
Decided to explore the planet.

A few days later,
They found an unpowered, ancient gate.
Their S.A.I.L. told them
What they would need to power it.

Twenty core fragments.
To get those,
They would need to go deeper.
Much deeper.

More surface exploration
Revealed a mine.
At least they wouldn't have
To dig one themselves.

They sensed danger
And raised their weapons
As they entered
The mineshaft.

As they descended deeper,
They defended themselves from bats
And searched every container.
Without luck.

The two reached a room
With a closed door.
Killing intent emanated
From behind it.

As the man put his hand
On the door's handle,
His beloved said
"Be careful."

The door opened
And revealed a large creature.
The Mother Poptop roared,
While the couple opened fire.

After a long and gruelling battle,
The beast was defeated.
What the two survivors wanted
Was behind the corpse.

They tended to their wounds
Before going back to the surface.
When they reached the gate,
They powered it up.

It slowly came to life.
S.A.I.L. picked up a transmission
Coming from a colony
Known as Outpost.

The woman activated the console
And the gate to Outpost opened.
The two lovers stood side by side,
Kissed, then walked through the portal.
My twenty-sixth poem, and my twenty-fourth prose poem.

It's the first part of "Star-bound lovers", a series of poems based on Starbound, particularly the main quest.

- The poem is slightly more "realistic" than the game. For example, it's possible to cross the gate and reach Outpost in three planet days in the game, while it takes days for the poem's protagonists to do just find the gate after starting their exploration.
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