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Garnet from Steven Universe

Garnet from Steven Universe is the coolest looking cartoon character of all time. I'm seriously in love with this design.
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is that  Beyoncé?
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Hello, I was wondering if you could please give me feedback on a video I made called gembound gameplay if you wanna check it out.…

Actually, really cool draw, I LOVE IT! <333
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Beautiful! owo
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She looks better with her hair like that. #Queen
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This is beautiful!!
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"Steven, why are you such a buttface?"
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wait,someone gets hate for drawing rose thin before su came out but everyone is fine with strait hair garnet.
anyways it's really good and i do like her with strait hair. 
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And that my friends
is what happens when you give her a hair straigtener
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I really don't know much about this show  but a lot of my friends here seem to like it! Garnet is my Birthstone so that's why I picked it out!
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the new episode "that will be all" will end with the gems escaping the human zoo and getting agate teased by the amethysts
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why'd you spoil that?
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I love how the style was in the pilot episode. This is amazing!
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"Don't make fun of Steven"
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She looks so cool! Kinda like lady gaga in a way. Not to be mean!
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Yeah this is what her original design was before they changed it to the final version
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Why do i think about vulcan all of the sudden? Or more likely romulan. Maybe the shoulder part... great art tho!
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OH ok. It does look cool though, like an unrefined Garnet. I like it
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There's no way your being mean, Lady Gaga's amazing x3 
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Awesome, we'll that's what I meant then ^_^'
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