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Hey!  For those of you who don't know, I've been in the game dev business for several years now.  My buddy Gabe and I started up a blog where we debate design methods and my first featured post was uploaded today.  It's called Drawing Your Game From Nothing and it's all about my process of using concept art.  Check it out:…

Here's some sneak peaks:
C1 by William-John-Holly
C2 by William-John-Holly
D3 by William-John-Holly
Cks3qEZUgAAOiVz by William-John-Holly

I'm always working on stuff, I just rarely post it anymore.  Has dA moved on without me?  Who here would be interested in seeing some of my recent stuff?
Bigpic by William-John-Holly
Tired of games about boring old Nazis? Well never fear: there's a new figurehead of racist, xenophobic, fascist thought who a new generation can relate to! This mod updates Wolfenstein 3D to include the modern parallel of Hitler!

This modification is meant solely for the purposes of political satire. The creator of this mod does not, in any way, condone violent conduct. The violence within is over-the-top and only included for the purposes of making a comparison between the political activities of Donald Trump and the political ideals of Adolf Hitler.

In light of recent threats of violence in the political scene I'm removing all downloads of my Trump Tower 3D mod from the internet. Despite my disclaimers about how the mod does not endorse violence of any kind, I don't want to be associated with the kinds of scum who would actually resort to it if shit ever hits the fan. The video and screenshots will remain online (as they showcase no violence against any living person) to carry the true message of the mod: political satire comparing one candidate to a historical figure.

Just to reiterate: I do not, and never will, condone violent conduct of any kind. Name calling is great, I love that. People like Donald Trump only threaten us with their ability to spread ideas, and the only way to fight ideas is with better ideas and ridicule. Violence is not the answer and will only serve to empower the ideas I wish to contest.

Stay peaceful, stay responsible, and I apologize that the mod must be censored.
F1d9ff008cb5877d48084c607ac310ae Large by William-John-Holly

See No Evil is available on Steam!

This is it!  The game that I have spent all year programming has finally been released on Steam and you can purchase it right now!  

See No Evil is a dark, isometric puzzle game about sound manipulation. A harsh fantasy where the willingly blind are hostile to the nonconformist. Sometimes, the world seems darker with your eyes open.

After a 125% funded kickstarter campagin and one of the fastest Steam Greenlight campaigns ever, See No Evil is prepairing for release. Keep an eye out for release date info and more game previews coming soon. 

Thank you to all of you who supported me during the development period!  This has been a wild ride, and I can't wait to find out what you all think!

Behold!  The official, full trailer for See No Evil is released! 

This is the game that I've been working on since the beginning of the year as the game's programmer as well as a codesigner of levels and a few of the gameplay elements.  The game is directed and designed by my good friend (and insanely gifted artist and Game Designer) Gabriel Priske.  If you're interested in puzzle games or dark atmosphere you're going to really dig his vision!

"Atmospheric, creepy and fairly polished" - Rock Paper Shotgun

"See No Evil seems like it will be an awesome choice for any puzzle gamer." - Indie Love

See No Evil is a dark, isometric puzzle game about sound manipulation. A harsh fantasy where the willingly blind are hostile to the nonconformist. Sometimes, the world seems darker with your eyes open.

Become a Seer and explore the mind bending, twisted fantasy that is the world around you. Guided only by a journal left in your decaying prison, and opposed by an army of those afraid of what they don't understand, you seek to learn why the world went dark.

See No Evil reached its goal of $2,000 on Kickstarter and surpassed it by over $400, making 123% of the goal as well as being Greenlit by Steam only four days after being submitted for Greenlight voting.

See No Evil will
be available on the 26th on Steam, so keep your eyes peeled! 

Also, be sure to pick up the See No Evil OST composed by Luke Thomas, the ridiculously talented musician behind See No Evil's sound design.  He's based in the UK and all of his work is absolutely fantastic!

Keep up to date with our posts regarding the game's progress, special promotional Steam key giveaways, or developer rants, with the Dev pages at Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, and our main website:

Thank you to all of you who watch my page and have given support while I pursue my dream of being a published game developer.  Gabe Priske and I are working ridiculous hours every day to make sure that this game is packed with the quality that we want people to expect from us.

Sincerely with love,
-William John Holly III, of the See No Evil Development Team

F1d9ff008cb5877d48084c607ac310ae Large by William-John-Holly

I've been working on a game all year called See No Evil!  People have been generously donating to the Kickstarter page for it for the few days that it has been up, and we just hit the halfway mark!  As a promise we made with the kickstarter, now that we have hit the halfway mark a free demo will be available to play for only a few days!  Check it out before it expires Sunday night!

F1d9ff008cb5877d48084c607ac310ae Large by William-John-Holly

See No Evil is a dark, isometric puzzle game about sound manipulation. A harsh fantasy where the willingly blind are hostile to the nonconformist. Sometimes, the world seems darker with your eyes open.

The See No Evil development team is comprised of group of experienced young developers. Working totally independent and out of pocket, we aim to create unique games that provoke thought and inspire players. 

Gameplay of See No Evil!  Were you wondering what it feels like to play the game?  This will give a small taste of the way the player can use the world and sounds to his advantage!

Click here to watch the video!

Click here to check out our website!

For good measure, click here to follow our twitter and get updates!

Logo by William-John-Holly
Logo by William-John-Holly

See No Evil is a dark, isometric puzzle game about sound manipulation. A harsh fantasy where the willingly blind are hostile to the non-conferment. Sometimes, the world seems darker with your eyes open.

You can view the first footage here:…

I'm working as the head programmer alongside a talented professional graphic artist and a very skilled sound designer.  Our website is here:
Hey guys, I made a free fortune teller game for Windows!  It bestows on you one fortune a day generated around your birthday.  If you don't have a birthday then that's okay, because you can just mash the random button and have a fortune that has no basis in cosmic space time lobbed at you the same way!

You can see a video of it working here:…

I worked really hard to make this game fun to use, so give it a try!  It IS free after all!  Tell me your personal fortunes, or use it for an excuse to have your friends whose birthdays you forget to give you their birthdays so you can get their fortunes and then tell me those ones!

My fortune for today: "You need only look to your own back yard for inspiration, for you are easily inspired!"

Some of my friends' fortunes for the day:

"You have a golden goose in your locked safe that is undiscovered!"

"Look forward to world peace happening when everything sets on fire!"

"You will soon meet Satan himself who will immediately and passionately kiss you!"

"You will take an adventure to Bob Saget's house where you will be accused of witchcraft in your future!"

"You have terrible regret in your bladder that is undiscovered!"

Anyway, hopefully that gives you a good idea of what fortunes you can generate to torment you!  There are tens of thousands of possible fortunes!

You can download the game here:…

So yeah, check it out!

Much love,
William John Holly III
Doctor Maestro's Man-Made Band by William-John-Holly
Read my new short story "Doctor Maestro's Man-Made Band" here:…

Doctor Maestro's Man-Made Band by William-John-Holly
It's a short story about a genius surgeon turned musician whose mind nobody can comprehend.

Doctor Maestro's Man-Made Band by William-John-Holly

It's roughly 10 pages long and is written and illustrated by myself, William John Holly III!

Give it a read and tell me what you think!  It's free, after all!

Behold!  The perfect response to all Youtube Copyright Issues!

I present to you the Copyright Free LP!  Completely devoid of any copyright materials!  Truly the future of Let's Plays with the currently evolving Youtube community.

Watch it the future of Let's Plays by clicking here:…
I wrote a blog entry all about how I accidentally got my art into an exhibit at a gallery a year ago.  You can read all about it by clicking this text with the unfitting coloring.

It makes me look a bit like a fool so I'm sure everybody can enjoy that.

figA by William-John-Holly

My snapchat name is wjhollyart.  I occasionally draw things on request, add me and we will chat!
Hello my peoples!  My friends, my fellow artists!  I started a blog.

Check it out here:

I only have a few posts at the moment but they're each kind of lengthy and cover interesting topics.  I talk about art and personal issues and all sorts of fun stuff like that.

You'll like it, I promise.

Also I'm going to try to draw more.  I haven't really drawn anything for a few months and I'm disgusting for it.
I've been very inactive as of late.  I've had difficulty getting time to surf the net or draw at all since I started my full time job a little over a month ago.  It's been quite rare that I have any time that isn't spent eating, sleeping, or working.  If I ever have time to draw, you'd better believe I'll be doing it.
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  1. Do you like your own real name? 
Well, my name is William John Holly III but I go by my middle name John.  I think my name is perfectly acceptable and I'm proud to be named after the people I got the name from, but it always sounds like it's a little too much.  William John Holly III.  Sometimes when I'm asked my full name I throw "Esquire" in at the end just to fuck with people.

 2. What do you imagine it will happen tomorrow?

I will go to work and spend 4 hours staring at a screen that will tell me how to follow proper protocol.  After that I will probably go someplace to eat with my roommate before dropping her off at her mom's house.  Probably nothing exciting, just a lot of time spent driving around in a gas guzzling Ford Explorer listening to 80's hits and metal.

    3.  How many times, while you're on a social network, you say "WHO THE HELL CARES!"?

There's a lot to scream that at, but there's a lot that's so much more specific.  There's a lot of very young people who I am family friends with- talking around age 12 or whatever -who are talking about how they're going to be with their boyfriend or girlfriend for their entire lives.  Jesus, when did children stop living like children?  And then there's those with the phoenix relationships.  You know what I'm talking about.  They're in a constant flux of posting the passive aggressive, just vague enough but not vague at all posts about some shit the person (usually referred to as "someone" or "people" but you know perfectly well who they're talking about) betrayed their trust or doesn't pay enough attention to them or looked at another girl funny and then they change their relationship status to "It's complicated" (or, in worst cases, to "Single" which prompt the best friend types to comment "OMG r u ok?" or "Good riddance") before the flux ends the next day with them posting about how much they love each other with their status back on "In A Relationship".  As annoying as all of that is, though, the worst is the people who constantly complain about the most mundane shit.  It's either "I've gone two hours without getting a text" or "I fucking hate having more hours at work" or "I'm all out of weed, fuck my life" or "Ugh everybody is just acting so WEIRD today, fuck everything!"  Seriously, everybody is avoiding texting you and acting so weird around you because you bitch about having more time to spend making money which you waste on the weed that you apparently cannot function in life without.  Stop complaining.  I can list five people off of the top of my head that I know personally who have it way, way worse than you do and don't bitch about it at all.

    4. Are you scared of the future? Are you scared of the future your children will have? 

I used to spend a lot of time scared of the future.  The thing is, the future just happens.  The more time I spend worrying about it, the less time I'm spending making sure my personal future will be comfortable and paid for.

    5. What's your plan for saving the world?

The world is going to be just fine.  We can all nuke each other out of oblivion and the world will keep spinning.  We can make the planet completely unlivable to any creature and the planet will stay in orbit of the sun.  If people want to save themselves then they'd best get on it.  The current problems are problems of the masses that take years to start to heal, and at any point of that healing process all that it takes is a single mislead individual to fuck everything up for the masses with one violent act or use of a corporation or government for greedy purposes.  We have too many differences to get along without friction and where there's friction there's always going to be sparks igniting wildfires.  If there is a way to manually and quickly solve the problems plaguing humanity that doesn't involve killing off tons of them, I don't know what it is.  Since I can't think of a peaceful way of solving these problems, I'll leave the solution finding to people more creative than myself.

    6. How would you destroy the world? Or your own world?

It seems like the fastest way to end the world would be to start bombing everybody and saying that it's everybody else's faults.  Creating tension between huge world powers is a fast and easy way that people have used for centuries to shift the order of civilization.  Oooh, or an EMP to knock out the internet.  I assure you that'd get things pretty fucking heated.  I wouldn't do any of this, though.  The only way I would want to destroy the world would be if I had the super powers to destroy it and then recreate it, but that only exists in fiction.

    7. Have you ever thought "I totally have to go away and fuck up everything"?

I have no idea what this means.  I've thought "I totally have to get out of here and fuck that poor bastard's face up" but my aggression is usually focuses on one individual at a time.  I tend to control this rage, I'm a very nonviolent person.

    8. Why did you have change your mind?

I didn't go fuck that poor bastard's face up because I knew that there was no chance of me losing the fight and if I started laying into him I probably wouldn't have stopped until he was dead.  I don't like the idea of putting myself into a situation where I'm not entire sure I won't murder somebody.

    9. What do you like most of yourself? And what are you really scared of?

I've been told by a lot of people that I'm very genuine, honest, charitable, humble, and intelligent.  Of course that sounds like a bunch of phooey to me but if any of that is actually true then I'd be honored to be anything like how my friends describe me.

I'm super scared of spiders.  Black widows in particular.  They infest the area around my house and I can't get near one without at least eight different tactical plans of killing it.  I'm also super scared of heights, I get vertigo crazy easily.  Probably not the deepest of answers but being high up with spiders is pretty much the opposite of my idea of a good time.

    10. I think 10 questions are too much, what about you?

Well, since you've already asked me ten questions (the tenth fitted onto the end of the ninth) and now we're on the eleventh question I'd say that ten couldn't quite cut it.

1. Explain the area around where you grew up (urban, suburban, rural) and what the culture is like there?
2. What was your favorite television show growing up and how did it influence you?
3. Do you prefer to hear stories that are fiction or nonfiction?
4. What is you favorite joke?
5. Do you prefer to be immersed in more technology and convenience or nature and do-it-yourself?
6. If you could spend a week with time standing still for everything except for yourself, how would you take advantage?
7. What is the most difficult task that a friend or family member has asked of you?  Did you/how well did you perform the task?
8. What is the most severe injury that you have survived?
9. What is an obscure website that you frequent?
10. Is there a hobby that you have that not many people that you know relate to
?  What is it?


:icongraffitica: :iconoonaghancairebattle: :iconfinallyinsane: :iconblood-lust3: :iconlabyrinth77: :iconhellobaby: :iconcherrypie26: :iconscartissuesoul: :iconemopandaslap: :icondrexith:

So a few weeks back I invited you all to ask me some questions, and I got three really excellent ones from three really excellent artists that I'm going to answer here!

The first question is from Blood-Lust3 ( find her gallery here: )

    "The content of your work is very unique and intriguing. What do you use as inspiration?"

    I gather inspiration from all over the place, but I find that the most inspirational things are both my own dreams and artists whose work really impresses me.  My dreams are usually rather dark and vivid, with a lot of bizarre and macabre things going on at once.  For a while my dreams followed me into waking life and I would hear the voices of the denizens of my dreams within my own head repeating something they had said over and over again.  It wasn't like it was "hearing voices" like those who believe they're being spoken to, more of a recurring echo or a repeating thought process.  Drawing what I hear or who said it in my dreams usually does a good job of stopping the echos.
    As for the art that inspires me, I've found inspiration from artists that really impress me with their visual styles, such as Francis Bacon and Hieronymus Bosch (my favorite artist of all time).  Another type of art that really inspires me is the kind that manages to deeply disturb me.  I was exposed to some terrifying imagery at a perhaps improperly young age, such as watching Eraserhead when I was only 7 years old or so while flipping through channels.  I can watch these things that once terrified nowadays without the same impact as I once felt, but when I was a child images such as *Eraserhead spoilers* when Henry finally snaps and cuts his child open with a pair of scissors and stabs his heart*Eraserhead spoilers over* got very permanently etched into my mind.

Thank you for the question, Blood-Lust3!  To those of you who haven't see her work, you should really check out her gallery!  She takes on styles ranging from stylistically surreal and abstract to highly characterized cartooning and it's very cool!  Here's some of my favorites of her works:
<da:thumb id="376112111"/><da:thumb id="371201441"/><da:thumb id="355616506"/>

The second question comes from another excellent artist, ChristieMars ( find her gallery here: )

    "When did you start drawing, and how did you discover your unique style?"

    I've been drawing for as long as I can remember.  I started when I was very young, drawing images from anatomy books that I could get my hands on (the insides of the human body always interested me ((not a psychopath, I swear!))) and then later started drawing plans to make video games inspired by the Sega Genesis that I grew up with.  The way that I drew didn't have much of a rhyme or reason or style to it, I just doodled out whatever I felt like doodling out.
    It wasn't until a couple years ago that I started drawing in my current style, and it was subconsciously.  Literally.  I started drawing in my sleep after some emotional turmoil left me very confused.  I was sleepwalking, sleep talking, and sleep drawing.  I have the sleep drawings organized into a folder in my deviantART gallery.  When the sleep drawings were becoming less frequent I started trying to mimic the style while awake.  The first results were pretty crummy but the more I practiced the better I got.
    My cluttered style comes mostly from my love of Hieronymus Bosch and I Spy books.  I always felt that having lots of content packed into one image both gave it more time to entertain the viewer and gave each person who looks at it something different to take away from it at first glance.  That's one of the most interesting parts of art to me: the ability for different people to take away different interpretations.  I say what I want to say with a drawing, but somebody will get a completely different meaning from it and there's something very beautiful about that to me.  Whenever I draw something, I usually show it to all of my friends and refuse to tell them what feeling I wanted to get across with it.  I just want to hear them react.  To hear them take their own meaning and interpretation from it.  Every time somebody does that it's like my drawing has given birth to a new drawing that is identical but has a different meaning that lives within the mind of the viewer.
    Anyway, I'm rambling now.  That's just how I figured out my own style.  Most of it was trial and error and bizarre events in my psyche.

Thanks very much for the excellent question, ChristieMars!  For those who don't already follow her, check out her gallery!  There's a variety of cool works packed with very potent emotion, like my favorites here:

The third and final question comes from FinallyInsane (whose work you can find here: )

    "What kind of music do you listen to?  What kind of music really sparks your creative thoughts?"

    My musical tastes are generally pretty eclectic.  I mostly listen to Indie Rock, Electronica/techno, and Metal.  Each thing that I listen to has different effects on what I draw.  When I draw more robotic drawings, I would probably more likely be listening to something like Daft Punk, The Prodigy, Pendulum or KMFDM.  If I'm drawing people getting torn apart or mutating, I'm probably listening to Metallica or Iron Maiden or punk rock like The Daycare Swindlers or Sex Pistols or something along those lines.  When I'm just drawing general weirdness it's going to be something like The Killers, MGMT, Empire of the Sun, Starfucker, or LemonDemon.  The latter music that I listed is what I think sparks my most creative drawing ideas, but what I find to be creative is relative.  

Thanks for the awesome question, FinallyInsane!  FinallyInsane's work is pretty true to the artist's internet handle indeed!  Dark and twisted imagery with very unique style!  Check out their gallery, here's some of my favorites:

Thanks again to all of you who asked me questions!  I had a lot of fun answering them! tell me which chapters you'd like to read.  Ask me some questions here.  I'm always looking for an excuse to talk about myself.  Anything from personal questions to specific questions about my art.  There's not much that I'm not willing to answer.  If I get enough interesting questions I'll create a journal entry to answer them all and feature some of my favorite pieces by the users who asked me.  Go on, now.  Get curious.
I just saw my long-time friend Kevin Moore jamming it at Al's Billiards!  He plays there just about every Friday from 7:00-8:00 and it's some great free music to listen to.  I highly recommend checking out his Youtube channel that I have linked here!  There is recordings of one of his sets and will likely be getting some new videos in the near future!  Seriously, give him a listen, the guy is mad talented!

Again, a link to his Youtube account to check out his work is right here:…

So, aside from checking out my friend's super-awesome music, I've also been getting around to getting through my long art pause.  I've got my desktop computer up and running with a new motherboard, cpu, and hard-drive better than ever, so that's working excellently.  I'm still using GIMP instead of Photoshop while I work on getting my creative suite activations from their help desk.  In the meantime, I've been pretty radically busy and still haven't been able to get to drawing at a normal rate, but I'm getting ever closer to returning to constant content for those who take the time to actually look at my stuff.  I've also been working on larger projects that aren't drawing, so that's been eating up a bit of my time here and there as well.

Since the art pause is coming to a bit of an end, I might as well throw up some thumbnails in memory of the drawings I made while everything was going to shit!

Welcome To The Future by William-John-Holly  The Claustrophobe by William-John-Holly  The Blinding Of Sodom by William-John-Holly

My computer is dead, and it absconded into the grave with my Adobe suite and ability to do diddly shit on the internet.  I'll be back but this definitely keeps me from being present on the internet for the time being.  I can't wait to see the tens of thousands of updates ill kill myself sorting through when I come back.