Outer Solar System Frontier

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Images linked to this journal entry represent an arc of endeavor which spans approximately 500 years - much of this concerns the resource recovery missions to the moons of Jupiter and Saturn related to the Martian Terraforming program.

Resource recovery missions to the moons of Jupiter and Saturn are excursions into a vast and remote desolate wilderness far removed from safe harbor, assistance, or rescue. The terraforming resource-recovery missions are by necessity self-reliant ventures. The crewed vessels provide bubbles of shelter, heat, light, warmth, they are self sufficient isolated space faring communities generally with mission crews of fifty members, accompanied by two and three uncrewed support vessels baring all of the machinery tools and supplies to support their 3 year missions.

Over the course of terraforming Mars a space faring culture arises, as it must – among those men and women who spend a respectable portion of their lives in the occupation. The Martians send mission crews out to Jupiter and Saturn on three and five year missions again and again, year after year, decade after decade, century after century – over a span of 500 years, which is the conservative estimate of the time required to terraform Mars via the Resource Importation Method.

Some perspective in regards to the scale of distances traversed by the spacecraft involved in the terraforming program.

For Context - the distances* of Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn, from the Sun, in Astronomical Units and in Miles:

Mars    1.5 AU 139,433,710 miles
Jupiter  5.2 AU 483,370,197 miles
Saturn  9.5 AU 883,080,164 miles

Distances traversed by the resource recovery mission spacecraft, from Mars to Jupiter and Saturn in Miles:

Mars to Jupiter distance: 343,936,487 miles
Mars to Saturn distance: 743,646,454 miles

*It being understood that planets follow elliptical orbits, distances vary.
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