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In the beginning was the dream …

I’m quite simply blown away by this deeply moving trailer. Full screen viewing is highly recommended.

This is a project I have been following for some time, and is certainly a project eminently worthy in its message, that mankind can rise to the challenge and accomplish great things.

Man Conquers Space Official Website

In March 1952, Colliers Magazine began a series of articles by a team of 23 contributors, headed by the German-American rocket scientist Wernher von Braun. The team of experts, scientists and space-advocates used the magazine to vividly illustrate their dramatic vision of the near future, and how humans could exploit the seemingly endless possibilities found in space.

Over the course of the series, various subjects such as spacecraft, spacesuits, planetary science, orbital trajectories and even the finer details of Lunar and Martian exploration were presented.

The attraction of the series was not just the exuberant and optimistic articles, or the confident declarations of imminent feasibility, all written in clear, technically believable layman's terms. It was also the superb illustrations.

The highly respected space artist Chesley Bonestell, heading a small team of illustrators, provided the visual spectacle of how space was to be conquered.

This film is based on an alternative timeline to the Mercury-Gemini-Apollo era of reality—it is based on the premise that all that had been proposed in the early 1950's in Colliers actually came to pass—and sooner than they expected.

—from the introduction page at Man Conquers Space.

Over the years a number of trailers have been produced for this project, however it seems these are no longer available from the gallery at the official website.

Winchell Chung kindly shared this one: Man Conquers Space mockumentary teaser

From that link I located this trailer: Man Conquers Space: Teaser III

kedamono-mizudori shared this one: Man Conquers Space (trailer)

This last is one of the trailers I was looking for; it illustrates each of the main concepts from the Colliers articles (the von Braun surface to orbit ferry rocket, the space station, the lunar expedition vehicle concept, and the Mars expedition spacecraft) and showcases the scope of the movie very well. Culminating in the image of the children rushing to the window aboard the von Braun style space station it makes the statement that going into space is about expanding the domain of life, as Freeman Dyson put it, life has this marvelous capacity to adapt itself to nearly any conditions, and expanding its frontiers is important, because this little planet doesn’t offer it so much scope.

As a particular note of interest, the camera pull-back that starts at time index 4:08, starting from the screen showing the National Council on Astronautics seal, pulls back across the surface of a conference table passing in sequence, past models of the von Braun manned orbital flight test rocket on the right matched with the von Braun space station on the left, the lunar expedition vehicle on the right matched with the von Braun Mars expedition vehicle on the left, the surface to orbit ferry rocket on the right matched with, interestingly, the Convair Nexus 1 million pound payload to orbit reusable booster rocket on the left—legacy of what was lost when the big, expansive, post-Saturn program was killed for the trivial purpose of securing the re-election bid of Richard Milhous Nixion.

If one were to pick a moment in recent history when things went astray, when a bright future within our reach was yanked from our grasp … that would be the moment.    
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darquewanderer Featured By Owner Dec 10, 2014
I've been visiting the main site for years. And I have been soooo looking forward to this movie.
dragonpyper Featured By Owner Dec 10, 2014
William-Black Featured By Owner Dec 10, 2014  Professional Digital Artist
Agreed it has been a long wait, and that is an excellent clip as well.

I had intended to share all the previous trailers and clips, but the links from the website gallery are all dead. It seems some of the re-shares still exist on youtube, so I'll add them for context. Thanks Winchell.
William-Black Featured By Owner Dec 10, 2014  Professional Digital Artist
I'm right there with you John, this is just a stunningly beautiful trailer. I'm unashamed to say it moved me to tears.
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