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USAF Orion Battleship Interior Detail by William-Black USAF Orion Battleship Interior Detail by William-Black
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4,000 ton USAF Orion. Artwork by Scott Lowther, uploaded as part of my on-going set of features.

For more detail and a thoroughly comprehensive set of links on Project Orion see my journal entry Hard SF Feature 04: Scott Lowther. The journal also contains links to draft scenes from Scott Lowther's proposed novel “Pax Orionis: A History of the Third World War and Its Aftermath,” in PDF format, available free of charge.

In Aerospace Projects Review issue Volume 2, Number 2, available here, Scott offers a beautifully illustrated 56-page article on Project Orion. This is one of the most definitive articles on the subject, covering the large designs, 20 meters and diameter and larger. The 4,000 ton nuclear pulse propulsion orbital battleship design for the USAF is shown in never-before-published detail. Scott was able to interview one of the surviving members of the original General Atomics Orion team, this issue contains details unavailable elsewhere and is highly recommended.

Scott was kind enough to provide these illustrations for purposes of this feature, pick up  APR  issue Volume 2, Number 2 at the link above to view these (and many, many more) diagrams in glorious full hi-resolution detail.

Artwork used with the express permission of the artist, Scott Lowther,
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Delta52775 Featured By Owner Edited Aug 8, 2018
Just think, had we actually built a non military version of Project Orion we could get from here to Saturn within a month and to Mars within less then that. 
William-Black Featured By Owner Oct 2, 2018  Professional Digital Artist
Well no, mission plans for the 10 and 20 meter NASA exploration Orion's called for 4 to 6 weeks for a Mars transit (and approximately the same for return to Earth). Jupiter and Saturn missions would be a 3 year round trip -- for either target -- roughly a year in transit each leg outbound and return, with approximately a year loiter time for exploration.  
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