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Periapsis: Racing The Clouds Of Jove

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Mission support transport, an uncrewed vehicle, delivering self-landing surface habitats to a production site on the surface of Callisto for my Orion's Arm future history setting.

Here the vehicle is seen at its closest approach to Jupiter, racing above the Jovian cloud tops, completing an Oberth maneuver.

On my future history timeline this would fall during the terraforming resource importation phase of the Martian terraforming program, at around +350 years.

More information on my Orion's Arm future historical setting is to be found here: Orion’s Arm Future History, A Synopsis.

A Timeline Graph is to be found here: Timeline.

Jupiter created by wrapping NASA/JPL sourced images of Jupiter’s clouds around a sphere, rendering the image, rendering an image mask of both the planetary sphere and the vehicle separately, then working the layers in Photoshop for transparency and depth.

Photographic resources: Jupiter, Io, and Europa courtesy of NASA/JPL.

Callisto Mission Images:

Callisto Mission Crew Vehicle Launch

Outward Bound

Falling Toward Periapsis

Discarding Stages

Callisto-Mission Spacecraft Flight Control Station

Callisto Mission Spacecraft Command Deck Overhead

Callisto Mission Spacecraft Crew Quarters

Prospecting Callisto

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what is the BIGGEST spaceship you have drawn/made on deviantart o~o;