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Over Noctis Labyrinthus



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Mars Settlement Program Landing craft in descent.

Artwork featured in Issue 34 of 3D Art Direct Magazine Link here

A Continuation of my Mars Settlement vehicle EDL (Entry, Descent, Landing) sequence.

Image is part of a future historical setting, more detail is found on my profile page under the heading Orion’s Arm Future History, A Synopsis. A Timeline Graph is to be found here: Timeline.

I wanted to capture one of these landing craft scaled against the vast and desolate Martian wilderness. The descent ground track carries the settlement Landers over the southern edge of Noctis Labyrinthus, a region of maze like tilted eroded blocks, steep-walled valleys, and pit-like formations. The terrain I’ve created is a composed artistic interpretation of the geology of this region.

To disambiguate the sense of scale: the landing craft is slightly taller (by 60 feet) than a Saturn 1b and nearly 6 times its diameter.

Imaged here the vehicle is descending through 1000 feet, traveling horizontally (away from the camera POV) towards the landing target located on the broad planes visible in the distance.

Mars Settlement Project Complete Sequence Image Links:

Final Preparations:

Right Before


Orion Nuclear Ground Launch

Terminus of an Arc

Entry, Descent, Landing:

Propulsion Module/Entry Vehicle Separation

Piercing the Veil

Flight Control

A Sound of Thunder

Cue The Pyrotechnics

Riding The Fire

Over Noctis Labyrinthus

Terminal Descent

Post Landing:

Martian Dusk
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Really like the terrain and lighting in this William...the low POV gives a sense of standing and watching the craft take off.