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Callisto Mission Spacecraft Crew Quarters

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Artwork featured in Issue 34 of 3D Art Direct Magazine Link here

Concept art created for my future history setting, see my journal entry Orion’s Arm Future History, A Synopsis.

The habitat portion of the spacecraft is embedded deep within the vehicle, enclosed within the physical mass of the surrounding structure, and protected by hydrogen and water tanks, providing the necessary protection to permit the crew to survive deep penetration of Jupiter's lethal radiation belt.

An exterior view of the spacecraft is found here Discarding Stages.

During the year long crossing from Mars the Crew Vehicle houses the fifty man mission crew, and once separated from the interplanetary nuclear pulse stage (which remains in orbit during the year-long stay) lands the mission crew, along with a large store of tools and provisions, on the surface where it acts as a base of operations and habitat.  

The habitat has both zero-g compartments and a rotating drum centrifuge arrangement for artificial gravity.  Food preparation area and cafeteria, mission briefing rooms and gym are all located in the rotating segment. The crew berthings (sleeping quarters) are in a non-rotational ring – which would be zero-g during most of the transit (outbound and return) to and from Mars. Here, the vehicle is sitting on the surface of Callisto, gravity is 0.126 g. Note the floating limbs of the crew member sleeping in the upper bunk and the poses of the crew, nearly floating on their feet.

On my Orion's Arm timeline the image would fall during the Outer Solar System Frontier Era.

A Timeline Graph is to be found here: Timeline.

Journal Entries:

For contextual information on the purpose of the Callisto Resource Recovery missions see my essay on Terraforming Mars.

An essay on Nuclear Pulse Propulsion is available here: Orion: Nuclear Pulse Propulsion.

Callisto Mission Images:

Callisto Mission Crew Vehicle Launch

Outward Bound

Falling Toward Periapsis

Discarding Stages

Callisto-Mission Spacecraft Flight Control Station

Callisto Mission Spacecraft Command Deck Overhead

Callisto Mission Spacecraft Crew Quarters

Prospecting Callisto

Mining The Ice

Periapsis: Racing the Clouds of Jove

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I like the design of the crew quarters. They look like Japanese hotel rooms. If all hotels were like Japanese hotels, we would save a lot of space.