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Callisto Mission Spacecraft Command Deck Overhead

The command and control module with its retractable radar and communications mast tops the 250' vehicle. The module is hardened against both electromagnetic and particle radiation – the former resulting from operation of the nuclear pulse interplanetary stage, and the later from galactic cosmic rays, solar storms, and deep penetration of Jupiter’s lethal radiation belt. Protection is layered shielding composed of Tungsten and Lithium Hydroxide, electronics are radiation-hardened, and as a final line of defense the command module sports its own integral water-shield.

The command deck has 9 stations total, different stations being manned during different mission operation phases.

During nuclear boost phases of flight the Orion Primary Propulsion Module Systems Engineer is required, during powered flight when the Gas-Core Nuclear Light-Bulb main engines are engaged the Reactor Control Systems Engineer is present. Other stations are manned during surface EVA operations. Additionally there are Navigational and Communications stations to be manned as operations require.

Image is part of a future historical setting, see my journal entry Orion’s Arm Future History, A Synopsis.

On my Orion's Arm timeline the image would fall during the Outer Solar System Frontier Era.

A Timeline Graph is to be found here: Timeline.

Journal Entries:

For contextual information on the purpose of the Callisto Resource Recovery missions see my essay on Terraforming Mars.

An essay on Nuclear Pulse Propulsion is available here: Orion: Nuclear Pulse Propulsion.

Callisto Mission Crew Vehicle Launch

Outward Bound

Falling Toward Periapsis

Discarding Stages

Callisto-Mission Spacecraft Flight Control Station

Callisto Mission Spacecraft Command Deck Overhead

Callisto Mission Spacecraft Crew Quarters

Prospecting Callisto

Mining The Ice

Periapsis: Racing the Clouds of Jove

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