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Rarity (New Outfit) by WILLIAM-1998 Rarity (New Outfit) :iconwilliam-1998:WILLIAM-1998 3 0 Applejack (New Outfit) by WILLIAM-1998 Applejack (New Outfit) :iconwilliam-1998:WILLIAM-1998 2 0 Pinkie Pie (New Outfit) by WILLIAM-1998 Pinkie Pie (New Outfit) :iconwilliam-1998:WILLIAM-1998 1 0 Rainbow Dash (New Outfit) by WILLIAM-1998 Rainbow Dash (New Outfit) :iconwilliam-1998:WILLIAM-1998 1 0 Fluttershy (New Outfit) by WILLIAM-1998 Fluttershy (New Outfit) :iconwilliam-1998:WILLIAM-1998 0 2 Twilight Sparkle (New Outfit) by WILLIAM-1998 Twilight Sparkle (New Outfit) :iconwilliam-1998:WILLIAM-1998 1 0 Sunset Shimmer (New Outfit) by WILLIAM-1998 Sunset Shimmer (New Outfit) :iconwilliam-1998:WILLIAM-1998 0 0
Special of My MLP Series
(Set it between Season 1 & 2
An Evil force is trying to destroy Equestria (Crossover of all MLP Gens, 1 hour)
:iconwilliam-1998:WILLIAM-1998 0 2
List of songs in my MLP Series
Tom Sawyer – RUSH
We’re not gonna take it – Twisted Sister
Wolf in sleep’s Clothing – Set It Off
Bones Shatter (Never say Never) – Hedley
Down Under – Men at Work
Soul on Display – Daiki Kasho
Awake and Alive – Skillet
The Touch – Stan Bush
I’m On My Way – The Proclaimers
:iconwilliam-1998:WILLIAM-1998 0 1
Fictional Characters in my MLP Series
Fictional Characters my Character will transform into in my MLP series
Godzilla 54, 62, 64, 68-72, 73-75, 90s, 2000, 2016, 2017
Transformers/ Optimus Prime 2007, Megaton 2017, Bumblebee 77 Camaro, 68 Volkswagen Beetle, Starscream 2007
Ultraman, Ultraseven, Ultraman Taro, Ultraman Tiga
Evangelion Unit-01
The Iron Giant
Mechagodzilla 1974
Jurassic Park/ T. Rex
Gamera 2015
Zone Fighter
Kamen Rider
:iconwilliam-1998:WILLIAM-1998 0 0
My MLP Series, Timeline Part 1
Season 1
Ep1-3 introduction/Alien Invasion
Ep4   William and Rainbow Dash go to yakyakistan because of kids gong missing (based on a story from WWII)
Ep5 William is turned into a Wendigo and the mane six have to turn him back
Ep6 Starlight finds out that Rainbow Dash and Sparkler don’t like each other and tries to find out why
Ep7 William becomes a hermit locked up in his home after the Wendigo incident (and goes a bit crazy)
Ep8 William goes back to the Equestria Girls Universe for a 2 week holiday
Ep9 William ends up in hospital after racing and being too close to Rainbow Dash then she does the sonic rainboom
Ep10 The Mane Six and starlight head over to William’s place for a movie night to watch Killer Klowns From Outer Space
Ep11 Pinkie has to take on her Dark Side Pinkamena
Ep12 Twilight goes to Canterlot for a UN type Meeting when she finds a scientist is doing illegal DNA Experiments
Ep13 A Thief breaks into William’s home (hijinks ensue)
Ep14 William helps
:iconwilliam-1998:WILLIAM-1998 1 0
Rarity by WILLIAM-1998 Rarity :iconwilliam-1998:WILLIAM-1998 2 0 Applejack by WILLIAM-1998 Applejack :iconwilliam-1998:WILLIAM-1998 0 0 Rainbow Dash by WILLIAM-1998 Rainbow Dash :iconwilliam-1998:WILLIAM-1998 0 0 Pinkie Pie by WILLIAM-1998 Pinkie Pie :iconwilliam-1998:WILLIAM-1998 0 0 Fluttershy by WILLIAM-1998 Fluttershy :iconwilliam-1998:WILLIAM-1998 0 0


sailor scouts by Invader-celes sailor scouts :iconinvader-celes:Invader-celes 131 2 sailor moon R by Invader-celes sailor moon R :iconinvader-celes:Invader-celes 194 9 In the name of the Venus, I'll PunIsh You! by LoveSenshi In the name of the Venus, I'll PunIsh You! :iconlovesenshi:LoveSenshi 27 7 Venus Kiss of Love and Beauty ! Love-me-Chain! by LoveSenshi Venus Kiss of Love and Beauty ! Love-me-Chain! :iconlovesenshi:LoveSenshi 17 1 Venus Crescent Power ! by LoveSenshi Venus Crescent Power ! :iconlovesenshi:LoveSenshi 25 1 Sailor Senshi of Love by LoveSenshi Sailor Senshi of Love :iconlovesenshi:LoveSenshi 15 1 Orange Senshi Venus by LoveSenshi Orange Senshi Venus :iconlovesenshi:LoveSenshi 13 4 The MoonCat and Golden Senshi by LoveSenshi The MoonCat and Golden Senshi :iconlovesenshi:LoveSenshi 12 0 Queen and her Senshi by LoveSenshi Queen and her Senshi :iconlovesenshi:LoveSenshi 18 2 Four Guardians by LoveSenshi Four Guardians :iconlovesenshi:LoveSenshi 18 2 Venus, Mars and Mercury by LoveSenshi Venus, Mars and Mercury :iconlovesenshi:LoveSenshi 14 2 To protect this World by LoveSenshi To protect this World :iconlovesenshi:LoveSenshi 21 2 Sailor Planet Attack by LoveSenshi Sailor Planet Attack :iconlovesenshi:LoveSenshi 55 1 Always together. by LoveSenshi Always together. :iconlovesenshi:LoveSenshi 30 2 Sailor Moon - Stars by AidaOtaku Sailor Moon - Stars :iconaidaotaku:AidaOtaku 77 8 Sailor Moon - Birthday girl by AidaOtaku Sailor Moon - Birthday girl :iconaidaotaku:AidaOtaku 41 8


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