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Spongebob Ninjapants

Who lives in a Dojo Under the Sea?!
Spongebob Ninjapants!!
Absobant and yellow with a headband is he?
Spongebob Ninjapants!!
Who's shuriken spachula be something you wish?
Spongebob Ninjapants!!
So use your Jutsu to flop like a fish!
Spongebob Ninjapants!!
Spongebob Ninjapants!!
Spongebob Ninjapants!!
Spongebob Ninjapants!!
Spongebob...... Ninjapants!!

Belive it!!
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Max: Do it like a ninja, mr. squarepants.
i love naruto !!!!!! 
Yall mind if I 21
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This is too much power for one comment.
no just no, it scares me.
my two favorite shows, spongebob and naruto lol
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insert naruto opening theme
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you, my sir are too epic!!!!!!!!!!
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XDD lol made my day!
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my two favorite shows in the world!!ur awsome
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NINJA!!!!! ^.^
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Last time I checked naruto had hair but this is so funny (爆笑)(>人<;)
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lol spongebob as Naruto
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Lawl, this reminds me of ShurikenBob Shinobipants that a friend of mine and I did a few years back XD
This is great,
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Kanichuwa Spongbob-san
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