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April 20, 2009
guitar with wings by ~WillemXSM is a classy tattoo design with awesome details. Just praise the amazing wings, the great color combination and the classic guitar, rocking the whole design. If you are looking for a tattoo design, make sure to visit this gallery!
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Suggested by Hellobaby
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guitar with wings

design for Mischa. CUSTOM stratocaster guitar design.

contact me if you want a design, i'm open for commisions (read my journal about it, please).

Thank you for the positive feedback!


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Hartzoff's avatar
Great job. This may help me with my McCartney Hofner bass with Pegasus wings tattoo. Again, great job.
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RosaEnora's avatar
wow i love this! i wont a tatoo just like this :):):):):):)
Tatsu10101's avatar
Awesome Picture
silverwolf419's avatar
man, i was checking your work and i think you're really good , i really love this and the music forever les paul and bass guitar design. keep up the good work
knuspar's avatar
i love the wings!
Angie-Pictures's avatar
Great work. Congratulations to the DD. :clap:
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Moonie81's avatar
it's beautiful!! would you allow me to use it to make a theme with it for an InVideoShop? *looks with puppy eyes*
Pretty damn kickasss, actaully :D
RicoRazer93's avatar
I Want such a Tattoo since my 12th birthday!!! exactly this motive!!!! :D Woooow looks really great many details but simple, too!
PieLady4's avatar
MelancholicParry's avatar
I could never do that!
The propotions... the corpus... the details...
Can't believe it!
fairhaired-cutey's avatar
Wow!! the guitar has wings!!!

bellagurl-xo's avatar
this would be a badass tattoo to get done going up your spine!!! omg now i wish i played guitar jus to get this haha ;P
GariSotta's avatar
So beautiful.. I just love it.. ^^
Punk14's avatar
If you don't mind my asking, but could I have the outline for this and maybe use it as a suggestion for a friend's band's logo??
WillemXSM's avatar
no, i'm afraid not. it's a custom design for a guy i know,
you can make youre own design, but not using this specific design:)
good luck with the design.
Punk14's avatar
Darn >.<
Well I have to go fishing for some more designs now...
(Got any ideas?? lol)
Thank you though!
Sketchn00by114's avatar
I smell a tattoo!!!
turkusowa-krowa's avatar
I just LOVE IT!
If i'll someday do the tatoo, want something like this :D
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