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Crispy inspired skull

Skull sketch inspired by Crispy Lennox (tattoo artist). letmeknowwhatyouthink

don't re-use - contact me for custom work etc.
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Did you make this yourself? If so I think someone stole it. I thought this skull looked familiar. Btw it’s beautiful 
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I was wondering if you could possibly do a sketch for my website? I'm trying to make a new logo something similar to this. I would like a skull with a single rose and a small but noticeable dragonfly. My site is Britney's Bead's N' More. in full color. what would you charge for something like this? I'm a stay at home mom trying to start my company and I want a really great logo. Something I can simplify as well and have ownership of so that I may use it as necessary.
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This is beautiful!! I have every intention of getting this at the end of September. (Although, I may have a phrase to add with it) This is exactly what I have been looking for. :)
very nice man...
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Wow, when I get the money I definitely am going to want this
i just had this done on my thigh about a week ago , thank you for being so talented lol ! my tattoo artist said it was a great drawing and took literally 30 pictures of it when he was done . THANKS :D
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Real nice use of shading! I really like it!
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wish i could draw lik this
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OMG, It's beautiful!
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its so smooth for crosshatching your technique is very good :) it would be so cool though if you did another version of it but instead of roses you made it a bit grimmer
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that's awesome :3
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could i have permission to use this one day for a tshirt design? i think it would be amazing to put on a custom tshirt for myself. let me know. thanks alot. p.s its amazing
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This is really nice
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