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The Mac Revolution Wallpaper

~The Mac Revolution~ :)

Click this [link] , to check out mooorrrreee stuff!
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A MASSIVE Thanks, to everyone rocking one of my wallpapers!
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yay for apple computers!!!!!!
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enjoy your wallpaper alot, but would be nice to have it without such a large logo branding
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mac suxx, linux rulez
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man, this wallpaper is CRAZY!!! Love it!!!!
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omg, this is amazeing!!!! thanks so much!!!!
you have to get lost before you can find what can never be found.
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I love this wallpaper. I kinda wish that the hand was just holding an apple but still I think this is a wonderful use of imagery and national flags. I like the "age" you gave to the image as well. It feels dirty, worldly.
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luved it
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nice one , im using it
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I like it.
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this wallpaper is AWESOME! fav'd and using! :D
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Not as a background, its just as a small picture between text.
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Right, well, as long as my conditions are met, it's cool with me!

Very nice and powerful! I wonder if it is OK that I use this image on my small companys website? It is a healthsite for meditation.

Best regards,
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Thanks great wallpaper!!!!
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Thank you so much! ^^
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You're welcome :hug:
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