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Disney Hogwarts students: Belle

Newest in the series: The lovely Belle :heart:

I picked ravenclaw for her becouse she is very curious and loves to read and for her patronus I picked a husky becouse it lies between a dog and a wolf. So between men and beast if you catch my drift ;)

Hope you like it :D

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Love it. The wolf was a perfect choice

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Definitely a Ravenclaw. :D
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Belle is one of my favorites and love the Husky which is of my favourite dog breeds. Ravenclaw is so the house for Belle love her uniform & her hair
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Is a belle a hufflepuff?great pic by the way:hug:
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awesome and I love huskies
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i love all of these so much
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dont know much about hogwarts or harry potter but i like this pic and it always fun for crossovers 
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hey is it okay if I use this picture in a non-profit slideshow
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This is an awesom mixture of two different worlds...My daughter has to see this. Nicely done.
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Awesome! My favorite princess(and third favorite heroine) with my favorite type of dog. Huskies are so cute. :D We had one when I was little but she ran away. :(
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So far, you've done seven. Who do you think the eighth will be?
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I'm working on a ew right now, but probebly merida or pocahontas
Kimberly-AJ-04-02's avatar
How about you can do Ariel next?
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