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Star Swirl The Bearded

My interpretation of Star Swirl the Bearded. I love the idea of ancient wizards and the history of Equestria. I tried to give him a Darth Bane vibe, sort of.

I love the idea of him using mega-magic to assemble galaxies, and that his bells are some sort of amplifier for his powers.
Also his similar coloring to Twilight is intentional, hinting at some sort of genealogical connection.
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Isn't this the picture Eakin used for one of the Hard Reset sequels?

Edit: yup, definitely is, for the "a stitch in time" sequel here:…

It's a great fic, the original hard reset (which you should read first if you're gonna read any of it) is here:…
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Twilight is the soul of Star Swirl reborn. With added friends ;)
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I wonder if Star Swirl was based off of Merlin. His clothes remind me of the Disney version of merlin's robes.
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Yeeeaah...Pretty Darth Bane-ish.
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Your interpretation of Star Swirl strongly reminds me of the sorcerer from Disney's "Sorcerer's Apprentice." (The animated short, that is, not the Nick Cage movie.)
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He has a name, and that name is Yen Sid. Yen Sid is the King's teacher.
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Very nice work on the magic effects here.
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Lol,I derped there XD
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Whoa, he's assembling galaxies? I don't think unicorns can do that, no matter how much magic they know. Assembling galaxies sounds like something Celestia and Luna's parents would do.
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Great picture with a lot of tension.
Nice touch giving him the same coat color as Twilight's but I don't think that the hair color is succeeded to the next generation. Pinkie Pie's parents are greyish and Twilight's parents are blue and white with a bit of purple.
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I know! Its Twilights great great great grandfather
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He's older than that, if Luna knew him when he was alive.
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wait... wasnt he suposed to be making bowls or something like that XD
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A fantastic weirdo clown!
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Absolutely love the design, and the idea of Starswirl being a possible ancestor to Twilight Sparkle.
jigglysama's avatar
Faving for badass magician pony. Also he's got a big beard! :D
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Epic picture. I really want to know what the spell he's famous for inventing does (The amniotic spell, or however it's spelt). I've heard the word suggests that it might do something with fetus's in the womb (possible a spell that gets rid of birth defects) and I've heard that the word might suggest the spell is for making bowls.
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Nice. :3 Is he Star Swirl 's grandpa?
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You totally got the bells right =D
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"You cannot pass! I am a servant of the Sacred Sunshine, wielder of the Colors of Cantor! The dark rainbow will not avail you, Flame of Midnight! Go back to the shadow! YOU! SHALL NOT! PASS!"
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