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Why hasn't this been done yet? Seriously, Woody and Buzz fit these two like a glove. (I might add the rest of the cast down in the BG, like the actual poster, we'll see.)

Drawn during today's Livestream.
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TheCartoonWizardHobbyist Artist
The thing I love best about mlp is that it's so much fun comparing it to other Tv shows and movies
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RAIN ..........RAIN........RAIN......RAINBOW DASH TO THE RESCUE!!!!!!!
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shieldgenerator7Hobbyist Digital Artist
wow you are right this crossover is just a perfect match up
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Woody Pony: YOU....ARE....A....TOY....PONY!!!!
Buzz Lightyear Pony: You are a sad strange little mare and you have my pity.
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TakeruDavisHobbyist General Artist
... They... are ... perfect!
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FireheartTheInfernoHobbyist General Artist
I can't stop smiling. This is perfect x3
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raggyrabbit94Hobbyist General Artist
Awesome crossover

AJ: hey Dash, youre flying
RD: this isnt flying the is foalin' with style.
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J25TheArcKingHobbyist General Artist
Ahahaha it matches perfectly for :iconapplejackplz: and :iconrainbow-dashplz:
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The-Jasmine-NationHobbyist General Artist
Rianbow Dash is a lot like Buzz because they both can fly (in a way), both have wings (WINGBONER!), and both had a school friend who didn't turn out to be what they seemed (Warp Darkmatter and Gilda).
Applejack's like Jessie because of the obvious actions.
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That would be a great episode
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PHR16384Hobbyist General Artist
I asploded. Twice.
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sonicdash759Hobbyist Digital Artist
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supermarikfuntimeHobbyist Writer
i love this movie!
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IsabeladenicolaStudent General Artist
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Ms-Seven0Professional General Artist
lol. good one
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This just...feels right, in a very good way too!
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This makes so much sense.
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BensaretProfessional Filmographer
Words... cannot... describe! Should've... sent... a... poet O_O!
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I would laugh if there was a AppleJack and Rainbow Dash doing the meme "Everwhere" meme.
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"Bronies... Bronies everywhere."
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:iconeverywhereplz: Cloppers, Cloppers Everywhere
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:iconapplejackplz::iconsaysplz:"You are a girls TOOOOOY!!"
:iconrainbowdashderpplz::iconsaysplz:"You are a sad, strange little mare, and you have my pity."

A great crossover very well done and also thanks again for the awesome Livestream it was a jam ^^

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Names-TailzHobbyist General Artist
lol I would LOVE to see Rainbow Dash freak out like buzz did when he was having the tea party

:iconrainbowdashderpplz::iconsaysplz: "You see the hat? I am Mrs. Nesbit!"
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as long as Rainbow won´t ripp her arm of ^^
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