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Hothlonian City

For :iconmxcoriginal: his blog is [link]

Drawn in Motorcity style woo
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i like the style, it looks down right epic.
BerryPAWNCH's avatar
Neat use of perspective here! I especially dig the black accents, they add a Marvel-like feel to this drawing.
Timothy48's avatar
This reminds me of the old Lego Rock Raiders Game I used to play as a kid. Ah, good times, good times.
drweegee1337's avatar
I loved that game! Too bad my new computer won't install it.
Timothy48's avatar
I actually never beat that game. I always would get close to the end, but then it would delete my saves.
DestinPony's avatar
next time i read before comment ....... -___-
DestinPony's avatar
lol it remember me some lego stuff when i was young ....

~TwisFavoriteQuill ..... you're faster than me ^^
TwisFavoriteQuill's avatar
Flyntendo's avatar
Oh wow, I remember these Lego sets! I had the walker mech!
TwisFavoriteQuill's avatar
My dad is still playing the video game
drweegee1337's avatar
I had every set. Loved The Base!
Proncus's avatar
The brown pony makes me think of a pony version of Engineer from Tf2 :P
ZestyOranges's avatar
Love the comic book-esque inking you did as well as dat composition!
Tearahk's avatar
That is pretty dang awesome right there. :D
UnderworldHedgehog's avatar
I really like the lighting and glow. The dark markings reminds me of a comi artist, but I can't remember who.
DestinyDecade's avatar
This is amazing. Well done Will. ^_^
MXCoriginal's avatar
sonicjay1's avatar
this reminds me of a very old Lego commercial I watched one time.
good job though
TiaAndLulu's avatar
I was just thinking about these the other day...perhaps i'll go grab a copy of the game.
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