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Horrors Of Being The A Button

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A silly joke me brother told me today. Good times 'n' funnies, yah.
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Hurricane-LightningHobbyist Digital Artist
We've all went through this. It was a tragic time.
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i don't press my A button, i press my B button, it helps with nurse joy :3
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A button, don't be afraid
be very afraid :evillaugh:
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It's at least a press. I would then be mashing it over and over to get her to shut up. And of course accidentally talk to her again a few times, leading to more mashing each time.
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133eevee133Professional Artist
the finger is non stop pressing here!
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this is just too perfect. i love it.
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PointZ3ROHobbyist Writer
LOL Everyone who's ever played a Pokémon game has experienced this at least once.
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Zknight007Student Digital Artist
hhahah love it
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Protip: After using the A button, if you can, mashing the B button is better. That way, you won't accidentally talk to the person again and loop the whole damn convo over.
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MangoTaingoHobbyist General Artist
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Reddit just linked ya!

+45,000 views since this post - grats! =p
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LahirienHobbyist General Artist
The Reddit Effect... :D
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And then the player steps into a pokemon center.......
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BummerForShortHobbyist Digital Artist
Ahaha, this is a really good strip! Both the buildup and climax was well executed.
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DeathPwnyHobbyist General Artist
That's not the real horror, try those mario party minigames where you have to tap it continously as fast as you can
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EventuaStudent Writer
This is hilarious! :D
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RainbroachStudent Digital Artist
No one thinks of the poor D-pad, always under the left thumb of oppression.
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"That thumb is so FILTHY!"
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jetpackclamHobbyist General Artist
Reminds me of the movie Antz, for some reason...
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Brave3Hobbyist Digital Artist
Imagine the mouse button.
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JrakobHobbyist General Artist
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Feline-gamerHobbyist Digital Artist
If that's bad...Imagine while playing Paper Mario on N64
Or the analog on Mario Party games
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