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Flutterbat was cool and fun to draw wheeeee
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One of my favorite Fluttershy moments, and I watch this episode every October 🦇

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BlackEyedGengarHobbyist General Artist
No offence, but where's her cutiemark? (I'm not too sure if FlutterBat has a cutiemark or not, or if it's a mistake, which is why I'm asking)
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Hi, I am Vitreous. I am a reviewer on Youtube for My Little Pony and I have been trying to do more Fan stuff lately And am doing a Fan Art Spotlight Episode and this time my mind has settled on a Flutterbat focused spotlight and only Flutterbat as I am planning this to be a Halloween Episode themed. And I was wondering If I Could spotlight this pic. I am planning this episode for October 6th 2016. I will give credit in both the video and in the description along with a link to your DeviantArt page. You can contact me through Deviantart by replying or Email me at Ponypalacehlhstudios@gmail.com

Anyway, the cut off date is September 30th. Please contact me by then. Oh and I might as well give you a link to my channel and the previous spotlight episode.

CHANNEL: www.youtube.com/user/PonyPalac…

Rarity’s Fan Art Spotlight: youtu.be/X6-JSL7qBJo

Have a nice day. I hope to hear back soon!





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IamTheRealSpringTrapStudent Traditional Artist
I Love WereWolves and But yet I love Flutterbat WHY?!
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Even though I'm personally not a fan of how the writers have to rely on gimmicks (Flutterhulk, Flutterguy) to support Fluttershy's character, I will give Flutterbat a pass because the design is so awesome. Creepy, yet oddly adorable.
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AnimegorefanStudent General Artist
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:icondiobrandoplz::iconsaysplz:That's my pony.
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j4lambertStudent Filmographer
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AmandaLiraHobbyist Digital Artist
Flutter-Bat Free Avatar Clapping Pony Icon - Flutterbat :flutterbat: 
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ToonAlexSora007Hobbyist Digital Artist
Her Cutie Mark is missing :/
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Flutterbat kind of reminded me of a Night Fury, because she mas sneaky like one
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void-afHobbyist Traditional Artist
Wow am afraid of flutterbat...but l like her^_^ great work my friend;D
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khaoticallyStudent Traditional Artist
Hisss...Apples...Wink/Razz  Just like my name! I like apples.
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I like apples too, but I'm not a bat pony. Just a normal alicorn. :)
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465lpsStudent Digital Artist
nice expression
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Y do ponies/peoples draw meh sow evilll~~~
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I love the shadowing
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MinorozStudent Writer
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Here-for-the-poniesStudent Digital Artist
Wow I wasn't expecting the expression to be quite so fierce when I clicked the thumbnail. I don't think I've ever seen you do an expression quite like this, yet I can still tell you drew it. Man you've always been good with expressions.
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SeaCowsProfessional Artist
Anne Frank looked better as a Bat
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I really like the awesomely intimidating expression she has in this!
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KyoshyuHobbyist General Artist
Rawr! :meow:
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PepperedSodaHobbyist Digital Artist
Clapping Pony Icon - Fluttershy well done! you just earned a fav!
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Lacey-Lilly1234Student Interface Designer
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