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Daring Do

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Daring Do from the new episode!

It was awesome!
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Wow great drawing if Indi... I mean Daring Do
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Awesome! Daring always reminds me of Rainbow. <3 =)
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Oh em cheese I loved that episode. It was the best on in my opinion. =D
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She's so daring. :)
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i saw that on Google and didn`t make sure it was someone`s. Made pic,can upload?
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Hey, i used ur work in my first PMV and credited you :)
I'm sorry i haven't had time to ask permission from everypony but I credited every single one of you.

- Striken /)
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Cool! Daring Do is amazing!:D

She fits as a secret agent as well, like James Bond.:)
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Secret agent mare, secret agent mare....
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wow 520 likes? I don't like MLP at all but congrats on the ton of likes damn I'm glad it's in my club
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Played on the big screen by 'Mare-son' Ford.
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Thanks for the links.
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And look at the groups it's featured in. I knew it was a matter of time 'til they made a FC or two of Daring Do.
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Loved her the first time I've seen it in the episode. I expected fan art of her. I'm not disappointed.
A tumblr account of her wouldn't be surprise.
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I really like the colors and the expression on Daring Do in this one.
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I loved the episode. I gotta say that.

Now, onwards. Just for reference for everyone, Daring Do was a recolor Hasbro did of Rainbow Dash. I mean seriously, we can pretty much see that since there are so many similarities in the two.

Still, they did good. :icontwilightclapplz:
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now this was a great episode, though I was half expecting the giant rolling bolder of doom to come out at some point, sorta glad they didnt go there
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I totally agree!
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