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Hey Everyone, The Name's "Will Brennan" & my Deviantart Name is "WillDinoMaster55", Welcome to my Profile & I hope you enjoy seeing all my Galleries of Dinosaurs, Pokémon, My OCs, Memes & everything that I made for Deviantart, especially seeing my favourites too that I add up to the Favourites.

But I can also do Point Commissions & Art Trades but only Pokémon Trainer Profiles, Stamps, League Cards, Photo Collages, Memes & even Pokemon OC/Canon Characters with Teams that I can only make, but I can make them for Free, but Birthdays & Christmas only.

So Please Enjoy it

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(My Forever OTPs)

Amourshipping Stamp
Eternalhoneymoonshipping Stamp
SoKai Stamp

(My Favourite Pokemon Shippings)

Stamp: SatoSere
PKMN SM - Eternalhoneymoonshipping stamp
PKMN anime Shipping - OrangeShipping Stamp
Contestshipping Stamp
PKMN DP - Penguinshipping Stamp
PC - PKMN Monolithshipping Stamp
PKMN anime Shipping - LuckShipping Stamp
Conflictingshipping (Blue x Leaf) Stamp
FerrisWheelshipping (N x Hilda) Stamp #2
LiveCasterShipping Stamp
TransceiverShipping Stamp
Boutiqueshipping (Serena x Shauna) Stamp
Clemont x Lillia Stamp
[Stamp] Marissonshipping-Hug
PKMN Sun and moon - EclipseShipping stamp
PKMN Sun and moon - ShiningsunShipping stamp
Shipping Stamp: OceanflowerShipping1
PC - PKMN Shipping Chase X Elaine Stamp
PKMN Stamp - CookingGrassShipping Stamp
Cute Rocketshipping Stamp
Braixen x Greninja Stamp
PKMN Game Shipping - Gladion X Marine Stamp
PKMN anime Shipping - Allister x Acerola Stamp
PKMN anime Shipping - JohtoFestaShipping Stamp
PC - PKMN GrowingUpShipping Stamp
Detective Pikachu (movie) - Tim X Lucy Stamp
PC - PKMN Victor X Gloria Stamp
PKMN Game Shipping - Leon X Sonia Stamp
Chairman rose x oleana stamp

(My Favourite Dragonball Z Shippings)

Goku x ChiChi Stamp
Gohan x Videl - Stamp
(Request) Bulma X Vegeta Stamp
Android 18 x Krillin - Stamp
Trunks x Mai - Stamp
GotenxValese Stamp

(My Favourite Kingdom Hearts Shippings)

Sora x Kairi Stamp
KH: Roxas x Namine Stamp
Aqua X Terra Stamp

(My Favourite Total Drama Shippings)

TDI LindsayxTyler Stamp
.:request:. GxB stamp
TDA Owen x Izzy Stamp
TxG Stamp
ZoeyxMike Stamp
SamxDakota Stamp
JasminexShawn Stamp
DevinxCarrie Stamp
AlejandroxHeather Stamp

(My Pokemon OC Characters & Shippings)

Will Brennan (Pokemon OC) Stamp
Pokemon OC: Gingershipping (Will x Emily) Stamp
Pokemon OC: Apprenticeshipping (Luke x Tyra) Stamp
Pokemon OC: CharizardLoveshipping Stamp
Vivi the Eevee (Pokemon OC) Stamp
Ellie (Pokemon OC Stamp)

(My Favourite OC Characters)

Jessica Pedley (Pokemon OC) Stamp
My PKMN OC Elisa Unova stamp
Brianna Bellerose (Pokemon OC Stamp)
Felix N. Espinal (Pokemon OC Stamp)
Karen (Pokemon OC Stamp)
Matt Everhart (Wildcat1999)
Glorysia Melody (Pokemon OC Stamp)
Relena Kaiou (Pokemon OC Stamp)
Lily Crobat (Pokemon OC Stamp)
Miyuki (Pokemon OC Stamp)
Luna (Pokemon OC Stamp)
Chloe (Pokemon OC Stamp)
PKMN SM Karen and MimiPi Stamp
Akela (Pokemon OC Stamp)
Tierno (Pokemon OC Stamp)
Ava and Ara (Pokemon OC Stamp)
Awbee le Dragi (Pokemon OC Stamp)
Rose Crobat (Pokemon OC Stamp)
Meg Stamp (Animedalek1)
Ninti Stamp (AnnaDreamer24)
Leilani Stamp (AnnaDreamer24)
Dayton Stamp (AnnaDreamer24)
Hestia Stamp (AnnaDreamer24)
Angela Stamp (AnnaDreamer24)

(My Favourite OC Shippings)

PKMN - Cilan X My PKMN OC Elisa stamp
Pokemon Stamp: KalosianIdolShippi
Megashipping Stamp (BC-LS)
Assistantshipping Stamp (Bel-TheSweet-Sylveon)
Aspertiashipping Stamp (ChipmunkRaccoonOz)
Britshipping Stamp (Animedalek1)
DinoCatshipping Stamp (Animedalek1)
Chaosshipping Stamp (AdvanceArcy)
Pokemon Stamp:Clemont and Mika Love
Lily and Cress Shipping Stamp (AnnaDreamer24)
Pokemon Stamp: Cress and Lily love
Pokemon Stamp: Kiawe and Chloe love
Pokemon Stamp: Tierno and Keyonna love
Koji x Elaine Stamp (KevinToons915)

(My Favourite Movies. TV Shows & Games)

Dinosaurs Stamp
Jurassic Park Stamp
Jurassic World Stamp
Star Wars Stamp
Pokemon Stamp
Family Guy Stamp
American Dad Stamp
The Simpsons Stamp
Jurassic World Evolution Stamp
Star Wars Battlefront II Stamp
Kingdom Hearts Stamp

Favourite Visual Artist
Favourite Movies
Dinosaurs, Zombies, Monsters, Actions, Adventure, Comedy, Cartoons, Disney Movies & More...
Favourite TV Shows
Dinosaurs, Pokemon, Family Guy, Disney, Cartoon Network, Hell's Kitchum, Britain's Got Talent, X-Factor, I'm a Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Rock, Pop, Classical
Favourite Books
Dinosaur Books, Pokemon Adventures Manga
Favourite Writers
Favourite Games
Dinosaurs, Pokemon, Kingdom Hearts, Zombies, Actions, Adventures, More...
Favourite Gaming Platform
PS3, PS4, 3DS, Wii
Tools of the Trade
Other Interests
Going on Laptop/Computer, Playing Games, Holidays, Go out with Family or Friends

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My Main OCs: Will Brennan and Emily

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