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This month's images used Dawn, Victoria 4, Alyson 2, Sydney, Victoria 2, Stephanie Petite 3, Genesis 3 Female, and Pauline. That is a long list. I also used a variety of rendering engines: Firefly, Superfly, Iray, and Octane Render. This probably was the most diverse release I've done.

I know that I'm in the minority by using more than one figure. Most people use one figure because that is all they can afford. The morph packs, the clothing, the hair, the textures get expensive very quickly. I've just collected all this stuff over the years.

If you started this hobby a couple years, Genesis 3 would have been the prominent figure. So, it makes sense that would be your main figure. I've been doing this so long that Victoria 2 and her clothes along with the clothes for Sydney and Stephanie Petite 3 are no longer available.

Using more than one figure doesn't make me better than others, just different. I consider it part of my style.

Thanks for letting me ramble.
I'm not sure if sick is the correct word.

Last week, I went to the ER with a pain in my left side. They found a kidney stone, a large kidney stone. The doctors broke up the stone and put in a stent.

The main problem is that I'm constantly drinking water and constantly using the toilet. The pain pills make me lightheaded. I have to force myself to eat.

They still have to remove the stent. I'm not looking forward to the pain, but I want things to go back to normal.

Because of all this, I'm not able to release images this month. What a rotten way to start the new year.
By Up-Convert, I mean converting an older material setup to a new shader. It would be like taking a Genesis 2 3Delight skin material and converting to an Iray shader. I'm not talking applying the Iray Uber Shader and calling it done. Up-Converting requires setting up the diffuse, glossy/specular, bump, and SSS settings.

Why would anybody in their right mind do that? Genesis 3 and 8 have everything one would need. The characters, clothes, and props are already setup for Iray. You probably have pre-made Iray scenes as well. They're wonderful. What about you're other stuff?

If you look through your library, you'll notice characters, clothes, props, and poses for Genesis 2, Genesis 1, and heaven forbid Victoria 4. Why not use them? There is no law stopping you from using Genesis 2 and Genesis 8 in the same scene. Besides, you already have the these items. Also, have you seen the prices of the new stuff? Your credit card needs a break.

'How' you may ask? Simple, look how you favorite Genesis 3 materials are setup and mimic it, for example with a Genesis 2 character. Setting may not match up. In fact, they won't. By comparing the old and new shaders, you can test out the settings and discover how they work. In the process, you may learn something about materials.

And yes, it will take time. At first, it may not look very good. With practice your up-converted characters, clothes, props, and scenes will look awesome. This doesn't just apply to converting 3Delight to Iray. In Poser, we can up-convert Firefly to Superfly. And in both applications we have to up-convert for Octane Render.

Be proud. You just stepped into a larger world.
I'm not some hipster who thinks art should be free. Or an art snob that making money is selling out to the man. Art galleries around the world sell paintings and statues every day. While I would like to make money from my art, but I don't like what happens when someone joins Patreon.

First, their deviantart account becomes a promo for Patreon. The gallery is now stuffed full with small, low resolution images covered in Patreon logos. I know you need to advertise, but do you have to take down your older images? It happens. I can't tell you the number of times I go for the older images (the ones that made us follow you in the first place) and only find "Not Found" messages.

Second, all new stuff goes towards Patreon customers. They are paying monthly and rightly deserve new content. That means you are making art for them not yourself. You focus on the images that generate the most views. To the surprise of no one, images of naked white women with ridiculously large breasts standing in a seductive pose generate the most views.

Lastly and most bizarrely, some artists shift into extreme forms after the move to Patreon. Lips are puffed out to her nose. Hips, butts, and breasts swell beyond her ability to stand. The poor woman's waist shrinks down to size of a tent pole. I find that grotesque not pretty. From me, that's saying something. I wonder if this a form of click bait.

I'm not saying this happens to all artists that jump to Patreon. With some degree, it occurs enough to take notice.

Also, I have no intention of going Patreon. This is a hobby, not a business.

Thanks for your time.
Fifty years ago, Star Trek debuted on NBC. Then three years later NBC canceled Star Trek, continuing NBC tradition of being terrible. But, Trek continued on with several more TV shows and movies. In honor of the occasion I will reaveal that the answer to the age old question of Kirk vs. Picard is... Sisko. Yup, my favorite trek is Deep Space Nine.

There are those who feel DS9 is not Trek because they did not explore the final frontier. I ask, "Why". Why must Star Trek only be about exploration? Some of Trek's best episodes were not about exploration. TOS's The Trouble With Tribbles was about Klingons, grain, and Tribbles on a space station. TNG's The Best Of Both Worlds was about a Borg invasion. And, how could we forget Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan? None of those stories were about exploration and yet they are considered Star Trek's best.

You have to remember that DS9 never was the only Trek on TV at the time. DS9 ran during the last two years of Next Generation and first five years of Voyager. Rick Berman said in an interview that two trek shows both exploring the final frontier would have been ridiculous. It had to be different. And, the space station setting allowed for different stories. Go watch DS9's Duet and tell me if that work on any other series.

Even though Deep Space Nine had the most aliens, it felt the most human. Sisko, Kira, Dax, O'Brien, Bashier, Worf, Odo, Quark all had well defined character traits and I enjoyed watching them grow over show's run. DS9 took advantage of the setting and fleshed out supporting characters (Garak, Rom, Nog, and a whole bunch more) far greater than the other series’ main characters (Chakotay and Mayweather). Also, DS9 was willing to take the characters to dark places and expose raw emotion. Go watch Chief O'Brien's suicide attempt in Hard Time.

The Original Series created the Trek universe, Next Generation codified that universe, Deep Space Nine played in that universe. One way it played was to deconstruct some of Trek ideals. No better example of that is in the episode In The Pale Moonlight. Sisko challenges his principles in a scheme to save the Federation. It ends in a way that no other Trek could or would do. Star Trek is at its best when it gets you thinking. To this day, people still debate if Sisko was right.

I want say much more, but I've taken enough of your time. Happy Birthday, Star Trek.

P.S. For those of you who mention Bablyon 5, I have two comments. First, JMS accused Paramount execs of plagiarism and feels Rick Berman and Micheal Piller were not involved. Second, I enjoyed Babylon 5. You can like both shows.
The makers of the two main 3D applications, DAZ 3D and Smith Micro, have officially worn out my patience.

I'm tired of Smith Micro's incompetence. My breaking point is their implementation of Blender's Cycles. It's always grainy in GPU mode. Now I find that it does not support Image Based Lights, no HDR.

With DAZ 3D, I'm tired of their domineering arrogance. I heard they’re focusing on the integration of the store into Daz Studio, which would not be a problem except they are moving toward only selling encrypted content.

Is a third option available? Here is what I found so far.

Blender 3D holds possibilities. The price is right, but I've never used Blender so there would be a steep learning curve. I don't know how well it will import my Poser/DS content, if at all. Victoria has a lot of bikinis.

3D Studio Max or Maya would nice, but it is way out of my price range. Unless, I start robbing a lot more banks or selling more neighbors. The same applies to Cinema 4D and Lightwave; the price thing not the robbery and slavery... never mind.

Let's not limit ourselves. There are Poser plugins for different rendering engines. I could keep using my content and have a smaller learning curve.

I've used LuxRender in the past. It's was slow and I had trouble with rendering on the GPU. The Reality plug in was nice, but LuxRender's sun system was primitive. LuxRender could not handle skydomes at all.

Another possibility is Octane Render. It is pricey, but in my price range. The demo allowed me to try out my material settings and characters. So far it has not disappointed. I'm not fond of the tree layout for the materials, but that's a minor issue with the plugin.

If you use a different tool or have heard of different, let us know. Also, if you think I dismissed Iray too quickly, I’m looking for good documentation the render settings. The eyes are always grainy.

Poser 11's Superfly can do HDR lighting. It just was not well documented.
Some days I wonder if I am the only one who uses both Poser and DAZ Studio. I know that Lululee uses both as well. But there's got to be more than two people.

Even though I primarily use Poser, I do use DS for some rendering and converting some clothing. Sadly, I have had to re-rig some clothing and hair in DS. Surprisingly, I instructed some long time DS users on features in DAZ Studio.

Both have their good and bad points. But, if you look in forums, it's one or the other. Or, that's what some people want you to think.

I looked through the Renderosity, RuntimeDNA, and DAZ3D forums. I noticed the same names kept posting the loudest comments. And, that number is less than a dozen. I ran into these same people when importing Genesis 3 into Poser. The comments degenerated down to stereotyping, name calling, and scarring away those with a different opinion.

While researching the history of New Coke, I came across a term for that best describes this situation: Groupthink. This situation matches the description from unquestioned beliefs to self-censorship to mindgaurds. Mindgaurds are those self appointed protectors from dissenting point of views.

It's not limited to Poser/DAZ Studio argument. Every time someone post how they like Genesis 2 over Genesis 3, there are the same group of people descend down and explain how wrong they are for not following the group. Then there are those who are persecuted for not using DS 4.9 for security concerns. And pity those complain about the IRay only products. It goes on and on.

How many others have at least tried both programs? I understand that most people don't have the time or the money. You can be told how to think or try it for yourself.

I know, I know. I get back to rendering big breasted women.

Thanks for letting ramble.

PS. Crystal Pepsi is back. Yay.
This year (2016) is the 50th anniversary of the Batman TV series. Yes, it's been fifty years since Adam West and Bert Ward donned the cape and tights and scaled that fake wall to our hearts. It's campy. It's cheesy. And it's oh so the 60s. Also, it'll give you headaches from all the face palming ridiculousness. But, I wouldn't have it any other way.

As a kid, I watched the reruns during the summer break from school. It didn't make much sense. When I watch the show now, it still doesn't make sense. But, I enjoy it. I accept it for what it is, a parody. It has to be. Who could take Shark Repellent Bat Spray seriously?

It's one failing is that it was too successful. The show's legacy is a tragic example of Poe's law. People mistook the parody Batman as the real Batman. And when I say people, I mean Hollywood executives. They kept making campy superhero movies afterwards thinking that's how comic books really work. The big problem is that they kept making campy superheroes well into the 90s. 

I can hear the cries now, "What about the Chris Reeves' Superman and Michael Keaton's Batman? They weren't campy." You're right they weren't. And, I thought Batman was the world's greatest detective. If you look at their sequels, they became campy and bad, real bad. Joel Schumacher's Batman & Robin bad. Case Closed. (For those of you who have never seen the movie or repressed it, you're lucky.)

But, let's not focus on the negative. Put on your cowl and tights and do the Batusi. Then after your court mandated psychiatric evaluation, you can watch the stunt doubles fight and try to figure out who is more crazy, Batman or the Joker.

Bat-PS. It's Batman, old chum.
As you may know, I have been trying my hand at writing. Being a visual thinking, I favor comic booking writing. I have posted a couple of examples of my scripts. You've responded more favorably to my actual comic art stories.

To improve as a writer, I've been reading my old comic books, breaking down and analyzing the story, the characters, and the dialogue. Recently, I finished reading The Death of Superman graphic novel. When I put it down it, my first thought was, "My God, that was horrible!"

First, the story, what little of it, was unimaginative. The characters did spend most of the time fighting Doomsday. However, they do take themselves out of the fight by exploding gas (i.e., natural or gasoline). Not one time, not twice, but they do it three times. How about a little variety, writer?

Second, all the characters were flat. If the story is about going up against an unstoppable monster, let’s see the characters' fears and motivation please. The best we got was a Question and Answer interview with Superman at the beginning of the story. We get nothing from the other characters.  

The worst by far was the dialogue. It was the most unnatural dialogue I've ever read. 80% of it was the characters describing what they were doing or what someone else was doing. That was mainly getting their butts kicked by Doomsday. Why would anybody write like that?

The best I could find is from Andy Schmidt of Comics Experience. He said that printing was not the greatest back in the day. So, the writers had to compensate by describing what was going on. While that may have been true back in the 60s and the early 70s, by the mid-80s DC had consistent, good printing. There is no excuse.  

Despite being awful, the Death of Superman helped my writing. It showed me what not to do.  

Thanks for letting me ramble.
How I've long lamented that people only use one figure. Yet, I enable others to continue the trend. I couldn't have created a better example of irony if I tried.

Recently, I worked with Lululee and we created a tool that will bring Genesis 3 into Poser. It first started out to see if it was possible to bring Genesis 3 into Poser. Then it evolved into a tool for personal use. With Lululee's help it became a tool for distribution. She's good artist. Check out her gallery. I was not expecting the big hoopla. Renderosity put an announcement in an email and on the front page.

A big irony is that I'm not that fond of Genesis 3. Genesis 3 has a fewer polygons than Genesis 2. I have seen quite a few complaints about her texture mapping. I know people have said her weight mapping is better, but I really haven't notice. If someone could post an example, I would greatly appreciate it. From what I can tell, Genesis 3 was built for video games developers. Best evidence is seen here, as DAZ at their Morph3D site sells Genesis 3 for the Unity 3D platform.

I made posts here and Renderosity on the value of the older figures. My recent uploads have been a mix of old figures that date back to Victoria 3, newer figures like Genesis 2, and everything in between. And yet, what brings the most praise? A simple little tool so people can continue making images with one figure.

Thanks for letting me ramble.
I first started in CGI more than 15 years ago with a used copy of Poser 3. The main supported figures were made by DAZ. Vendors cranked out skimpy wear for the female character. The male character was lucky if they made him pants. The stores were full of sexy poses of the female showing off her bits. The male's poses were mainly him standing for the female to lean against. A buyer had plenty of character morphs and textures to choose from, as long as they were skinny white women.

Ah, Progress.

Even with all the new applications, new figures, and new rendering engines, we are still at it. We still slap the female into clothes that a hooker would find ridiculous and drape her into a position not seen outside of a porno. We throw in a few lights and props and click Render. Instant gratification. Maybe I'm projecting. However, when I view the galleries of other DAZ and Poser artists, I may not be far off. I wonder if they bought Victoria 4 twenty bikinis.

Right now, I'm sure you're saying, "Hey, Willdial, have you seen YOUR gallery?" You are right in calling me a hypocrite. I'm tired. What I describe is about 90% of my gallery here at DeviantArt and about 100% of my gallery at Renderosity. Occasionally, I use Victoria 2 and Victoria 3. But, all I have for them is skimpy wear and pinup poses. That's what was available and what I purchased. This has been a 15 year demonstration that Sex Sells.

My very buying has helped to create a dangerous overspecialization in the marketplace. Several months ago, Zev0 posted that product sales numbers drop to zero within a few days after release. He also said items for the female figure sell better than the male's items, especially the sexy clothes. Vendors, in attempt to make any sort of profits, focused in on that.

Now we are left with stores that are full of skimpy female clothes. That's going to make it even harder for DAZ and Smith Micro to sell to the more profitable video game makers and professional animators. Unless they are making Attack of the Bikini Bimbos, most of the content is going to be useless.

Maybe, I'm having a mid-render crisis. But, I've found having scenes where the characters actually do something to be far more rewarding. In my recent uploads, I have Laura warning Melina to be careful and Melina showing off. I also have Elsa talking on her phone. Those scenes took far longer and more work to setup. But, I found them to be more rewarding. You will be seeing more scenes of life from me. I'll still post some pinups. I have huge back log of them.

Thanks for letting ramble.
Recently, I looked into the possibility of getting Genesis 3 in to Poser 11. I was close. Since I needed some help with weight map intensity and scripting, I posted my findings on a forum and asked for help. Then I ran straight into the Greater Internet F-wad Theory (GIFT). The trolls quickly descended and turned the thread into rants and name calling. The admins appropriately locked the thread.

I did post at another site. Unfortunately, most of the posts there were rants. Now, I have very few answers. I may continue, but development will take longer. Also, I may not be able to distribute what I create. Genesis 3's weight maps are copyrighted. I could distribute a tool that will modify them. But, I can't give away those maps, even in a modified form.

The sad thing is one trolls is a vendor of Genesis 3 morphs. He would profit from having more people use Genesis 3. I always thought a wide customer base is preferable to a narrow one. All he had to do was... nothing. How'd he screw that up?

Despite all this stupidity, a helpful post managed to slip through. He thinks the issue is due to a unit conversion issue between DAZ Studio and Poser. It makes sense, so I'll follow that line of investigation.

Thank you for your time.
I just posted up New Hero Part 2 two and half years after part one. I believe I beat the Schedule Slip record set by All-Star Batman and Robin. I want to apologize for the lateness and ask for understanding.

First, I never indented for this to be a story. I just wanted to do a growth sequence like bmtbguy :iconbmtbguy:. But, I needed to setup the growth. The setup now required an emotional payoff, which the growth didn't satisfy. For completeness, I had to create a second part to finish the story.

Second, I ran into a lot of technical problems on the first part. I was getting a lot of image blotches and memory errors. It took me over a month to render the first part. I did not want the same problems. I used other images to experiment with different lighting and render settings.

Third, I discovered that Reality takes a lot of time. During the time between Part One and Part 2, a lot of stuff happened. I changed jobs, twice. I took a course on short story writing and two courses on comic book writing.

Fourth and ultimately, I was distracted. Here is what distracted me:

Distraction by willdial Distraction Close Up by willdial

It's difficult to switch from pinups to storytelling. It's easy to slap some figure in a tiny bikini and inflate her breasts to the point of exploding. Have her smile at the camera and get my quick reward. It's hard habit to break. This 10 page story has over forty separate images. Each one has to be individually setup. Instead of a titillating, the images need to convey action and emotion. It is more work than I realized. I have grown as an artist. Thank you for staying with me all this time.

I ask for forgiveness and thanks for letting me ramble.
Last spring, I took a comic book writing course at a local community college. As I said in an earlier post, I wanted to use a story with my own characters, but I had use a pre-existing characters. That became this Supergirl story. Once the class ended, I went back to work on my orginal story. Around the time I was completing it, I took a second comic writing course. This time it was an online course from Since that one recently finished, I went back to my story again and revised based on what I learned.

It involves my Night Nurse character. While I've posted images of her, but never in her uniform. So her she is:

Night Nurse - The Hero by willdial

Quick Bio:
Julianna was gifted her powers from an aged, dieing superhero to save her from being transformed into busty vampire-like minion by a supervillian. (Duh, it's so simple.)  The process left her with super strength, pale white skin, arched eyebrows, and a bra size that's way down the alphabet. As a way to honor the superhero's sacrifice and since she was a nurse before the transformation, Julianna joined a local super team as Night Nurse.

Super Strength
Increased Durability
Long Range Hearing
Enhanced Reflexes
Ability to Run in High Heels

The team is based in Riverside, CA. Their headquarters is an old converted standalone Sears store. They are lead by the Leader. She is tall, white with dirty blonde hair and cover in muscles, think if Captain Janeway assimilated She Hulk. Cyber Chick is their technical expert and has a cybernetic arm and leg. Punk Rock Valley Girl dresses like a goth, but has all the mannerisms of a valley girl.

So after starting nine months ago, here is the story I wanted to do for the comic book writing class. Link

(FYI: I did not set up the pages or number the panels. If this ever gets produced, it will be in a web comic style.)

If you read it, let me know what you think.

Thank you.
Back in Feburary, I posted that I started a comic book writing class at a local community college. It finished up in May.

Since the class was a 100 level course, we covered the basics comic book script format and the comic book industry itself. Read some interviews by Stan Lee, Neil Gaiman, Devin Grayson and others. We watched and analyzed the Dark Knight Rises and the Guardians of the Galaxy movies. We did read and breakdown a couple comic books. It is a good day when you have to go a comic book store for school supplies.

As one would expect, we had to write a script for a comic book. I had planned to use a story idea with my Night Nurse character fighting a monster in Riverside, California. Since the students would have different levels of knowledge with comic book characters, the instructor wanted us to characters from DC or Marvel.

So I pulled out a story idea I had worked on in the past, but abandoned. Wonder Woman helps Supergirl fight off a super powered stalker. When we workshopped the scripts in class, people in other groups where listening to mine instead of the ones they were reading. One person told me that mine was far more interesting.

Now time to punch my ego square in the face. If you are interested, I posted the final draft of my script titled, "I for an I" here at deviantart. I would like construtive criticism, but on the internet that is rarer than a virgin in LA. So, please be kind. (That's probably what the virgin said too.)

Since the class is part of a larger Sequential and Comic art certificate, the instructor allowed us to create a cover for the final draft. I used my Poser skills to set the mood of the story with this image:

I for an I - Cover Art by willdial

Thanks for letting me ramble.
If I were super-villain, the world would have a lot less people on it. What's the point of being a super-villain if you can't eliminate the people that annoy you?

Beyond that, I probably would collect super women. I just posted previews of 24 comic book super women. And, I have several more in the planning stages. In the comic books, there are always those who kidnaps for sex, money, or revenge; the normal things. But, I don't think I have seen a villain kidnap super women just to collect them. I would be unique.

It does raise a couple of questions. First, where would I put them all? There isn't an underground lair large enough on any Earth to hold all the super women from the X-Men, let alone for the rest Marvel universe. I guess I would need a continent, maybe South America. It has lots of beaches. Starfire likes the beach. The jungle might be a bit of trouble for She Hulk, she would just blend in.

Second, what would I do with them all? I can't force them to subservient to me. I like strong women. That's why I collected them in the first place. If I treated them like I treat my action figures, I would just leave them in the original packaging. That's too weird. I could have them act out my fan stories. That's too mean. Maybe I could have them take over the world for me? I would make you subservient to them. I hope you don't mind polishing Wonder Woman's tiara or holding She Hulk's law books. And, if you are really lucky, you would be responsible for repairing Powergirl's bras.

This has gotten too weird. I'm finished.

Thanks for letting me ramble.
I found that a local community college is offering a night class in Comic Book writing. I only thought that those kind of classes were available at special universities like the New York School of Visual Arts, not a college that is two miles from my work. I signed up for it. It is amazing what is available at some of these colleges.
I finally finished rendering my back log. Man, that took a long time. I am finally able to start on the second part to the New Hero story. It will have more action and for the thrill of everybody, more violence.
I have not been able to work on a lot of new scenes recently because of serious backlog. I have no one to blame but myself. I can setup a Poser scene with one to three people in an afternoon. The difficult part was choosing my camera angles. I can't make up my mind between medium shots, close-ups, full shots, high and low angles. So I do them all. I usually end up with 16 or more images to render. That is why I am able to post many "revisited" images in my gallery.

But, all those angles take time to render. The advance rendering features (Indirect Lighting, Ambient Occlusion, and others) take a long time to render. And to make things more fun, I render the images at more than 2000px in height and width. I render that large so I have the freedom to use the image in a layout or elsewhere. That leads to an average render time that is more than two hours. So one simple scene leads to more than 32 hours of rendering. And that's with no snags during rendering.

For the past three scenes, Poser took all my computer's memory then ground to halt. To get around this problem, I lowered some of the render settings and tried again. I hoped that most people would not notice the blotchy shadows or grainy reflections. Every time I re-render meant I lost more time. Recently that's not been working. Over the weekend, I upgraded the desktop's memory from 16GB to it's maximum at 24GB. It helped with current scene I'm working on.

Even if there was no problems, my desktop couldn't render all the time. I usually created the scenes in the evenings and on the weekends, then rendered overnight. Quick math showed a scene would take more than two weeks to complete. That was too long. Except during the summer time, I did render while I was at work. Phoenix's heat combined with the exhaust of my desktop would kick the air conditioner on even more. Since I'm trying to keep my electrical bills reasonable, the computer stays off during the day.

To help get past the backlog, I've been rendering during the times I would normally work on scenes. It's just frustrating to wait. But, it needs to happen. I have seven scenes and a whole story in the backlog and nearly 150 images to render. I can't even Pre-Vis new stories. In the mean time, I have to write down my ideas.

Thanks for letting me vent.
To fill out my scenes, I'm using older figures for background characters. For those not familiar with the Poser world, older figures include, Victoria 2 and 3, Stephanie 3, Akio 3, and others that were released many a year ago. Why do they do make good background characters, you way ask. They don't take up a lot of memory, so I can use more of them in a scene. And most importantly, I already have them and a ton of clothes for them. Poser's new features like morph brush, copy morphs, sub-division, and sub-surface scattering breathed new life into these old figures.

However, these older figures come with their old issues. Victoria 3 has a noticeable bending/joint issue in her shoulder. Also, all of their meshes are lower rez and so are their textures. And, let’s say none of them are overflowing with morphs. Besides the bending issues, these limitations help make them good background characters. I can stuff five Victoria 2s in a scene and my computer barely shutters. Also, Poser's new abilities, which were not around when the figures were created, overcome some of their limitations.

What do you do when a background character gets pushed into the foreground? You go with it and consider yourself lucky. For example, the character Sara Miller from Growing Desire was originally just to provide a reaction. I used the default Victoria 3 and slapped a texture and some generic hair on her. Only after the rendering was done, I assembled a story that was told from her point of view. The story is much better told from her point of view. Now that I'm working on a second tale where Sara is more prominent, I'm reminded of the limitations of the Victoria 3 figure and how much clean-up work in Photoshop I had to do in the old days.

But, I would not have it any other way. Modern figures like Victoria 4 and Genesis 1/2 have a ton of character morphs. I love them for that. They allow me to reuse clothes, which good for my poor credit card. But, I like throwing in different figures that bend a unique way. I notice this adds a subtle diversity to my scenes. Recently, I created a scene with a Victoria 4 in the foreground and a Victoria 2, Victoria 3, Stephanie 3, Smith Micro Sydney, and Hivewire 3D's Dawn in the background. (I know Dawn is a new figure. But without morphs, she is light-weight. So leave me alone.) Every single one of them complimented each other, new and old. Don't be afraid to use the older figures. Each adds a wonderful realism, except when dealing with poke through.