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I've been going back and forth on making red hair look natural and vibrant in iray, so I'm pretty impressed with this. :wow: Would you be willing to share the parameters for this render? I'd love to have a better starting point for getting the right look for my redheads.

Thank you... it's funny, this is a fairly early item, and I've done all sorts of wacky things since, but it's pretty simple.
143 87 38 base color, .2 translucency weight, 208 129 19 translucency color, .8 glossy weight, 255 245 185 glossy color, glossy reflectivity .5, glossy roughness .3.
Other than the bump and cutout on the hair, that's it.

Nowadays I'd probably use UHT2, fancy stuff with top coats, etc, but I think with red hair this simpler approach worked out quite nicely! I'm actually surprised because the hair looks varicolored... but it isn't.