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this is really neat I don't suppose you could make a tutorial of how you combined them. I'm new to daz3d and I have both products. If not could you direct me where to learn to combine like this, I'm not sure what to search for.
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Hmmm - the word Sphinx comes to…
Request on a forum got me thinking of doing this.
Through the Woods setting, Cat World Regenesis figure + daz cats 2 (lion), shaman skirt from Reptilian, I think.
As usual, the problem with photorealistic centaurs is that there's not a great way to merge the two figures without either really fancy postwork (which I should try some time, I have some ideas) or extensive model kitbashing (which then runs into problems with textures).

So, as usual, and because I like clothed 'taurs anyway, I went with a carefully placed skirt.