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Meme Thingamajig, Number's fault

Journal Entry: Sun Aug 3, 2014, 11:01 AM
Before I jump into the meme which is my primary purpose of being here, I guess I'll give a brief update.

I am living in London and completely failing to do many art updates. I've done a bit of writing semi-recently that is mostly on my website (or will be in about a week or so when I finish and upload it). Otherwise most of my online activity has been at Cause I'm cool like that.

Anyways, here goes the meme: 

:iconnumber11train:'s questions

  1. What was an irrational fear you had when you were younger?
  2. Have you ever broken a bone? (Yours or someone else's?)
  3. Penguins or polar bears?
  4. If you could transform into one animal, what would you pick?
  5. Favourite footwear?
  6. You are stuck in a public toilet stall without any toilet paper. No one you know is around, though maybe there are strangers. What do you do?
  7. What languages or accents do you find particularly pleasing to listen to? (If any?)
  8. Have you ever stolen something or wanted to steal something, and what was it?
  9. What's the longest time you've gone without sleep, and why?
Whoa haven't done one of these in so long.

Not gonna post the rules because I'm way too lazy for that.

  1. I'm still afraid of spiders. And the deep ocean. That sense of vast depth below me with no way to watch my back terrifies me. I believe this fear partially comes from a shitty 90s TV show called Surface (I'm really just guessing it's shitty cause no one but me seems to remember it).
  2. My arm twice (falling on a cliff and falling down some stairs at my school while chasing someone). Also my leg/ankle once while clambering around the playground of that school during a reunion/performance thing. I still finished my big number on stage before going to Hospital because I am hardcore.
  3. Penguins riding polar bears. That or Polar Bears wearing armour.
  4. Bear. Which is also my Daemon.
  5. Shoes.
  6. Ask around, if no one is there change stalls if someone is there ask them to pass me some.
  7. Uhmn. Some of the American ones for various reasons (southern is fun for instance), most of the UK particularly Irish. Plenty more as well but those are the main ones.
  8. Well I've pirated and I think I once shoplifted some candy. I have certainly wanted to steal some things, particularly expensive screens or computers that I cannot yet afford.
  9. Probably like 36 hours or so? Maybe a bit longer? The time I'm thinking of was New Years that flowed into quite a late night the next night (come to think of it that could easily have been more than 36). Other times have usually just been because I felt like it. Or was reading and didn't want to stop. Or was playing a game. Etc.
  10. I stole the cookies. It was worth it.

  • Listening to: Homestuck mostly
  • Reading: Rereading Homestuck and a some old Hussie stuff
  • Watching: Supernatural with Ellie
  • Playing: Half Life. Really slowly.
  • Eating: Badly
  • Drinking: COFFEE. Always.

Journal Entry: Sat Apr 13, 2013, 8:52 AM
Okay yeah, about time I made an announcement about this.

I recently (finally) set up my website It's eventually going to be a sort of portfolio page of my work from all sorts of sources, here, dA, etc.

For now though it's an epic fanfiction based of Myself and a few of my lovely friends playing sBurb (that's right, self insert fanfic, we're going there). Lots of lovely people will be showing up many of whom you will know. Or should know if you don't cause they're really cool.

So far we have introduced four people and touched on a fifth and I have entered the medium (or died horribly, it is a mystery).

Also there is an RSS feed or a subscription button.



Non-homestucks, you can go there and laugh at your crazy homestuck friends if you like.

  • Listening to: Homestuck mostly
  • Reading: Rereading Homestuck and a some old Hussie stuff
  • Watching: Supernatural with Ellie
  • Playing: Half Life. Really slowly.
  • Eating: Badly
  • Drinking: COFFEE. Always.

Dean Winchester Says...

Journal Entry: Tue Oct 2, 2012, 1:40 AM
See my poll:… and give me your opinion on whether you want me to roleplay these write ups (if any of you actually care that I do these), like last weeks manga write up only better. Possibly like this ones, I haven't decided yet.

Also want me to review Homestuck as I go (I don't know, a write up of the week's updates or something?

Welp...let's begin. (whoo second person Supernatural Roleplay, bring it on!)

Your name is Dean Winchester. You seem to be stuck in some kind of blank featureless room by a ghost. Or a demon. Or possibly a trickster. Frankly it's all part of the daily grind, you're getting pretty fed up with these antics. How are there even this many ghosts around? Don't people know when to die? You reflect that perhaps you are not really one to talk.

One of the walls in front of you flickers and texts appears on it. Your typical bloody ghost scrawl, nothing unusual.

The text reads: "Review or Die Dean Winchester."

Your roll your eyes and stretch back on the couch that conveniently materialised behind you. The ghost seems needy but whatever. Sam'll sort this shit out.

The wall flickers again and you see the first panel of a manga: "Nana to Kaoru"
Manga. Brilliant, you've got a weaboo ghost. On the other hand the woman on the page is highly attractive and adorned in such a way that even you would admit is pretty kinky. You think maybe this won't be so bad.
The series cuts straight into the Chick Flick stuff. You act macho in case Sam can see you but begin to pay closer attention.
Who is this strange frog looking boy and what is his connection to the attractive girl running with him.
This girl seems irrationally happy about the boys up coming play.
She seems to be laying it on fairly thick. You wonder if the dorky kid is as oblivious as Sam used to be. Ah...good old innocent Sam. You miss those days. Everythings all complicated now.
Cross dressing now? This manga gets kinkier by the page. Though you suppose pantomimes are probably a reasonable context for it, even if you are wearing fish net stockings.
This hot chick seems to be the beez neez. You reckon you can see why.
Kaoru's just your childhood friend? You have seen enough teen drama shows sitting around in dingy motel rooms waiting for nightfall to know where that leads. It's a practical gaurantee of future love.
You don't remember having a childhood friend like that. You got most of your loving in at the time. If you know what you mean. Which of course you do. You're the only one here.
Drama! You're gripping the seat of the couch. Her father? Who is this hitherto unmentioned man. You assume, you haven't actually read the rest of the series. But maybe you want to...
Oh the Dad is a layabout. You munch on the magically appearing popcorn.
Family issues. Your one weakness. A single manly tear rolls down your cheek as you watch the broken family interact.
You suppose that was okay. You were hoping for a bit more T&A given the cover picture, but you suppose that this was about character building or something. You try to pretend that you weren't moved by the girls family problems.

The next chapter flickers on to the screen. Vinland Saga Chapter 86.

Ah, a Norse focussed series. Perhaps this gives some clue to the nature of your captor. Could it be Loki up to his old tricks again. Definitely his sort of style.
You take a moment to try and acclimatise yourself to the change in art. This series looks so manly. Much more  appropriate to someone as manly as yourself.
A fight scene is underway. You're fit yourself but even you have to admit that the moves these characters are pulling are out of this world. The speed and flow of the battle is too fast for the illustrator to fully convey.
The fighters seem evenly matched. The younger appears to have the battle experience to match the elder's.
You wonder what two men of such apparent caliber are doing fighting on a farm.
So it seems do they.
The younger stumbles and the elder gains the upper hand.
Gardar is in danger! Whoever that is.
Gardar appears to be some kind of killer, murdering the elder warriors men.
He gives an impassioned speech defending his troops and decrying their loss. You feel you can appreciate where he comes from. Too easy are soldiers treated as expendable.
You wonder who you are meant to be rooting for.
Gardar is stabbed in the chest.
You suppose that puts rest to that. You reckon they should salt and burn the corpse to be safe, but no one ever seems to think of that.
See. Now he's gotten up again. Somehow.
His eyes are white, maybe he's possessed by a demon. You consider this to be highly likely.
The brave captain is captured and is being suffocated.
But is released when the girl talks to him.
Apparently he may still die. Could be wrong on the whole 'Demon' theory.
Gardar appears to be stoned...or something.
Then they all go off into the sunset.
Gardar was fighting for his family. You can understand the killings now. You would have done the same.
Then he died.
And they were found by soldiers I guess.
You enjoyed the fighting.

The screen flickers on to a manga called Yotsuba.

It's hard to adjust to the change from Viking warriors to children. There is no consistency whatsoever in this spirit's tastes.
That man is very tall. Taller een than Sam if the people around him are any way to judge.
This small child seems to be particularly excited about leaving on this camping trip. She is almost too adorable.
Some guy on a scooter shows up.
The child Yotsuba is not amused. Adorably so.
You haven't come across this much adorable since the last time you hung out with Cas.
"As always, Today is the most enjoyable day"
You reflect on that statement in connection with your life. There is a certain amount of disconnect.
You reflect sadly that your family never got happy road trips like that. Since almost before you can remember you've been on the road, but always riding from death to destruction. You try and remember far back to before, but all your memories are faded by pain.
Hah, the disliked guy gets to sit in the back.
Poor child is seriously upset.
Like a cat all puffed up.
This child is adorable. It bears repeating.
It makes you happy to see the child smiling. The tension and worry that you carry with you every day seems to lessen somewhat. You reflect that you fight to preserve happiness like this. This family is what you fight for.
You then shake yourself and stop yourself being so sappy.
You watch the children's awe and wonder and think about the times you have gone camping with Sam. Your life hasn't been all bad you guess.
Then the child fails at frisbee and you just have to laugh.

The next manga to flick up on screen is called Bleach. You think you remember hearing about this one. All about Spirits and Ghosts and the like, should be right up your alley.

Zombies. Now here's something you know about. Steak 'em in the graves with silver. Shouldn't be a problem.
There are rather a lot you suppose.
Or perhaps not. Resurrected by fire. This seems a bit different to your usual fair.
You wish you had a weapon that could resurrect everything you killed to fight for you. You'd have an unstoppable legion by this stage.
Death Gods eh. You suppose that this power makes sense for a death god to have, even if his opponent calls it ridiculous.
It appears that the man in question knows some of these corpses.
He reacts with no facial expression whatsoever. That might just be bad art though.
There's a bunch of talky crap about stuff the author made up. You're starting to suspect this has nothing to do with actual spirit law.
This villain just got cut in half.
You sure hope his opponent was the main character of the series or this will just be awkward.

Naruto now. Hopefully you are getting to the end. Sam should hurry the hell up.

Some kid is stalking to some...statutes? Apparently. You don't really know what this is all on about. Some kind of flashback.
Everyone's talking about Dumps. It's pretty strange really.
This whole interchange strikes you as pointless and unnecessary. What is even going on with these people?
Suddenly the dude has an arm again. And there's a bunch of other strange bodies around. Weird.
You guess this is a training montage as he gets his strength back.
The statue thing helped him go to save his friends Rin and Kakashi.
It's all very sweet and a little bit creepy considering he's wearing someone wrapped rather intimately around him.

Obito is a good boy.

As the last colour fanart fades from the screen, a picture of some whiny douchebag, Cas puts his hammer through the wall. You try to ignore the  innuendo and he helps you out. Ghosts doing their spacial shenanigans again. They'd taked you to the locked panic room below their house. Cas only just got to you in time. Sam was off burning the body. Which you are certain will work because it always works without fail.

You stop being Dean.
You are William again.
You mostly like what you read
You think the roleplay was pretty poorly done. You feel ashamed.

  • Listening to: Homestuck mostly
  • Reading: Rereading Homestuck and a some old Hussie stuff
  • Watching: Supernatural with Ellie
  • Playing: Half Life. Really slowly.
  • Eating: Badly
  • Drinking: COFFEE. Always.

Lilo and Stitch Liveblog

Journal Entry: Wed Sep 26, 2012, 9:57 AM
Best read while watching film (pretend it's rifftrax):

Stitch: What happens when you create a monster and have no idea what intimidation means.

Four eyed guy: Basically your average mad-scientist/total nerd.

I mean really, is there ONE of you who wouldn't make something like that if you could.

I like the giant ram shark guy.

How can you be bullet proof and vulnerable to needles.

Why would you make something bulletproof when your culture uses lasers?

Your guns are trained to respond to as much dna as is in saliva? ...seems like a dumb plan.

Whoa, now that's a blues brothers-esque number of police cars chasing. I approve completely.

Police cruisers have hyperdrive? WHY?

WHERE ARE THEY? What are you batman?

Oh right, the mosquito endangered thing. That made so much sense.

Mad scientist = Russian. Obviously. Stupid thing though, gives the Russians more credit than the Americans for their scientific achievements.

Oh hey, Hawaii.

Lilo. Your nose. HOW?

The art design on Lilo particularly really makes me think of Calvin and Hobbes for some reason. May just be the innocence she seems to represent.

That fat guy...who does he make me think of (the sunburn guy)?

Lilo has a CUNNING PLAN! No one will suspect a thing!

Sandwich day. Duh.


Lilo knocked that white bitch down a peg. Like a boss.

Lilo is a total nerd.

Also loving the watercolours. Very nice.

NANI! Dem legs. HOW EVEN!

You are too gorgeous for this art style. Too the fanart mobile.

Okay...bad plan bad plan.

Bubbles. Basically Samuel L Jackson.

Or Ving Rhames. That works too.

That is one awesome voice. I mean damn. Also a nice suit. Am impressed.

Lilo...why you gotta be so voodoo. Social Workers don't understand us nerds.

Best sisters.

Still in awe of those legs. I mean...damn. Seriously.

Lilo: the reason why I want kids, the reason why I don't want to have kids.

God these two are adorable.

Lilo's pics of fat people. Cause...why the hell not.

Ahh why so adorable. "Oh no gravity"

Oh hai Stitch.

Oh hai truck hitting Stitch.

Oh my god a pet lobster would be awesome.

...of course he can randomly reshape his body.


Even the pet store owner.

"That's not a real Iceland. But here it's good."

Most pathetic bullies ever.

OH MY GOD HIS PROGRAMMING INCLUDES THE STEALING OF LEFT SHOES! He was designed to fight Discworld vampires!

Oh hey it's the token love interest! I like that there's a token love interest male instead of most (many) films where there is a token love interest female.

David apparently.

Lilo draws graphs for her dog. Awesome.

Hah no luck for you David.

Fired it is then. Admittedly her dog did maul a customer.

Sister has best reasons for everything. Damn vampire managers.

Ohana means family. Oh hai message of film.


Sorry but it bears repeating.

She...she gave the hyperactive dog creature coffee....WHY?

"That's  from my blue period" are way too old for your own good.


And then destroys them.

Awkward Stitch encounter is awkward.

Record player Stitch.

Model citizen in making Stitch.

Or...Elvis in making.


Well...that went horribly wrong.

Sad? Why not surf!

I'm going to assume the reason everyone has awesome legs is all the surfing.

Aww Stitch is having feels.

Hey drew bad sand fanart and now is sad.

And then he dro-oh wait no. Happy Disney. Right.

Seriously Bubbles, they were surfing. What the hell is your problem.

Also splitting sisters isn't necessarily the only way. I mean, they could always both be adopted. Or is that not a thing you can do.

I know, Bubbles can adopt them! Because of the hilarious.

Stitch cries at night? Holy crap that's sad. Why Disney, why do you do this to us.

Oh hai ugly duckling motif. Nice of you to subtly find your way into the narrative.

They were out at sea for that long? A whole night. I mean DAMN.

Then they were fired. Yeah, one of them is a deranged criminal mad scientist. Did you think this would work out for some reason?

Oh hey a real non-comic relief villain. The movie was needing one of those.


HOW DOES HE KNOW THE ELVI-oh wait, Elvis is an alien. I remember.

Wow...Plates shouldn't be such a powerful projectile weapon. I mean, they're not frying pans.

He...threw him through a wall.

Then hit him with a car.

And attacked him with a chainsaw.

...I like this alien's style of fighting.

And then the house exploded.

Good thing things are finally looking up.

Why didn't Nani just leave David with Lilo? I mean, logically it wouldn't help, but still.

Stitch, your ohana needs you!

Yeah this would be a bad rifftrax, I spend most of my time stating the obvious.

Aw Lilo's angry at Stitch. But it's okay, they were captured together, now they get to reconcile.

Holy crap stitch do you not even have a spine?

Lady, chill.

Oh hey they caught Stitch.

Dudes. You seriously do not want fuck with her. She has Sisterly AND Motherly instincts to fuck you up with.

or she will kneel and cry.


Oh hai Ohana message again.

I just fucking love how he gets out of bonds.


Because Yussss.

Aww trapped sad Lilo.

Uhm....that...that ship...that ship is a LOT bigger.

Like whoa. Why was that even necessary.

Guess Ramsharkdude should've read the file on Stitch where he was PART FUCKING OCTOPUS before engagin on an attack mission.

...Mountains do not work like that.

Good bounce.


Hah, Lilo drops in during the final act to guilt drip Stitch. Who procedes to drive a fuel truck into a volcano.


He had to open the tank before it actually caught fire? Logic!

Also cute and fluffy.

Stitch saves everyone. Like a boss.

Oh David. You were so redundant.

Suck it sharkramguy you're fired.

Racist aliens. Jeez, just because he was an abomination created solely to destroy and explode shit you think he's evil or something.

LEGAL TECHNICALITY! The way all good Disney films are resolved.

I ship Bubbles and tall alien lady.

I wonder if Stitch is mortal?

Hah! Alien says the family has to stay together. Bubbles still CIA or what?

Oh right, former.

Dat new house.

Good dog. Best friend. (You get that, you get ALL OF THE HUGS)

Why does stitch have four arms when he's alone?

I also ship mad scientist and cyclops alien as a gay/eternal bachelor/timon and pumba-esque pairing. I approve this finishing montage.

Apparently David-Nani remains canon.

Good film. Bravo disney.

Their dad looks like a total dork.

  • Listening to: Homestuck mostly
  • Reading: Rereading Homestuck and a some old Hussie stuff
  • Watching: Supernatural with Ellie
  • Playing: Half Life. Really slowly.
  • Eating: Badly
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I'm a reviewer with the Midnight Crew

Journal Entry: Sun Sep 23, 2012, 3:40 AM
WB => Play card
What card, all you have is this fancy new journal skin. You open it and begin reviewing things you should've reviewed ages ago you fat lazy trash.
WB => Eye text suspiciously. Did you write this? Could you?
You are not sure you understand the gaming construct write

WB => Activate review trap card
You begin writing a review of the series Gunslinger Girl with some hesitation. You were sure this ended months ago.

Gunslinger Girl:
Perplexingly you seem to have no chapter 98 and you apparently missed chapter 96. This makes you ornery.
You glance back over chapter 95 to refresh your memory. As you suspected everyone is dead. Except that one couple of handlers I guess.
The brothers are dead. I should be more sad over thi-oh wait apparently one's alive.
Man this would make so much more sense if I could actually remember who everyone is.
The agency is disbanded. This is probably wise, their primary function was turning dead girls into cyborg killing machines with a tragically short life span. I mean how many functions could that possibly have.
DEPRESSING SHIT. Not that this was ever really a happy series.
Petroushka always was one my favorite cyborgs.
This arc is making me sad.
SHE GETS TO DANCE AGAIN! AHHH I didn't think this series had it in it left to give me a bad case of the feels but there you go.
Hmmn now I'm pissed off I don't have 98. Ah whatever.
The girls (the few left) are still in play apparently.
Also lol 'New Trino Power Plant' So subtle guys.
Oh come on it's still not ended?

WB => Tear out heart to remove these meddlesome feelings.
It doesn't work.

WB => Accidentally let others see your thoughts on awesome nsfw manga Nana to Kaoru.
WB => Catch yourself just in time.

WB => have unrevealing internal monologue anyway.

(Oh Kaoru your self esteem really needs a boost. She is completely into you)
(Also so is Tachi, how are you not realising this)
(it's the classic story of how the girls see past a boys unnattractiveness through bdsm)
(A classic tale, you've heard it a dozen times)
(Though seriously the whole frog prince vibe is getting stronger by the minute)
(Ah, he's starting to realise that Nana likes him)
(I get the feeling Tachi's going to get the rough end of the stick when alls said and done. Wow...that saying really doesn't work here, Nana will be the one literally getting the rough end of the stick, Tachi the metaphorical end)
(I don't think I've been in Kaoru's situation, but I think I know what the feeling is to believe yourself unworthy of the person you want)
(Ho shit she just looked WAAAY too much like Robin)
(Nana is probably getting too aware for Kaoru's own good)
(Oh good, Kaoru's friends...these guys always seemed like assholes, what's the bet they fuck shit up)
(It really should not be that easy to put finger cuffs on someone)

WB => Read something less suspect.
Bleach it is.

WB => Regret all of your life choices up to this point
Too bad you're still reading Bleach.

Yamawhatshisfacethatcrazyoldleaderdude's ban kai is basically the same as Ichigo's except instead of just compressing the power it compresses the flame to make some sort of...okay lets be honest its basically a lightsaber.
Also apparently is so powerful it starts destroying all of Soul Society and dehydrates anyone and everyone nearby.
Well, it looks like this ban kai is being seriously hyped. I'm sure he wont get anticlimactically beaten at all.
Apparently he's concentrated a ridiculously huge amount of fire in the edge of his sword. Interesting.
Also his body is covered in fire...which works as armor. Neato.
He is the sun. So cool.
15,000,000 degrees. What a positively absurd temperature. Shouldn't the floor around him be melting?
So he's ridiculously overpowered and the villain is scared. I wonder what'll go wrong. I mean, they wouldn't have the big finale done by a secondary character would they (actually I totally wouldn't put it past them)
Well that's done with. Actually pretty impressive with good pacing, who'd've thunk it?

WB => Bask in pleasure of having the shit behind you. From here it is only rainbows.
Sasuke's in most/all of the current arcs of Naruto.

WB => Weep tears of blood and through yourself into a ravine.
Take the pain!

WB => Read Naruto

Get back to your Kage fight. You bastard.
Well shit Naruto, calm down already. It's only half your mentors and friends. What are you so freaked about (if you kill them Kishi so help me god)
No. I refuse to accept this.
This is fucking bullshit.
If they are all dead I will be fucking furious.
I won't be if Tsunade gives her life to res the rest though, that'd be acceptable
Damn girl, that's rough.
Hah, called it. She's totally gonna res them.
He gave back the fan thing. Coolies...
Oh hey, apparently Nagato was meant to be resurrecting Madara.
Plans plans what are all these crazy plans.
Ooh fan versus uber rasengan. Cool
It blasted it back. HAH.
Fuck. Kakashi Gai versus Obito. This should be hardcore.
And we get ANOTHER boss fight with Madara.
You know, I'm starting to think that the Leaf's plan to ruthlessly wipe out the Uchiha clan was ABSOLUTELY AND IN EVERY WAY CORRECT.
With the kind of exception of Orochimaru basically every problem the Leaf has faced has been caused by psychotically retarded Uchiha.
Ooh, old Madara was the one who saved Obito. Interesting.
Whoa, Old Madara was OLD
Wait....did Obito manage to phase by himself before attaining a higher level Sharingan? Dude, impressive.
"What would you like me to do"
"Take care of your lower region?"
"...if you would like"
What did I just read?
More bitter whiny emo shit from Uchiha about Destiny and how shit the world is.
I'm having Uchiha anger feels again.
So...Madara kept himself alive via some random statue I guess
A statue made from his oldest rival.
He was trapped in a cave for like a century with nothing but his dead rival for company. Starting to see why he's batshit insane.
Hmm, a bit too talky but the pace in Naruto remains good.

WB => Feel smug and do a little dance.
It was horrible. You feel so ashamed.
You will never dance again.
Children miles away are crying without knowing why.

WB =>Start reading One Piece to console yourself.
Good plan that.

One Piece:</b>
It's on now.
Caribou and Jimbei are still chilling? Cool.
Caesar, what an embarrassing face. You do not handle being punched well.
Fast Luffy is fast.
Awww Caesar thinks that level of distance is a problem for Luffy. You know, the guy able to stretch his body long distances. ...derp
I love how often some ridiculousness about Luffy is the reason he can beat enemies. Like being invulnerable to lightning and immune to poison.
I'm loving some of the art on Luffy at the moment.
MONET NO! Don't interfere!
Also Dayum you have more powers lady.
Dammit Monet, you better turn out to be an awesome good guy cause you are WAAAAY too cool for this douchebag.
Aw crap she's a minion of Doflamingo. Or trapped by him anyway.
Sanji and Virgo man. Dis fight.
Well hey, Virgo can do the colour of armament. This is not surprising.
Did....did Virgo just crack?
EEEE I love this group of pirates. 'Black Leg Bro'
"That damn kid... he's come up with the worst scenario imaginable!!! Do you plan on messing up the entire New World"
I'd just like to say that I fucking love Law and he is adorable as fuck and man that smile is gorgeous. I love when Pirates pirate in this series.
Round two: Fight (next chapter)
"Where did Law arrive at?" Ugh  wording fail.
Sound effects for walking are Kashin Kashin now...
He's in the SAD room....huh...
SANJI NOOOOOOOO Don't die in the poison gas
Oh wait he's fine he got in via the air or something AND SAVED TO MARINES FUCK WHY ARE YOU GUYS SO BEAUTIFUL
Airwalking man...most awesome thing ever.
Doflamingo is in touch. I wonder if he's controlling Virgo. Probably is...
And Law WAS on his side but isn't now...Cool stuff.
I wonder who this cray broad attacking Doflamingo is. It's a pretty neat way of establishing his badassness and that of his crew. As if we needed that.
Apparently the attacker is Baby 5.
Ooh they've sentenced Law to Death AND promised the destruction of the SAD room. Somehow I think it'll backfire but whatever.
I think Virgo will die/be destroyed today.
Do is ANYONE not in league with the Joker?
Ooh high praise Luffy is "probably even above Joker"
I want Monet to leave Joker. Joker is shit. Awesome sexy and stylish but Monet is still too cool for him.
Oh shit they're sending in back up. Including this crazy girl trying to kill Joker for some reason.
I love how little they care about the fucking dragon.
Lightninged the fuck out of that dragon.
Lets just take a moment to appreciate how much stronger the 'weak team' have become.
Zoro, if he is not joining you guys you've got to learn the fire cutting move.
Poor pwned dragon.
Chopper transformed? Against the kids? Hmmmm
"Where did that kid go?"
"That kid?"
"He went into the forbidden 'secret room' and turned into a small dragon, that 'Momonosuke kid"

WB => Take a moment to recover from this hardship with some revitalising tea and the new episode of Doctor Who.
You feel refreshed and ready for the BONUS BOSS BATTLE

WB => Read the final round of :iconnumber11train:'s battles in Willow Hill.

Net Vs Roy:</u>
Page 1:…
Ah! It's been so long since I saw that cuties face.
Ooh, dark start.
Net? Being so friendly while Keisa's human. Hmm.
I mean I kinda knew but lookit!
Of course it was the clocktower. Could it be anything else?
I'd tell Net not to trust the creepy conjoined twins but yeah...that's not happening.
Page 2:…
Like BAM pistol in mouth.
My not having read any of Roy's pieces so far is going to put me at a disadvantage isn't it?
Net uses interrupt! It was super distracting!
Smooth Roy.
Page 3:…
Awww Net would look positively adorable as a murdering psychopath (which is probably because she can't look anything but adorable. Seriously, lookit her face when Roy says that. What a cutie).
I hope that wasn't a metal pole that just smashed on Net.
Page 4:…
Net, it is lucky you have Keisa around because man on man do you have no survival instincts.
Speaking of, Sup Keisa.
Well shit...he looks really angry today.
Your characterization is going awesome don't worry Kite.
Page 5:…
Holy Hell Keisa did you just kill that boy?
Man he looks so fucking snapped.
Whoa, I love your shots of everyone else. Seriously awesome.
Steven particularly (probably cause of the hair but makes me think of Jazz which is hilarious).
You try to offer a wish but this girl is desireless. Despite being created for (?) Desire.
Guess Roy wasn't dead then...
And he just shot Keisa.
Well if Supernatural and Doctor Who has taught me anything, that won't work.
Probably dead now though.
What're you going to do Net. Keisa may be broken, but you aren't allowed to fix him (you need him though).
What is the clockwork saying?
I wonder if the Puppet's strings can talk too...

EeeEEEeee this was so awesome!
Guh all of the excitements!
And it won too!
You deserved it so much.
Your work through this tournament has been flawless. Beautiful characterization, great stories, breathtaking artwork. I can't think of anyone more deserving of victory than you. Bravo Kite. Bravo.

And now I should probably stop before my fingers fall off.

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In which there are more exciting events in Naruto

Journal Entry: Thu Sep 6, 2012, 3:55 AM
MORE REVIEWS! Cause y'know, that's all I'm good for these days hey...


Seriously, three of you tried to jump the old guy? Don't you know anything about Rule 1?
God, kids these days.
Well, glad I didn't bother learning their names.
He drew a sword.
So...why exactly are these people 'quincy' given they have NO connection whatsoever to all of the established lore on quincy? They don't use the same moves, they don't really appear to be anything you could call human, they don't use bows, they exhibit none of the characteristics of the Quincy as Ishida explained it. Why call them Quincy at all if you're not going to make any effort to make them Quincy. Fuck, why bring them up at all?
Holy shit he Bankai'd. Why? What was the point? You were already being badass. Do you guys remember when Bankai's weren't the first fucking move people used. I swear it's like what happened to the moves in Naruto. Bye by sword fighting.
I also like that he did not use this against Aizen when he tried to kill all of Soul Society and barely failed. Nice.
Wait...that was a whole chapter?
Wow...Wow that's lazy.


This should cheer me up more.
Uchiha Obito ladies and gentleman.
'No mistaking it' Seriously Kakashi. You haven't seen him since he was about 12, that was what, thirty years ago (your age has never been established that I know of so I'm guessing here).
He pretty dissimilar from Obito as I remember him (as an adorable past naruto clone).
Seriously, nothing alike.
Like seeing these Gaiden flashbacks, twas a good arc.
But you probably didn't have to flashback the whole damn scene word for word from what we saw in the Gaiden. We can remember.
Wait...he was wearing the Uchiha symbol the whole time? Le what?
YOU LET RIN DIE! Oh my god guys YOU'RE FUCKING NINJAS! You guys murder left and right. You seriously this fucking surprised when a couple of you die that you have to go on murderous rampages and try to take over the world :iconofcourseplz:. I mean, Obito, think about it. How many have you killed? How many. Every damn one was another Rin you arrogant self centered whiny asshole.
This reason gives me feels.
Naruto steps in to interrupt this flashback nonsense. Despite never doing that ever before. Bastard (what happened to Rin?)
Wait...the kyuubi tails can defeat Amaterasu? The fire that can burn anything? Le what?
...did you just offscreen the Kages. Oh it's ON NOW KISHI!
I really don't want to have to deal with two Uchiha at once.

One Piece:

Isn't up on Mangatraders for some reason so I'm going off the mangafox atm.
heheh, everyone's riding Brownbeard. That's hilarious.
Zoro plz. 'We're too lazy to run'/ Nice.
The straw hats sit back for a breather on the complaining pirate crocodile. Hanging up their coats on his back. I can't handle these guys.
Man, all these maps make me nostalgic for Enies Lobby.
Holy shit the Dragon powered up
HOH SHIT IT'S VIRGO! Spelled Vergo cause retards.
Wow, being on the G-5 is a shit job. You keep dying and being betrayed and shit. Pretty crappy gig.
In other news Virgo took em out with his finger meaning almost certainly Shigan. Excellent.
This. This is why I love Sanji. He was hundreds of meters away. Heard a lady crying for help and air stepped his way across the room to kick the attacker in the face. This while in a brutally injured body. Best dude ever.
'I heard....the tears of a maiden dripping down'
This scene is awesome, I can almost forgive the fat that Tashigi was knocked down easy and didn't get a moment of baddass.
Caesar, I think you should be careful about betraying and showing disdain for your subordinates in front of monet. She will betray you. Pretty much guaranteed.
God Smoker and Luffy's interaction is so good.
can't describe, just read it.
"Remember, I've got Virgo" "and I've got Caesar"
"Oh hey it's my guy"
Immediately punches him in the stomach.
I like how minimally phased Smoker is.
Aw, I don't want the chapter to be over!
Not really, that was awesome.

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I'm Back (have been for ages) Plus Reviews

Journal Entry: Sat Sep 1, 2012, 11:27 PM

Yeah...kind of forgot to even post a note saying I was back...Yeah. But mostly of you probably know by now anyway so it's all good.
I have done FUCK ALL since I got back. Like inefficiency maximized man. I have also had to recover from some hardcore computer problems resulting in the loss of Microsoft Office (for which I am eternally angry, seriously this is like the fifth time I've had to buy fucking office).
Otherwise I'm in my final semester at uni and not doing nearly as much work as I should be. I am suitably ashamed by this.

So naturally, since I have two assignments due next week, lets talk about manga.
Manga which I haven't checked since before I went away...Oh this is going to be FUN.

REVIEW TIME! Also many spoilers.

BLEACH (aka Blech):

Transmittal blades...yeah. So much easier then telecoms.
It's okay Ichigo will save everyone.
Oh wait he's trapped in a cage like a dumbass, you're all fucked because despite most if not all of you being stronger than Ichigo you still never learned to do shit for yourselves.
What's this, you're getting easily defeated by a possessed version of the guy Ichigo took out first time he arrived in Soul Society. Without breaking a sweat.
Well....why are we trying to save soul society again?
Don't you love that point in a manga where they've spent so long building up how badass all your favorite characters are and everyone's awesome and then they don't know how to make the next villain threatening because the mangaka has forgotten how to write so he just makes everyone look pathetic. Yeah, great moment.
These arrows, it's not a poison, it's fear.
Oh yeah, so you're saying I'm feeling fear because for the first time in centuries I'm actually threatened by someone?
No, I'm saying that once you've been hit by my arrows you start fearing everything, lesser men's hearts would explode! it's poison then?
Wh-no it's totally not a poison that causes you to fear. It's fear poison form...shit.
That sure is a lot of words you're using to cover up the art you're not drawing.
I'm so glad we had this little bullshit sermon about fear. We've gained so much.
Holy crap Rukia might fight! That's happened like...once in the entire manga? Twice at most? Yeah...
So....are they dead now (of course not don't be stupid)
Zaraki Kenpachi arrived.
Dammit Kenpachi! Don't go straight to the boss, kill off all the whiny douchebags around town killing your 'friends' (aka people you like to beat up) so I don't have to try and remember their names (not gonna happen anyway)
I like that's he's already killed someone (something I don't think any of them have done yet) and he hasn't even taken off his eye patch.
Remind me why none of them thought about NOT using their bankai's?
Oh, my bad, he didn't kill one. He killed three.
God I love this man. Best character.
You know why Bleach is one of the greatest action manga ever written. Because they just had three reasonably baddass battles in which our side weren't pathetic losers, which instead of showing us, they told us about in four panels.
They told instead of a fucking manga...Genius!
One of them  is seriously called 'the overkill'
Yamato Motherfuckers!
Oh yay, a flashback. Joyness
And then he killed a dude.
Well, at least we got to see choujirous bankai (which was awesome) even if it was only to be used by a hack.
Finally, some people are  not being useless assholes. Awesome
Apparently EVERYONE is going to stop being useless assholes.
Fucking morons.
You....You took out Zaraki off screen. You honestly did that. Again. I mean...Have you just completely fucking forgotten how to write? Sure the Soul Society arc took a long time, but it did so because we were watching every fight even ones like Renji against Byakuya and it was EXCITING AS HELL. Now, you're doing as many fights, but off screen, and even if you're doing less chapters than Soul Society, the whole thing feels like it takes forever because we never see anything interesting happen. COME ON MAN
Well...That was mostly stupid with only two scenes that didn't suck in about eight chapters. YAY.

Next up:
D.Gray Man:
Why am I reading this again?
Wow I have no idea what the shit is going on anymore.
Is the fourteenth awake or not?
Does anyone even know?

Next up:
Nana to Kaoru:
Yeah no, not describing this.

Next up:

Next up:
Vinland Saga:
I've just got one thing to say from these to chapters:

Next up:
Alright lets get the awesome done! I'm having to ramp myself up to this a bit.
Right, so end of the last time I read some we finished the first of the three big finale fights. But then it was 'revealed' that Orochimaru might still be around, so there might be another final fight coming up. Still, I'm mostly okay with this, even if it's orochimaru and he's an annoying douche.
Suigetsu puts it best.
Combine Orochimaru DNA with Anko. Suddenly resurrection. Totally how it works.
Nawww Suigetsu. You're adorable.
Orochimaru has been turning people into Horcruxes. Huh...should've seen that coming actually.
"What I'm interested in...Is that young body of yours...Sasuke-Kun"
Good to know we can still rely on him to bring the creepy back.
He...Wants Orochimaru to do the undead resurrection....Seriously. That is a thing we are going to be doing. Again. Huh.
You mean Sasuke might use his brain?
You mean Sasuke might not actually continue his ridiculous warpath of revenge that makes little to no sense?
Well...I did always find the Orochimaru character quite interesting (a fact I remembered recently while rereading everything up to shipuuden). His motivations are really interesting and while he's clearly evil he's also thoughtful and cautious and doesn't necessarily just want to blow up Konoha (though he does want to do that as well, it's just not necessarily the only important thing).
Glad he joined the team I guess.
Transition to Naruto fight! The fight with this summon is so reminiscent of Kingdom Hearts for some reason.
Ten-Tails. Cause that's apparently a thing now.
So..he could've done the resurrection all along if he got just a tiny part of the monsters? Seriously.
Man, I'd forgotten how chummy Naruto and the Nine-Tails were now.
Also forgotten his name was Kurama. Man oh man was that ever inevitable.
Ooooh The reveal is coming? I've been possibly maybe spoiled for this already (also people have been guessing about it since we saw Tobi for the first time).
Ten-Tails is a god. Made of all the uber chakra....Sweet.
Man, I'd completely forgotten that ridiculous plan to turn the moon into a mirror cause that somehow makes sense I don't even know.
If this really is Obito this so doesn't fit with his character as we last saw it. Just what happened in the time that passed (no doubt we will learn in a flashback)
Oh god I love Killer Bee "My Dream is a middle-aged woman's chest!"
Totally shipping him with Tsunade now.
Heh, Octopus response: "I can't believe you had the courage to reveal your sexual fetish at a time like this, Bee" God, best team.
Hmm not being able to grow up and get past dreams would fit with Obito.
This is an awesome fight. I approve.
I just had a thought, "the Human Who Knows Everything" Is it possible he's talking about the first Hokage? That or the Sage or whatever his name is, the first guy who had the Rendan (is it called Rendan? I've lost track...)
This is the shit we're here for!
Man, can't believe Kakashi tried to bop away the Summon's head. Now that's direct thinking
Okay, they chipped it slightly!
Wow. Progress.
Except apparently we don't know what caused it...Or Kakashi does and hasn't told us...
It's a good thing ninjas can be tossed around like Rag dolls.
No idea what happened, but nice attack!
Kakashi, you really shouldn't be throwing around accusations like "you only have one Jutsu" with Naruto standing right next to you. I understand it, Obito is sending his body and/or attacks against him, to another dimension so he can do his trolly fighting. Kakashi happens to be sending shit to the same dimension with his Mangekyou Sharingan which means the dude is absorbing those attacks.
And you told everyone in front of Tobi so he knows you've figured it out.
And only their space-time justu are connected because it's both Obito's eyes right?
Well now that we've got done explaining the fight we just saw, can we get on with the fight?
Okay sure he'd kind of done it before but still.
Don't you just love these 'geniuses':
"Shit he's figured out my tactic. Oh well guess I'll keep using the same tactic and just try to be slightly better at it"
If you're really Obito you should know that YOU DO NOT FUCK WITH KAKASHI
Oh hey, this file came with a hot drawing of Hinata...awesome.
AWWWW BABIES! Lookit the little cuties! We've got the guy with the straw in his mouth, that one guy with the rag drawn across his face, Rin, Kurenai, possibly Asuma (nah, that guy looks way too cool), the cutest little baby Gai EVEER, Kakashi looking like a dope with a silly scarf, Pervert-Sensei (the original). Aw man they're all so adorable. Shit, even that guy who coughed a lot (god I suck at names). Still, I'm using their only defining features so...yeah.
Lookit all the cuties.
HOLY SHIT WE'RE SEEING GAIS TEAM FOR THE FIRST TIME! He was with pervert sensei and the straw guy from the chunnin finals. Huh...didn't call that admittedly
How is Gai not actually related to Lee. They are literally identical.
HAH Gai was the reason Obito didn't go to finals. That's adorable. Mildly confusing that they had a preliminary that year, it was meant to be something hella unusual due to a particularly awesome year or some shit.
But WAIT! Kakashi got in by beating Gai. This is also adorable.
Okay I'd been working off this assumption for a while now anyway.
But still. OBITO MOTHER FUCKERS. Seriously. Major reveal (that we had kind of guessed ages back but shut up).
And...caught up. Shit.

And finally, the Cherry on top of quite an awesome cake:
One Piece:
Oh hey, the Mermaids. Cool.
SHIT! Clown-san went after the children!
Oh Nami, stop getting Sanji's body fucked up by children.
Wait...his power is just gas? Well...fuck. That covers a lot (also probably means he took out Luffy by removing the air from the area (did we know that?)
Okay, that confirms it
Hmm, lightning doesn't need oxygen and Nami should be able to exploit the dramatic changes removing the oxygen in the air would cause with the pressures. She shouldn't have gone down quite that easy.
Hmm...concentration broken, they can breath again. Awesome.
Shit man, everyone's been taken down (except Zoro's team I think, man I've been out for too long).
That is confirmed, Zoro and them are still aight. look way too happy for someon who is in chains. Also probably shouldn't sit like that in Tashigi's body.
Robin too...Man, they really don't know danger at all do they. (and I love it)
Nami feels little to no sorrow for damaging Sanji's body. Naturally.
I ship Monet Law....Just so you know.
Hmm, do I know these other watchers...?
Not certain...
You're baiting your giant poison slime monster, Smiley, with candy. God I love One Piece.
Serious stare. Serious stare. Serious Stare. Look at the at frog. Serious Stare with spoon stuck to sideburns. God I love One Piece.
ARE YOU FUCKING SERIOUS! HOLY SHIT! THAT'S....Wow. Did it seriously turn that fruit into a devil fruit? Jesus. What...what will that do to devil fruit users...
Hmm...I wonder if that was an intended consequence. Because  if it wasn't (and I'm wondering cause they didn't mentioned) then I think one of the Straw Hats is about to power up.
Our beloved crew members are still running fast enough. with some hilariously drawn legs....seriously.
It's a gas, Zoro at least should be able to to push that away.
Robin. Focus. "Oh, they got Mr Samurai back together". Only important thing going on. Totally.
Chopper gets a note saying not to do anything. My bet is that it's from Monet.
God I love how bad the Straw Hats are at focussing on immediate danger.
"That was a fine lab though."
Meanwhile in the next chapter:
Does Jimbei have to smack a bitch.
Ah yes, it was Kidd.
Killers on to 200 Million, Kid with 470 Million. Shit son, these guys have levelled up. Also apparently Kid has lost an arm. He looks fucking badass though.
Ah, looking so damn awesome!
Shit Hawkins, you're looking seriously manly.
Ooh, they're forming an alliance.
This is going to end up in a new triumverate (fuck spelling) to replace the old isn't it. Law-Luffy, Kid-Hawkins-Scratchman, Other people I don't even know man.
Counterattack motherfuckers!
Well I'm excited.
God Fucking Pirates. Don't take anything seriously.
How did he destroy the chains so easily? Even if his cuffs weren't seastone Robin's and Luffy's were, they're pretty hardcore things.
Hah, poor Tashigi.
Suddenly Luffy is out of the cage.
Oh god why. I can't handle these shenanigans.
Law keeps trying to be dramatic and then Luffy just ruins it.
Heh Tashigi's all adorably mad at Smoker.
Sanji. What is your brain?
"I'm falling back, this body isn't up to this speed. I can't breath."
*Gropes chest*
Burst of speed
God. Fucking Pirates eh.
Zoro's just mad cause he can't do the same.
Nami and Ussop doing fine, as is brownbeard (No one ever dies. The way it should be).
Dragon, centaur, everyone, they all made it.
Or will get in. Unless Law just fixes them.
But Luffy's about to go wild which probably means that all the walls are about to get broken.
Did...did he just melt the door back in place....
Holy shit...that's pretty hardcore.
Way to go Samurai.
Everything is covered in Ash.
Holy shit I forgot Brooke could do that with his soul.
AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA You guys seriously want to attack that lineup? Seriously?
Oh you poor dumb bastards.
Awww Brown Beard. You're so adorable.
Poor Sanji, he wanted to stay in Nami forever.
Law...You're in an alliance now. You're going to have to get used to the Straw Hats.
Luffy: "I won't let my guard down anymore" - *coughbullshitcough*
GOMU GOMU NO UFO! Ah god, I can't even. Seriously what the hell. He learnt to fly.
Aww, Caribour met his crew again.
That spoon. Seriously guys. I can't.
Hah, I thought Monet new about Chopper.
Virgo steps into action.
"Your limbs aren't animanl Limbs. I don't approve of that" Luffy, you talk like Yotsuba.
Oh man, the sword threesome is awesome, Zoro, Samurai, Brook. Yeah, they don't stand a chance.
Incidentally the Samurai has a child and for this reason I don't think he will join the Straw Hats (I know there was a lot of speculation about that).
Well Hey, Tashigi and Zoro are fighting again. Awesome. Aw, it ended.
Zoro, I don't think she's actually a con-artist.
Robin. You are the weirdest and most awesome thing.
AWWWW they went down saving their captain Tashigi. That is so adorable and beautiful and KYAAAA i love you guys! One Piece is SO FUCKING AWESOME!
Aw I caught up :(

Well, That was fucking incredible guys.
Hopefully we can return to a more regular schedule soon.

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Journal Entry: Fri Jul 6, 2012, 9:55 AM
I was really hoping to get another journal write up done before I go, but one thing led to another.

Anyways, I'm off to South Africa for two weeks and will be mostly out of touch.
I may or may not have internet connections, but no promises.

See you all in a bit (try not to punish my absence with TOO many updates guys, I'm only human).

Love you all!

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Journal Entry: Sun Jun 24, 2012, 9:37 PM
Changed back to this thing, still need to look in to working out how to make these skins etc. Got a good idea for one to replace it if I can find the images.

Anyways, yeah, boy oh boy, this has been delayed.
But now, on Christmas (long story) I shall write it out.
(I'm talking about the Reviews).

Just briefly before I get to that though:
:bulletblue:Exams are over, still busy as heck though.
:bulletblue:Made a cosplay for a convention I didn't attend.
:bulletblue:Going on an awesome camping trip next weekend.
:bulletblue:Going to South Africa over July (will delay output).

Anyways, on to reviews!


Nana to Kaoru
Hehe, yeah, I was never going to commentary this.\
Actually it wasn't really a blush worthy chapter anyway, but still...


Mermaids, sea gods, faeries, what are you going for here Miura, dark or light?
Of course, logically, mermaids wouldn't wear shirts (don't know about bras...would they be necessary for breasts under the sea (not that fish generally lactate so idk)?). Still, one can't help but wonder at the sheer number of topless women that find their way into Berserk (usually followed by being stabbed or maimed brutally, it's not a friendly universe).
Chick we just met and her mermom chaaaarge. To...Okay, not wildly certain what they're up to, but no doubt it's very impressive singing (in text form they just look like they're yelling).
What is that expression Schierke? You look like the Berserker armour just bad touched you.
Really need to tell Guts to stand up and fight? Guts? Seriously? No.
I know this has been observed in canon, but you are literally bleeding out of all points in your armour. You're doing it wrong.
Yeah, there's the art I know and love. What a slice.
Holy crap...he cut the heart and the sea god popped. Weird.
Proving once again that there is literally nothing Guts can't kill. Okay, there's one thing he can't kill, but he hasn't tried in a while.
"Guts is..." That's your hangover? BRING IT ON (I have the subsequent two chapters anyway).
Guts is...still in there (weak).
You know you're a shit god if literally everything under your domain wanted you to die.
Also if you can get killed by being stabbed in the heart. Admittedly by guts, but still.
Meanwhile guts gets up and keeps going. Guts is probably the single most damaged anime character I've ever read about. He has been maimed and crushed, burnt and literally eaten on any number of occasions. Dude will never stop going. I wonder if/when he'll work out that the kid is his son (assuming he hasn't already, updates are so slow it can be hard to keep track).
Okay, that kid's spirit hair is so beautiful.
Hey Guts, work it out! Seriously man!
Huh, normally when Guts is carried around by naked women it ends badly for him.
Daw, Schierke's face is adorkable.
Caska (kaska, I forget) remember. Please. You were so baddass.
WHOO Flashback arc! Is this necessary though? I mean seriously, we've had TONS of Guts flashback arcs. Are you trying to tell us there's something worse than THAT scene?
Cause I'll be impressed if you manage it.
Oh wait, we're investigating why he never stops despite ample reason to do so. This should be interesting.
Oh right, Guts had a thing about being touched. Forgot about that.
Hey Old man, your intention seems good, but please stop staring at young Gut's butt.
To think, he was headed towards Griffith's castle all along. That's actually a pretty neat metaphor. He was going to work in the construction of that castle, so he escaped and worked with Griffith on the construction of 'that' castle.
Medieval weapontry is not what it used to be. That's two arrows and a spear in his back. The back of a teenager, maybe 12 at the oldest. Yeah...Oh well, it's Guts so I'll believe it.
Gambino gives life advice and warns Guts never to trust his parents....yeah...should've followed that one Guts. You might not have had to face THAT.
Oh my god! A fucking Fairy. Seriously! Talk about a blessed fucking Life. Most people never see any fairies (Within universe). He's met three by chance. Good thing too, he needed a healer.
Okay, I take that back about the 'blessed life'. That is not a description you can use about Guts' life. Nearest you could say is that he's a blessed man in the darkest pit of hell.

Vinland Saga
The storytelling is pretty awesome and the art is beautiful, but I do occasionally miss the incredible action sequences. We still get flashes occasionally, and war is coming, but I admit I'm feeling a little impatient. I think it's mostly because of how slow the update time is. This quieter arc would be a lot more enjoyable if you could read it all at once.
Sorry not doing a blow by blow but the slower pace and big walls of text make it hard.
Still, I do really like the character arc Thorfinn's going through.
Does make me wonder what it will take to bring him back to war.
Of course. America. (They fucked that one up).

Feels odd going back to the mainstream after this.
"A one sided massacre" Oh nice, you just described the plot of every Bleach fight ever. I wonder if they'll ever discover the concept of people fighting on equal terms?
Okay, that's a little unfair, but it sure seems like that lately.
This...this is not your greatest plan. Everyone use bankai and hope that by watching the sealing process you'll figure out how to break it.
I, well, if you win it's fine I guess. Personally I think you should just set Kenpachi on the lot of them and then go get a coffee.
And literally a second later, their plan was shown to be stupid (they're actually stealing the bankai's whatever that means).
Sweet, they're stealing the sword's soul. That is interesting.
These chapters were short as fuck. Right, so now they're panicking. But... Kuchiki managed to cut the chick, and others have managed to do damage. This is seriously all they can muster? They were relying THAT heavily on the Ban Kai that the moment they can't use it they're doomed. Fuck this battle. God, you're in your final fucking arc and you're still making me consider bailing before you're done.

So...the Kage fight will be inconclusive. Or worse, will show them as having lost. Ugh.
We learn the truth about Itachi. For really reals this time.
Sasuke, why are you so surprised to be seeing Itachi's memories? Seriously.
That...that is such an ordinary face to pull when your best friend pulls out his eye and hands it to you.
So far it's just...the story we know already
Dawww, he will always love his little brother (cue incest shippers going wild).

...aaand quickly because it's christmas now.
One Piece
Darn, the poison melts clothes but ALSO kills the person. What a lame poison.
And suddenly Nami's breasts. Like BAM right there. Sorry, that was highly distracting.
Anyways, Sanji dives into the lack to save Samurai dude.
"Mone's alone, now's my chance (to break off a piece amirite)"
Oh wait, I was just joking, clearly they are totally dating.
And who can blame them (either of them) really?
Oh Luffy, what choo doing.
Oh right, Luffy's basically immune to EVERYTHING.
Well hey, that's some sensible use of gas powers right there. Asplosions.
Heh, best typo...Smilies instead of Slimes.
Oh gog, Luffy. Don't be mean to the poor clown. He just doesn't understand.
Best expression.
Whoa wait, Robin actually looked worried there.
Hmm, did he actually manage to poison him, or did he suck all the air out of the area...
Weren't fucking kidding about that Cliffhanger Numbers.
Jesus. I'm glad I only just read this.


Oh well, better go enjoy christmas.

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Journal Entry: Tue Jun 12, 2012, 12:48 AM
Guess who's procrastinating from his exams?
On the plus side I've even drawn things (not ready yet, except the one you've seen).

Today I will doooo....THE USUAL!

With a TWIST :iconwhatatwistplz:
Yes that's right, one time only, except when I probably decided to do it again, we have a thrilling blow by blow review of......
:iconnumber11train:'s brilliant work, 'Vs Dannifer and Edward'
You'll get my actual reactions, AS I READ IT FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER!
This will be very exciting for everyone and totally not just for Kites.

I was going to do this with an Announcer Guy (from Dragon Ball) plz, but I couldn't find one (which I am VERY dissapointed by).

***Spoiler Warnings Now in Effect***

Crap first:
D Gray Man
Seriously, This manga updates so infrequently, and what it posts is such a small piece of the story, I just get confused.
I think....No, no idea what's going on.
This would have gone the way of Fairy Tail already, but it updates so infrequently I keep forgetting to ignore it.

Dead, dead, everyone's dead.
Or...a bunch of people we don't know and Kira anyway.
...Who's this douchebag honestly I can't remember all these characters.
Oh hey, a dude who uses a guitar. I guess...they...didn' the fight. UGH STOP OFF SCREENING KUBO!
Bunch of randoms dead again!
Honestly this is just depressing, not everyone dying, but that all of these new guys, shinigami AND quincy, have cool designs. Kubo has always been really good at setting up interesting characters, often with only a page. Shame that he can't got further than that. After the page of awesome 'This looks interesting' we get some bland fighting then Ichigo kills everyone. Which is why I'm depressed. This person looks cool. Also, sexy ninja girls, what're you gonna do.
RENJI! I liked that guy! Looking Badass too.
Ah, young people, filled with the joys of life, laughing they slight there way through generic Shingami.
Get used to the world 'Generic' guys!
THE FOX GUY! Never worked out why he was a fox, it just kind of happened. He's awesome too. So nice to see these cool established characters that we've come to know and....yeah they're going to get humiliated, aren't they.
Wow, look at all these captains and vice captains who get one panel appearances. Incredible, some have actually taken out their blades second form. Apparently some people are smart.
I will say one thing for this chapter, the pacing is fast.
The sexy Ninja girl is a guy? Oh man, it's Naruto all over again.
Wait...OMG. That guy. Who is this man.
This man with the beautiful Moustache. And the wrestlers mask. I like this man.
MOTHER. FUCKING. Kuchiki. But not the good one. The whiny one who got a bit better.
Well...I complain, but that actually wasn't a bad chapter. Shit actually happened, we didn't have to look at Ichigo, they haven't YET humiliated the awesome characters.

Old dude gonna do something I guess.
'Fixate'...WHAT DO YOU MEAN?
Also giant monster.
Susanoo had a final final form. Everyone was surprised.
Yeah, this is bullshit. I agree with Tsunade. People progress forward in strength, not backwards. The Greeks got this wrong as well.  It bugs me.
YEAH! Fuck that mountain! ...and that mountain...and that mountain.
I'm still in a grumpy mood from Bleach, but I will like to pause and just not that THAT WAS FUCKING AWESOME! Dudes. I think he just attacked from Sand to Leaf.
"He...Cut through the entire Mountain", understatement much. He cut through at least THREE mountains.
One thing I really like about this arc is how much awesome they give to the Tsuchicage. I love when the generation on their way out go out awesome. Strong chance he'll die in this battle of course (Read: Certainty), but He'll have got a great death (SEE KUBO, SEE WHAT I MEAN?).
I mean, look at this scene. They're talking with the villain (who's about 100 meters up and couldn't hear them but whatever) and Madara's all 'Are you done' And stomps his foot shaking them all.
Tsuchikage: Stomps back. Then goes on to say they're about to attack again.
This guy is like the embodiment of their morale. If he's still being awesome how can these younger Kages back down.
What a dude.
Susanoo, more powerful than the tailed beasts (I call bullshit).
Oh hey, we learned the hand signs. Yay, now you too can practice necromancy at home.
Oh look, Sasuke's still being a bitch and wanting to kill Konoha.
Edo Tensei Justsu Release
Wait, weren't half those people released already.
Hah, Deidara.
Despite all the reasons, I've always kind of liked Itachi. This is why. Dude gets shit done.
Oh hey, Time has passed in the Naruto fight. Interesting. I wonder how that's going to go.
Then we get to see what this does to the Kage fight....Or not. Fine. Go on a break for a week. See if I care.
Damn, I am loving Naruto at the moment.

Jegus, 670, can you believe how ridiculously long this manga is (No complaints).
Daw, Robin is always so adorable. I like that Franky changed his hair for this scene. Also props to whoever requested "Robin interferes with Franky Arm Wrestling a Gorilla" I, specific.
I love the visual here: "Shoot them Down! It's the Straw Hats" and then at the bottom of the screen you just have Luffy with his hands on his hips grinning like an idiot. They're not even paying attention to the people whose asses they're kicking.
Franky, you so cool.
Robin has played video games, she knows the boss is always in the castle.
OH MY GOD! Look at how HAPPY HE IS!
Luffy, this man has chased you since you barely escaped from his island before you even entered the Grand Line. He has risen through the ranks of the Marines and basically gone rogue, just to fight you. You're not meant to be so happy to see him. It kills the mood. Never mind that it's Tashiqi in the body.
Jegus. Look at Smoker!Tashiqi go. That's is some manly violence right there (shirt is still open).
I spend half my time cracking up because Luffy's face and the other half going AAAAAH because Smoker is so awesome. "So you've returned Straw Hat....TO THE SEA!"
Robin, why you so chill.
I think Luffy's new powers don't make him more baddass, they just give him more time to be silly cause he can dodge better.
FUCK GEAR 2. This actually does upset me. He should be this fast without going gear second (never mind that the whole point that was that he pumped his veins and he doesn't have time to do that). But if he keep using it it gets more and more likely that we have a Luffy death at the end of One Piece. Stupid shorter lifespan.
At least he's doing the honorable thing by Smoker. (Read as much into that line as you want).
FUCKING LASERS! I like that there's a dude just flying in the air like he tripped on a bannana and not like he was knocked back by an explosion
Smo-Yan. That is the best nickname.
...Why did Robin make the sound effect Klak Klak...I don't understand.
Whoa...Robin just lost her cool! That never happens.
Shit son, the slimes, they're breeding!
"HUH?! WHAT IS THAT...?" "Is it Alive?" "I have absolutely no idea." I love you Robin. Why you so awesome.
WHY WOULD YOU TRY AND PUSH AN AMORPHOUS BLOB! YOU CAN SEE THROUGH IT! It's obviously not solid enough to push. Dumb-ass.
"It looks like it might be weak Vs Fire" "There isn't a single creature alive that doesn't fear fire"
Yeah, except Ace.....Dammit. *cries*:iconanguishluffyplz:
Oh's highly flammable. I wonder how smoker and gang will get off the island now...
Oh gog, crying Smoker face. So adorable.
EVERYBODY FREAK OUT! Slimes from the sky!
Zoro Brook and Sanji!Nami are just chilling, staring at it. So relaxed.
Luffy. Don't be mean when he's trying to do a villain speech.
I love that though. "villain ramble Villain Ramb-" "GOTCHA" I mean really, did he just tackle glomp the villain mid speech.
Mad bastard.
What is that tag line about though: 'What terrible timing!!' What does it even mean???


:iconnumber11train:'s Willow Hill Round Five:
Let's find out if I can actually do this.
Without devolving into incoherent written squeeing.
I'm not joking it's happened before.
The art. It's so adorable.
Also, prereading:………………
They're there, just showing up white cause I can't remember where to change the link thing. Trust me.

Houses! But where are they???
Dawww she looks so adorable. Dammit Net.
Blink is onomatopoeia.
Also kick.
Panic episode over.
Dialogue. SO CUTE. yeah this was a bad idea, squeeing too hard
You totally are magic. Jeez.
Five rounds in and we finally get to see an explanation of her powers. 'explanation' I knew anyway
Ho SHIT It's the puppet! Yay maggots.
Keisa!Emma looks awesome with the flowing coat and sword (yes, the sword is flowing too).
Not good.
Wonderfully direct method of bringing the fighters together.
Whoa, they split up. Does that mean Emma will die :iconomgnoesplz:
Oh Dani.
Nyow, lookit little Ryan all concerned totally not like I just was But she's fine so it's all good.
Keisa's heart is really in this. Just look at how enthused he is.
Keisa makes the natural assumption (such a flirt).
Casu-dodge. Keisa, you really should have sunglasses while doing that.
Aaaand the Puppet is huge.
Oh god I lost it on that Dannifer picture. HE LOOKS LIKE STU FROM FAMILY GUY!  Oh man.
Man, what's with everyone interrupting villain speeches these days. Has the world gone mad???
What are you doing Keisa.
Don't fight.
I'm a junkie.
Also Kite's fight scenes are really awesome.
That is a good laugh Keisa. I'm glad you're so happy (you remember you're cursed and under powered right...riiight?"
Oh wait Keisa can do the same. Watch out for that collateral there. Emma's too adorable awesome to hurt.
Man that guy's aim sucks.
You're not newly possessed.
God I love her face. It's just so adorable. HOW DOES IT DO THIS???
Shit, creepy children too! They have the worst luck.
Also apparently curse seals are telepathic.
Look at Keisa's face. Look at it!
Oh Midnight, why you gotta be so mean?
Just notices Net's touching Cristan. Remembers why people ship them.
Personally I'm kind of shipping Dannifer and Keisa right now.
Also huh, she's taller than I thought.
Whap. Gorgeous.
Oops. Fwsh is probabkly not a good thing.
Oh wait, no, it worked.
Do not fuck with demon's duels (or whatever they are).
Kites, why would I be grateful for less suggestive things?
You're mean to Cristan. Bad Danni.
Net needs an adult. Or...A demon, whatever.
...Oh kaaay, nope. She's fine. She's got this.
FUCK I forgot she could do that. This is why Net is potentially the most dangerous character around. My god.
Also brilliant use of her powers Kites.
Net follows. people...but why? Oh right, the curiosity thing.
Wait...what did Keisa and Ryan do to eachother??? It looks painful.
*reads comments*
Aw man, I was looking forward to seeing how you would snowball them all into the next round. I guess I would've waited to the final round to drop everyone off (though that gets very Endzone actually, which is interesting). Gonna make things a lot easier for you not having to write so many people in. Also harder because you have no fighters anymore.
Also because I was holding it in the whole time
Yeah, I'm sorry, this art is too fucking adorable, squees and squeegasms for everybody.

For more reviews, watch this space.

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Air Gear Obituary

Journal Entry: Fri Jun 1, 2012, 3:51 AM
So I may be getting involved in a roleplay forum thingamy. Which is kind of fucking awesome. Always wanted to do that.

Bless my local Homestuck  fandom. They're a great bunch.


Gunslinger Girl:
Shit, this is still running? Huh..
Too slow paced to blow by blow. This is pretty fucking Sad though. Guh. I loved those characters man. They died together though. That's what's important.
Whoa, that guy seriously survived? Damn, good job.
Why why would this happy go lucky anime have such a sad ending.
Okay, managed to get that lie out with a straight face, yay me. But seriously, this was always going to happen but it's still sad as fuck when it does. I've gotten really attached to these bastards.

Air Gear:
Dude, what's with all these ending Manga? Air Gear is in it's final arc, Bleach is in it's final Arc, Naruto is approaching it's final Arc. I'm losing all my weeklys. Whelp, guess I'll have to pic up some new ones XD. One Piece will go forever though.
Regalia shenanigans, Storm shenanigans, and a due with funny hair. Back to the good old Air Gear.
Air Gear, where physics is something we laugh at while using Rollerblades to change the world.
Also Obama is a character.
So....Did Ringo just save R....fucking forgot her name...whatever.
So...did they just steal the uberregalia?
IDK but look, ring wings
Did...did that fucker just EMP the world? Asshole
So...we win? Hey Ikki, you almost look cool right now.
Ikki's dad just freaked the fuck out for some reason....and...died?
And then gravity broke
Wait...two more chapters left? But I have those chapters! Are...are we ending today...
I'm scared.
Gravity be gone, new power of Sky King. It looks kinda...painful.
'For a brief moment all of Earth's Gravity gathered around the Storm Regalia and the Sky Regalia, and the direction in which things 'fall' changed, that's all'
That's all. You changed the direction of gravity. You broke the core and killed everyone. That's all.
They called it Flying Day. Wow, bet that took them all fucking year to think up.

That was a good panel. That was a fucking AMAZING panel. Wow...that...that punch. That's worthy of Berserk. Fuck, that's worthy of Vinland Saga. Jegus.
Hold on...let's see if I can implant this...… Whatever....didn't work exactly so there's a link just before I say 'whatever'.
Fuck that is a nice punch. It's the sort of thing we should've seen Ichigo do to Aizen. Or Naruto to Madara/Tobi.
Man, fuck magic, fist fights are the most beautiful things to watch.
Lol your dragon is broken.

Ooh, timeskip end chapter. How very Harry Potter/FMA.
Simca's a journalist for some reason...makes perfect sense.
Ah, of course, couldn't end Air Gear without Fanservice.
So...the girls made a band? Oookay.
ONIGIRI! Looks awesome in that suit. Aww and he has a hot girlfriend. Awesome. Also rich somehow for some reason.
Not important, much more important to have the girls in a fucking band. Okay, no seriously. What the fuck is this shit. Where is the logic? This is as odd as FFX-2. Also according to Nue they're in a shit band.
If that's all the appearance of Orca and Buccha I will be pissed off. One panel man. One panel.
Cars. Flying.
So...that was back in time again
Hey look, it's those Ikkis sisters. What're they up to...
Douchebags falling in the middle of nowhere
Ikki's got this
Okay...that panel...That is a beautiful panel. For all the flaws of Air Gear, they really do good sometimes.
Random shot of Obama
Random shot of Stephen Hawking. You raped his work with your book, don't drag him down with you.
Dead dude's say hello from an Ipad (this makes no sense. That whole section was kinda silly)
Wait...Ikki's dad did die? That was...pointless.
Iron Clock was dead the whole time (oh come on)
Yay Agito's older brother gets to show up for some swearing. That's it though.
Gazelle's coming back as a baby...odd.
Two women in a plane, one is pregnant and I'm honestly not sure who the fuck they are. Possibly one is Ichigo's big sister.
Aww, Ringo wrote a shittly love song for Ikki.
Ikki makes out with Sora in the sky (I'm lying)
Storm regalia can remove Tattoos. The shit?
"Let your heart fly out from your cleavage towards the wall" how wonderfully Air Gear.
Hey Kazu, date the coolest girl on your team already
what the hell man.
Oh, he is. All good.
Also Kazu without hat. Still a crush.
Oh hey, Ikki saved Sora. Whoo
Oh man, look at them run. That's awesome. Even Onigiri...although not whatsherface for some reason (bastards). ...Does Buccha have a girl in his pants? The fuck.
Whoa, Air Gear ran 10 years? Fucking hell, that's impressive.

Well...What can I say about that. Obviously my blowbyblow is pretty confused. It didn't help that I've forgotten a lot of characters names. Still...this is big for me. I've been reading Air Gear for about...six-seven years. I think anyway. It's had it's shit moments certainly, and always it strayed too close to the perversion line. Nevertheless there were moments. Glorious moments. The kind of crystal clear feeling you get in Shonen where the character pulls through and does something unbelievably baddass. Kazu was a good one for this. Ikki too, there were moments, usually big shots where you saw him riding the sky and the expression on his face was one of pure joy, completely caught in the moment. It's a rare thing, but Air Gear managed to achieve it's core theme and give us a sensation of flight.
So, thank you Oh Great! You perverted Mangaka you.
Also, flying rollerblades, what's not to love.

Well, that was pretty huge. Now for the rest of the manga.

Not a bad group shot.
Pillars of blue flame! Which idea. But presumably would look cool if they weren't just tall bars of white.
YAY RUKIA! Look as she goes off to almost certainly get captured because she never gets an opportunity to be fucking awesome.
OH MY GOD IT'S A QUINCY! I'm so surprised.
Oh, how nice, you take that well established and reasonably well developed character and kill him immediately in order to show how baddass the quincy are. Lovely.
Mind you, that guy was kind of a dick, so I don't mind too much.
They seriously hadn't brought out their proper swords. These guys came in and took down your big bosses right hand man and you were expecting them to be pushovers? Ugh, you deserve to die.
Also fun, entirely new characters, cause we were so short of characters in Bleach.
Oh good, they're dead already, I don't have to learn anything about them (why did you bother giving them names and ranks then?)
They're under orders to kill Actually some okay looking character designs. At least we'll have interesting fodder.
1000 dead already. Ugh....We didn't even see half of that. They just told us that 1000 are dead. This is boring! Bleach has always had trouble establishing power differences. If it's this great it's not quite as exciting. You need some hope. Also, come one, you've been developing all these seriously awesome characters for nearly 500 chapters, don't make them pansies now.
That...that was the whole chapter....Are you fucking kidding???
Well that was...ugh.

This should be better.
Itachi will die. That's the big deal of the Edo Tensei ending. Not all the other amazingly awesome characters who were resurrected? Okay.
Holy crap?!? Did...did Sasuke just whine? What a shock!
'You're the one who made me this way' by killing a bunch of rebels who wanted to overthrow the government and then abandoning me. Okay, fair point. Then you found out he did it for you and for Konoha. So you decided to blow up konoha. You did. This is on you, stop blaming Itachi for everything dickhead.
Sasuke tries to learn the magic Sea-
So excited
Gaara you sexy bastard make my day
Aww water lady got punched.
Lol my sand is better than your...oh fuck.
Nah, he's cool.
Did...did we know what those huge Susanoo looking bastards were?
Ah Tsunade, you are and forever will be, fucking awesome. Way to punch that bitch.
You too Raikage.
God these are good characters.
Oh cool, Tsuchikage or whatever the fuck his name was saved it.
Still pissed off though.
Hehe, oonoki is such a cute name.
Oh, so they are all Susanoos. Prolly should've remembered that.
Morale Boost. This is why Bards are handy. shot. So badass.
Madara, don't explain shit. It's embarrassing.
I still have no idea what those square attacks do, but they are fuck off baddass looking.
...there was a water dragon in the Cube.
Why are these guys so baddass!?!
Dragon contained Sand.
...The dragon of water and sand is also charged with electricity.
Fuck these guys are awesome.
Tsunade didn't do much showy stuff, but she is recharging their Chakra, so that's pretty fucking cool.

No seriously! FUCK THEM. Of course he had a final fucking Susanoo. Of course he got out of their awesome attack. Fucking Uchiha and their bullshit made up powers.
Everyone else gets to use awesomely combined attacks and recreations of established powers in wonderful new and exciting ways.
Uchiha just make something up each time they fight.

Well this chapter was an emotional rollercoaster. Meh Sasuke. OMG KAGES. Fucking Uchiha.
Brilliant. Now I don't know what to think.
Doesn't matter, on to One Piece!

One Piece:
Zoro's group is alright? What a shock.
...they bumped their heads falling...Seriously.
...I'm not sure I can describe how awesome this exchange is. You must read it. Denial is hilarious.
Holy crap I can't stop laughing.
OH MY GOD! Imagination as to what Yeti's look like: Alien monkey thing, Woman, Swordsman. Jegus.
Nami looks hot smoking by the way.
Ah, poison gas...Yeah, that could legitimately take them out. I guess.
Nope sorry, it made them drunk. And then they blew up the cliff so they fell onto spikes.
Not bad.
Except that Zoro is a stupidly good drinker. So he cut the mountain in half. Then fell asleep.
....God I love that man.
Oh those poor bastards who found their bodies.
That's not anyway to be greeted by a 'corpse'
Sanji is still deadly in Nami's body. And still hot while smoking.
And the bruises come from Sanji kicking them in the head.
I like that a kick from Sanji (weakened) gives a bruise but not a fall from a cliff.
Best crew.
Sanji's kicks (oh god he's wearing heels) can even wake frozen people.
...He fell in a lake. kinda sucks to be a Devil Fruit user sometimes. (especially when your power is as crap as his)
...Maybe all humans should get frozen once....
:iconbuggyplz: (also just discovered this wonderful plz: :iconzoroabsplz:
Gigantic mountain monster! IE the slimer.
It takes a special kind of person to see a cataclysmic chemical explosion, then compress it and turn it into a monster.
Heh, Tashigi, don't even try.
...Fucking Law. He can teleport too! (why doesn't my spellcheck have teleport?)
Holy crap! I completely forgot Robin can fly!
Law, Law, don't you get it. Luffy will always do the least sensible thing. Up to and including taking everyone on.

Ah, beautiful.
Thank you Luffy et al, your antics have cheered me right up.

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Just a quickie...

Journal Entry: Fri May 25, 2012, 8:25 AM

Mehhhhhhhhhh. You're dragging out the wrong battles Kubo. This random quincy dude is kinda boring. Show Ichigo being baddass already. If you translate this into a hyper short end battle like you did with the Aizen arc....then wow will you fail altogether. What happened to the awesome pacing at the beginning. The Soul Society Arc had some of the best battles I've read in Manga. Maybe a little rose tinted cause it was pretty much my first Manga, but undoubtedly awesome. Now...You're struggling to keep us interested. Should've used more time to do the Aizen arc properly and not fucked around with all this other crap.
Ah how the mighty have fallen

Damn you were doing so well. This chapter kinda dragged. All that crap explaining exactly how the Izanagi or whatever the fuck works, and referring back to yet another random Uchiha technique you pulled out of your arse a hundred chapters ago. This is why people were getting sick of Itachi and Sasuke. They  just kept making shit up as they went and became too uber. And none of the 'downsides' seemed to stick. Do ex and you'll become blind but they kept right on using their powers (thought that's actually pretty common across manga, even One Piece does it (looking at you second gear)).
This is all true of the first half. Then it picked up a lot. I liked the way you break out of the infinite loop, it fit nicely with the aspects of Itachi's personality that I like. I thought it was a great touch to have Kabuto's 'brother' still remembering him and hoping he'd return. Also it sounds like they're going to actually progress on to another fight soon, which is thoroughly awesome. Though I don't know, if Itachi ends the zombie power that'll end the majority of the war, which is fine, they're not really what we're focusing on. Problem is, it'll also end the Madara battle. Which would be bullshit because that is a fight I want to watch. I would very much like to see the Kage's kick the ever loving shit out of that smug bastard and seal him before the spell is ...well, dispelled.

One Piece
Wait...there's a Thousand Sunny cruise??? Fuck I love this world. How are there still pessimists?
I'm doing this as I read, so expect more of a blow by blow.
Oh that Law, such a smooth talker. All he'd have to say is 'Do Me' and he'd have fangirls up the hoo ha (it's a thing. Look it up).
Luffy's eyes. So innocent.
...Ohgoddamnit who is it? (It's Big Mom)
'The Heart Pirates' I love that name.'d think they would've learned to trust Luffy's intuition by now. It's never failed.
"You're gonna betray me?" "No" - Makes me think of conversations I've had with Sam.
Can't get past Traffy. It sounds like a shipping name....with Luffy actually...Interesting.
Greatest logic ever, I'll be fine, my crew have been training.
Traffy's expression. So good.
I love you Robin.
Actually Law reminds me a hell of a lot of Sam. Now to trick him into cosplaying.
Sanji should never use Nami's eyes. That shit scares the crap out of me (so kawaii it's not even funny).
OH GOD POOR TRAFFY!!! He really wasn't counting on this.
I like that it took seconds for them to tie Chopper to Traffy's hat. I fucking love this crew.
Precious things wants to be cold and baddass. NOT ROUND THESE PARTS. Only Zoro ever manages that.
Nami calculates how much cash she can get.
Wait...did we know Sanji could use Haki?
Or Zoro for that matter. I don't remember it being said....did I miss something?
Kyaaaaaa adorabsmoker!
Whoa, a slimer. The big bad is a slimer. Cool.
Good chapter. Loving Law as always. Loving the interrelationship between him and the gang. I'm really interested to see where this team up goes and whether Law really will try and backstab Luffy. Not a good plan generally. I do kind of wonder about which yonkai they're talking about. Pretty sure it's Big Mom though otherwise why would Luffy agree so fast. I had a theory that it would be Shanks, which would be fucking hilarious, but Luffy wouldn't agree so unless it's a trick I guess that one's out.
All this fun with Law makes me wonder, what's Kidd up to these days?

Will out.

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Devious Journal Entry

Journal Entry: Thu May 10, 2012, 7:58 AM
You know what's completely ridiculous.

How infrequently I update this. Seriously man. So infrequent.

What news...Wow...I still hadn't finished DABR last time I wrote in
Okay. So here's what happened with that:
I lost. But I came second so not doing so badly. Sadly Inx wasn't able to complete his round so I didn't get conclusive evidence of beating him (it was a threeway round). Still, next time eh.

Don't know if I was in it at the time, but I lost first round in All Six Cylinders to :iconlaseri:. But she went on to come second so I don't feel so bad.

Hmm, I'm tempted to include a massive fangasm rant about Homestuck here....
Maybe I'll save that for later. I'll spare you the fangasms and skip straight to the...

FANRANTS! Yeah, much better!

Air Gear:

Doing well. Loving the final arc. They're not making Ikki weak as fuck till the last moment which is pretty fucking awesome in my book. Also, contrary to...well all evidence so far in the series, Ikki is not being a fucking moron. He's used some smart moves, he's working as a team with Ringo (still not certain I support the new trend back to making them a thing but they're doing okay) and is actually kicking 'Bros' arse. Which is what you want with a finale. Though I should note, it isn't an easy battle.

Granted, it's no Dragon Ball Z or One Piece but I am very impressed with what they're doing (also surprisingly restrained on the creepy).


Oh look. Ichigo is getting his arse kicked at the start of an arc. What next, will he become overpowered by the end and win despite their being five hundred million other more awesome characters who are all established as stronger than him.
One good thing I can say about this. It's apparently the final arc. Yay.


I really don't have many complaints with Naruto at the moment. It is stupidly epic and full scale. They haven't given as much attention to my favorite characters as I would like, but they don't have time to. It makes sense. This whole war thing is going brilliantly. Very tense, very epic. Devolved to a neat threesome of showdowns. Really there's only one core problem left, and I'm not sure how they can get around it. Sasuke. Presumably we are going to have this massive epic victory, Itachi and Sasuke triumphing over Kabuto, Naruto defeating Tobi, and the Kage's defeating Madara (or at least stopping him long enough for the Edo Tenseii to be cancelled). Then what. Does Sasuke go try and kill the Kages and Naruto stops him? Given more recent developments it would seem kind of odd. Maybe that's the plan. Sasuke gets his closure with his brother before Edo Tensei ends and finally lets go of his revenge and rejoins the leaf. But to not have  the Naruto Sasuke showdown. Something which has been foreshadowed since the Valley of the End. I mean this is to be the pinnacle of Naruto.

Personally, I would actually prefer they don't do that. And maybe that's what's happened. Everyone got sic of Sasuke's issues and finally the pressure built up enough and they've changed their minds. They won't do the showdown. But I reckon there will be some upset people over that. I don't know, we'll see.

Incidentally, I know a lot of people are upset that we're having a whole bunch of Itachi and Sasuke again. Like I said people are sick of them and so am I. But I am not upset about this. The pace is rapid and exciting. We're getting a lot of answers that are helping us to understand this long ass series. What's more, Sasuke is not being a total bitch. Possibly because his brother is there to temper him out. Kind of a Bruce-Batman and Damian-Robin relationship (maybe, I haven't read much of them). So I've enjoyed it. It's also coming to a close, which is nice. I don't know how much more I could've stood watching the three most emo characters in the series interact. It has been fun, but ending it is good. Beside, have you seen the other battles coming? They're fucking awesome. Look at that shit. Naruto is kicking and the Kages. Oh man the Kages. Love those varied bastards. Their interplay is just awesome. (Also what are Gai and Kakashi up to these days. Still kicking ass and taking names against the fucking Bijuu? Yeah, that's right).

Huh...Just realised that Tsunade will very likely die soon. This makes me sad. I like Tsunade. I think they have to kill her though. She could retire and make Naruto Hokage but  I reckon he's still pretty young for the role. I feel like their hand needs to be forced to actually make him become Hokage.
I guess they could timeskip to a later date when she steps down, but that seems kind of lame. I think I like the idea of him returning triumphant but exhausted after the fight to end all fights against Tobi. and there are the four remaining kages standing around Tsunade (she died healing them all of course) in mourning backed by the whole combined army. Kakashi and Gai are half carrying Naruto and when they see Sakura checking the body she looks up and shakes her head. and Kakashi steps away from Naruto and kneels to him, with Gai following suit. Then the leaf members of the army, then the rest of the army and even (maybe) the kages.
Sakura (or any number of people really) takes him the Kage hat thing and Gaara hugs him as equals.

...Totally just wrote fanfic. That write there. Goddammit I wasn't even meaning to.
Anyway, that's what I want to see happen.

One Piecce

Hmm, not really sure what I feel about this week. A bit too confused, kind of a disappointment. These Yeti brothers are clearly not to be fucked with, that's for sure. I know Zoro, Sanji-Nami, and Brook aren't dead (or redead) but to even be unconcious is a hell of a surprise. I mean, Sanji's out of order some because of different body, and Brooke isn't the crews hardest hitter, but Zoro is. Or second hardest anyway. I'm interested to learn how the could come to be believed to be dead.

Definitely curious as to what Law is up to. Glad to see this whole island shebang isn't his idea. He seems like mostly a pretty good guy. Still that raises further  questions. Where is his crew. Some of them were given names, I'm sure they're still around somewhere. I can only assume he's on reckon and is going to ignore all the crap going on till he finds whatever he's after. Then He'll probably fix Smoker and Tashigi (Tashiqi?) and let them take the poison gas fucker in.

I like Mone. She's cute. In a very One Piece kind of way. Seems far too smart for this gig though. Probably will split and join law. Hopefully anyway, I'd like to see her stick around.

Uhm....Yeah, that's pretty much it. Enjoying it but this week didn't wow me.

All of this is of course ignoring the most important thing that we saw this week. Bon Clay is alive. Nothing else matters.

Other news...

Well, some animation has happened, I'm sure you noticed. More planned. Uni is going to keep me busy for awhile but I'll try to get some more drawing in. I'm out of practice in a big way which is a bit annoying. Planning to do a bunch of memes and stuff to get back into practice with my OCs and finally get back to work on my fucking book. Hopefully drawing the characters will bring them back to the forefront of my mind.

Uhm...working on longer animation flick at the moment. Anyone know how to embed video in Flash? It's proving uncooperative.

Oh...and I got into Homestuck. There may be fanarts. Suck it.

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Dragon Ball

Journal Entry: Thu Dec 15, 2011, 6:24 AM
Hey there gang!

Those paying attention will be aware that I have little over a day to finish (in some regards, to start) my entry into DABR against the estimable :iconshade-of-wolf:. I won't lie, I'm behind. I've been in a terrible mood the past few days (which I spent for the most part at work) and the entry I wrote on monday proved to be worse than subpar (and helped explain to me exactly why I lost in Willow Hill). This is a good thing. My realising that (or being told it really) will help me perhpas surpass my foe. Though I am by no means underestimating him. I've read his pieces, comics and written, they're good. Very good. So naturally I'm not thrilled that I have little over a day (several hours of which I will be sacrificing to work) and I have yet to rewrite it.

So naturally to combat this last minute panic and to shake my funk over the last couple of days, I reread Dragon Ball. All of it. It was....well, sublime.

You've heard me fangirl at great length in these here pages, and so far have seemed to put up with me, and I thank you for it. But I must ask you to lend me your ears once again. Goddamn this is a fucking good Manga. It surpasses good. It's pretty much the height of Shonen, as I perceive the genre. I don't mean it's my favourite manga, The above picture clearly demonstrates that my hear with forever lie with One Piece, but as a single unit, separate from DBZ and the later DBGT this series is truly unbelievable.

It possesses that wonderful youthful charm, most particularly through the first half of it, that I think of as truly anime. The whacky antics of Goku and Bulma on their (actually very short) quest for the Dragon Balls. The series begins on a bouncy note, very innocent, very easy going. Though the gang fight their way past trials and tribulations, making friends and enemies, it is remains an easy trip for them all. And then they up the anti. After a short training montage Goku must fight his strongest enemies yet in the Tenkaichi Budokai (spelling may be off). He is defeated by a hair and comes up ever strong for the lessons.

Then he must face an army, then Satan, then his own Grandfather, then a bald guy, then the blackest of all Demons, then that same Demon again, ever more powerful in a fight that leaves you breathless and wondering.
Not even kidding, it sent chills down my spine.

Akira Toriyama is truly a god of the shonen Genre. Through all these climactic encounters he keeps the tone light and entertaining. Humour is never too far from the surface, meaning the training montages and travel scenes that meat out the stories between the climaxes are always entertaining and enjoyable. Despite  the good humour, Toriyama knows, that when the stakes are raised, we don't want to be distracted by random absurd humour or fanservice (the latter being a VERY frequently made mistake in modern shonen). We want to watch the fight, we want to see the characters that he artfully introduces and develops beat the everloving crap out of each other. And boy oh boy do they ever do that.

This is one area where I believe the anime really drops the ball (though I know why it happened). In Dragon Ball the fight scenes are beautiful. Intense, climactic, fast and brutal. Granted the tournament fights can be long, not that you ever dream of complaining about that while reading it, but no individual fight is given too much time, especially not the early matches. Nor are they rushed by any means. Given how fantastic the side characters are in DB (and DBZ for that matter) it would annoy me know end to be told how well my favourite character (Krillin is fucking awesome, you all shut up) is doing in his fight, rather than see it myself. This is one thing One Piece has always excelled at (and Naruto often fumbled, and Bleach often failed completely). The excellent coreography of these fights is somewhat less in DBZ (though not nearly as bad as the show would have you believe). DBZ I think went a similar way to Naruto in shipuuden. Too much reliance on Ki (chi) attacks. Magic looks awesome, no doubt about it. It's why I've started playing mages in RPGs. But nothing beats that satisfying punch that knocks the opponent flying. This is why Naruto (in particular the Chuunin exams) was so much stronger in it's early days. It is part of why it's being so much better now in fact. Hand to hand just looks freaking cool. And magic looks best when it's a last ditch all out attack that almost kills you but finally brings down your enemy (same applies to Swords by the by). It's again why I love Yu Yu Hakusho so much, hell,  they placed deliberate caps on their use of magic (like Yusuke's three shot limit).

I've touched on it a bit already, but it has to be said: The other thing that makes DB awesome, the cast!

Seriously man, these characters are so much fun. Tien and Roshi are supreme baddasses. Bulma is a surprisingly useful sidekick. Kami is pretty ineffective I'll admit, but Yajirobe's cool, as is Karen. Not so fond of Yamcha or Chaozu...Yamcha especially is all kinds of useless.

Goku. What a dude.  He's got the innocent shonen hero thing down pat and he plays it beautifully. What's better, they let him grown beyond that so in the final chapters he's no longer the dumb and powerful kid he was at the beginning. No, then he's a true hero, honorable, powerful, smart and in control. Bulma put it perfectly: :iconbulmaplz::iconsaysplz: Ho ho...Goku used to such a shrimp...Now he's lika mountain.

The villains. Theses guys are so cool. From the stupid power hungry pilaf, to the whacky antics of the Red Riboon army. From the violent horror of the first arrival of Tao Pie Pie to the true horror of Piccolo in his prime. These guys are just so much fun, and included among them is one of my favourite characters of all time (Oh Piccolo, you can be my Demon lord any time :iconpiccolowtfplz:)

And then there is my absolute favourite character in Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z, the baddest dude and the strongest Human fighter ever to be born of Earth (not to mention the guy with one of the hottest girlfriend's in DBZ). I am talking of course of Krillin. And I am not freaking kidding here. Don't even try to question me on this one. Krillin is fucking epic. I know he tends to be a laughing stock among fans, and DBZ abridged (which is awesome) has a great running counter of the number of he has been owned, but believe the man is incredible.  He keeps up with some of the best fighters in the universe, able to continue standing among them till long after Tien and Yamcha (pathetic weakling that he is) have dropped out of the running. I'll grant it the saiyans are all stronger than him. Fair enough, they're haxs. Piccolo too is stronger, though he did absorb two other people to get there, one of which was a God. And that's about it (not counting random villains as it's fucking hard to judge their levels). I'm pretty certain that by the end of DBZ Krillin is strong than Frieza was and frankly, when you're stronger than the (deceased) ruler of most of the known universe, and you're some Hick from fucking Earth, you're can be counted among the truest baddass there ever was.

So yeah, I'm kind of a fan.

Dragon Ball is awesome. Buy it. Read it. Give Toriyama all the hard cash he deserves for forging something so freaking awesome.

Now what was I-OH SHIT DABR! DAMN FANGIRLING, when will the maddness end!?!

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Oh Fairy Tail

Journal Entry: Sat Dec 10, 2011, 5:31 AM
No, just, just no. Dragon Ball Z could pull this kind of bull crap because it was ironically self-aware (or some such). you don't have the skill nor background to do this.

Seriously, you set up a training montage. Then you pull out of it with a SECOND time skip in about four chapters, which could create an interesting plot line where the characters go into the tournament way underprepared and level up during it.

Then you offer them a power up for no cost. Power ups without a cost are BULLSHIT. Seriously, the worst levels of bleach don't even pull this kind of bull shit. Dragon Ball Z sometimes gave out powerups at random, but it usually came at the cost of great injury or the deaths of friends.

Please just stop sucking. I've just stopped caring. You've got exactly ONE character I like (still love you Erza) and that's all that's kept me thus far. Get much worse and I'm gone. Hell, you're worse than Bleach and I only kept that one going because it was my first manga and I like a lot of it's ridiculously extensive cast.

EDIT: DUDE I totally made this skin. Though obviously I didn't creat the art.

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A Journal entry. Well, that's the theory anyway

Journal Entry: Thu Dec 8, 2011, 7:23 AM
So I stole this journal from...someone. There are fewer One Piece ones than you'd think. I counted maybe seven, five of which were Ace with a mary sue.

Also yeah, I have a Sub now. Cheaper than I thought. Decided now was as good a time was any to experiment with this and see if it's worthwhile. So far pictures on pages are loading. This almost never happens, so I'm thinking a change for the better, I might keep it up. Also I got to give stuff to a friend and the 10% discount they give you at the store timed up conveniently with my christmas shopping. All is well.

Also yeah, I have no idea what to do with this, how to make a skin of my own, etc etc. Still, I can annoy you with Polls, so win win I think.

Anyone got any good advice on how to write and draw and format and edit and clean up say....twenty pages in about oh sixteen days? Oh, and get them printed. Now idea where I'd get that done. I'm sure google will help in some fasion on that front.
So yeah, any advice would be nifty!

In other news DABR is going. I went all Silent Hill soundtrack/other horror music two nights ago and got a bit done. Now I've got a shot of vodka in me, assorted whisky's in arms reach and ...well hey Mr Bottle of Wine, so I think I make take another whack at it. Don't worry my dear opponent, I won't be handing in a druken illiterate mess of a paper, that's where editing comes in!

Anyways, lookit the pretty Crocodile. And the always lovely Robin. Aren't they awesome. They're pretty awesome yes.

So I miss my housemates. My other housemates. Hayley's been awesome, we should totally find a way for her to keep living here.

Well void, what've you got to say about that!

Oh, and animations are up on my youtubes if you're interested:… It's nothing too fancy, but I had fun putting it together.

Well, that's all for now, maybe I should do something about those twenty pages eh?

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I won my round in DABR! I've never gotten into the second round of a an OCBC before! I'm so excited!

Okay granted, I don't think my opponent uploaded anything, so my victory may have been a foregone conclusion. BUT I WON

Okay yeah, I'm a little excited, but I've tried time and again (okay this is what, my third try) and it's nice to finally be getting somewhere.

In other news exams are over and holidays are go!
Got a lot planned but I'm floundering at the moment (went from exams to three days of work, so fair play I say).

Should be underway soon and you'll be seeing a lot of production out of me.
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If you resolve a plot thread and break up the two main characters who 'inevitably' will get together and replace that love interests by one which is BETTER IN EVERY WAY then DON'T UNDO IT AND SWAP THERE ROLES AT RANDOM WHENEVER YOU FEEL LIKE IT! I no longer have any fucking clue what is going on and this is freaking AIRGEAR. Why isn't Ikki's tuner doing his tuning. Y'know, her job. Why can't Kururu do that and make the regalia, isn't that THE WHOLE POINT OF HER CHARACTER! Making the regalia is ALSO the whole point of this current arc (and I guess saving their big sister/mother figure but that barely played a role). WHY ARE YOU MAKING THIS SO DIFFICULT. You have all the necessary characters in one place. You now, finally, have all the parts necessary (actually they've had all the parts necessary every couple of chapters, but it keeps being a false turn because Oh Great know that when he Ikki faces the ...holyshit forgot his name, the big bad, then the series must end SO HE IS MILKING THIS FUCKER. Ugh. I understand it, I really do, but you're doing it wrong. It is so easy to drag on without this, talk about the other side characters, the awesome ones you've built up for the entire manga that are FAR MORE INTERESTING than Ikki and despite being on location have barely been mentioned in ages (barring Kazu of course, which was awesome). Where's Akito/Agito, where's Buccha, why are we just hanging out with the fanservice characters and REPEATEDLY CHANGING THE CENTRAL LOVE INTEREST! Seriously, Stop it.

Well, now that thats over, I should work on that assignment I'm meant to have been working on all week but haven't touched because Dragon Age, Deadpool, and Bad Movie Beatdown conspired to crush my sleeping pattern into the ground and make me unable to focus two feet in front of me without thinking about one or the other.


Oh fuck you. Seriously. You take one of the best character arcs you've done in the series, the separation of Ringo and Ikki, and RUIN IT. Then, you have the epic battle between Sleeping Forest and Genisis, something I had been waiting for for AGES OFF FUCKING SCREEN.

Ugh man, I am so dissapointed. I guess you do have Kilik still standing, but what about The other girl, whats her face, Ikki's other sister. In fact, what about both of them? They're his family and have been significant characters quite as long as Ringo. I notice their bigger sister is fighting (I totally forget everyone's names) for the big bad, didn't she have some trouble BEATING UP HER SISTERS? Y'know, the people  SHE RAISED AS HER DAUGHTERS? She couldn't even beat up Ikki in anger, I doubt she could do that to her daughters. Fuck you. Just fuck you, I mean really, why would you do that to your characters. Hell, cut out on the pointless fake-outs with the Storm Regalia and use this as padding. I guarantee it would be WAY MORE INTERESTING
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Hello All!

I am 'theoretically' working on stuff!

Art wise I've started drawing again, not as much as I'd like given my schedule, but at least pencil is hitting page.
Writing wise I am writing actually quite a lot. Which is awesome.

But still overloading Looms like the shadows of hell over my production schedule. I'm sure you can understand.

Dude. Latest One Piece. DUDE!

Anyways, I thought I'd do/was forced to do by the laws of the internet this:

:icononionomfgplz: ART SHARE MEME :icononionomfgplz:

Be one of the first 14 people commenting on this journal entry, and I will put your avatar and three deviations that I will personally select from your gallery in this "Share the Art" feature.

IMPORTANT: If you do comment, you're expected to do the same in your own journal; putting me on the first place, completing the list with 14 other people to make a sum of 15 people.. (In the phenomenally unlikely chance that this goes over 14 I'll probably do those anyway).

The idea behind this is NOT to get a free feature, but to help spread art and artists around for everyone. So why not check out the artists on other peoples' list?

1.:iconsirthresher: This is his fault. But his art is amazing and his characters baddass, so go show him some love.!
Mmmay have had a bit of trouble choosing:…… the Man who started it all Inx. Saw pics of him when I started watching FoxNede I believe. Loved the work, instant follower. Also I love the character, Inx. Probably apparent from this fanart:
Next pics……… Mainly for the wonderful feeling of motion. And cause Fighting is AWESOME. Also Inx and Gu.
Speaking of whom:…… The work :iconsirthresher: has done on Gu has been truly exceptional. The unmasking of this great warrior through the 'Memories' Arc was wonderfully executed (I totally called she was female). I can't wait to see what more he does with the character.
If he still had his really old stuff up I would have even more links to put up here. Great artist, check him out!
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Did Naruto just use creativity in his attacks??

HOLY CRAP HE DID! Wow...I thought the creativity had died back in the first half or Naruto. But now he's back and kicking! Admittedly 95% of his attacks are just hilarious mutations of Rasengan that make no fucking sense but still look fucking baddass!

Wow...It's just so wonderful. Naruto is really kicking!

Bleach on the other hand....
You know what, fuck Bleach.


Oh wow, I was really pissed before when Zoro was defeated off screen, but now all is forgiven!
Not JUST because they're making literally every line he says be atrociously baddass!
But also because in ONE attack he did an enormous amount of damage to the big bad of the whole area! FUCKING EPIC! WE LOVE YOU ZORO :iconfangasmplz:

Oh! and how epic is Robin now! She can creat GIANT LIMBS! And she can't recreate HER WHOLE BODY! I really love how they've handled her power up. Now Naruto isn't the only one who can spawn off countless shadow clones!

Ah, so awesome.

Willow Hill should be up tomorrow.
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