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Hello Jar!
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Quick drawing and 'inking' I did of Jar a few weeks ago.
Thought I should upload it to prove that, on rare occasions, I do in fact draw pictures. I'm as scared as you are.
She is drinking and smoking as is her want (actually I can't remember if she does smoke of if that was just her brother), I should probably keep writing this story soon!

This has been a will2bill drive by.
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Comments (4)
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*whispers* You should draw more. And write more. And drive by more. In fact, just do everything more. (And from what I remember Jar's main vice was drinking! Smoking was more her brother, yeah?)

Also somehow I feel like I missed out on making a pun with the above sentences and your last name :'D Ah well
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will2bill|Hobbyist General Artist
Jar's primary vice is still drinking yes. The can is there in the pic but the smokes should not be. 
Yes I should do everything more. So much thing OHGODISTILLHAVEN'TUPDATEDSPERTH
I am terrible.

...I forgive you. 
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Well, maybe her brother passed through the pic or something ahaha
But yes, so much thing. Very lots. Wow.

And I forgive you too because YAY UPDATES ♥
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will2bill|Hobbyist General Artist
Yeah he was probably just chilling off screen making out with Jazz

The problem is the next one will be massive (or broken into several massive sections) so it's hard to get going especially when I have to put together a website and I haven't done any work on it and oh good it's due in like a week/

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