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Simplistic Rainmeter skin

V1.1 Changelog:

+ Changed the CPU and RAM monitors
+ Changed some fonts
+ Added a font to the skin
- Removed VisBubble, you can use any visualizer you like

V1.2 Changelog:

+ Added media controls.

V2.0 Changelog:

+ Added black theme.
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Hi Guys! It is my first time to use rain meter and honestly I'm all baffled with this stuff so I'm asking for your patience of understanding my ignorance. I'm trying to download this skin Simplistic 1.2 but it requires me to have the latest version of rain meter which is 3.3.0. However, rain meter doesn't give me that kind of version yet. A little help please? =(
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Does this have Spotify compatibility?
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Right click on the media skin, then click edit. You can then change the lines that say 'PlayerName=WMP' to 'PlayerName=Spotify'
Is there any way on setting it to the primary audio device?
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No, it's not a visualizer. It's just media controls.
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I can't get this to work ;( Is there anything else you have to do? I'm fairly new to rainmeter
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Hey, what version do you have? If you have 3.3 or above, just download the file (it's a .rmskin file) and open the file. If you're using Chrome, like I do, just click the file in the downloads thing at the bottom, if not, open explorer (or file explorer, depending on your version of Windows) and go to Downloads, then double click on the file.
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Nice...good work.
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