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Super Hero a Day 08-09

And here's the character that apparently no one wanted me to draw... Jubilee... but I included some Canadian guy, right? Does that make it better?
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:star::star::star::star::star: Overall
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The Originality and proportions are correct, and the characters have been studied carefully. You did just as awesome, and with the right style, the right way, and even with the right colors. This has shown alot of connections with the 90's, and even with the modern twist, and I see that you had made it so the new generation can interprete it, and you've shown it as a work of art, and even to have made it away of great potential. Keep it up and you can go the distance, and get to your goals, pleasant journeys to you, good-bye!
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Jubilee: We're so bad-ass.
Wolverine: Yup.

Great illustration of Marvel's Dynamic Duo. :XD: Pretty much sums up their personalities, really.
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Wolverine Emote Awww mane!! Classic team up, this takes me back to Fox Morning Cartoon
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Nicely done, very colorful work!
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and she's still my favorite X-men of all time! :iconbanzaiplz:
epic art here, love it! :squee:
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Wow... favorite of all time? 

I'm actually not sure who I would say is my favorite of all time. I think Wolverine is a default go to answer... but I think I'm a little tired of him always being the focus of movies and such.
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ah understandable, though he is way cool they do tend to use him as a bit of a crutch or maybe more accurately they milk his popularity, as for me yup Jubilee since i was like 4 snooping through my big bros Xmen cards and then the cartoon, if i was to pick a second it'd be Gambit, he was always so cool to me! :squee:
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I love the relationship these too share
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Same! I don't have a long history with the XMen, but back in the 90's I really liked when these two were paired up.
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awesome style and great piece!
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Love the style
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Thank you! It's one of the few super hero ones that I still like. XD
(I tend to hate my own work shortly after finishing it)
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Amazing art pic :D
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thanks a lot! = )
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your welcome amazing art pic
Jubilee is 5'5'' and Wolverine is 5'3''
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Damn. I guess I better delete this.
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Ahhh, these two have always been my favorites. C: Amazing job!
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Thanks! I always liked these two together as well.
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