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spinal cord study

I'm trying to learn anatomy (for the MCATs) and improve my drawing skills simultaneously. This is my first attempt at drawing the human spinal cord in full detail; reference courtesy of Gray's Anatomy. I added a background to make it more interesting.

Notable CS2 strategies:

1. Used color selection tool to remove all white (make sure you slide the "fuzziness" level down).
2. Accentuated the parchment effect by using the stroke tool with low opacity on the main layer.

EDIT: Darkened the stroke.
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I love it, I mean, look at these details!! may I use it for my (pre-medical)protocol work?, with the all rights stuff of course, (only illustrative purposes)
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Nice job on this will-o-the-wisp.

Nice job.

Love the parchment effect.
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wow, i like it very much, im a medical student and your draw is amazing!! is very real... or something...
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nice! Im studying dragon anatomy XD
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If only I could get my hands on a copy of Gray's Dragon Anatomy ;)
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do you know the Drake's one? its nice and interactive ^^
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I had no idea, do tell.
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Very nice, I like the detail.
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wow, thats a nice anatomy drawing, I really like how it looks and the background really adds to it's effect
good job
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Thanks much! Took me quite a while, because each vertebra really has its own curves. Glad the background helps.
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