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An Inkspace creation for the Regnum map, though I could probably use it for other stuff, too. I wanted something akin to a Mortal Kombat dragon, but with more of a classic Western Dragon look.
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hi Will-Erwin, I'm developing a mobile game.  May I use this as part of the shield of a knight?  Will link credit to your page of course.
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Sure, and good luck with your game!
hi, im an upcomming dj/producer... i just wanted to ask if i could use this as a piece of my logo? =)
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That's fine. I just ask that you include some reference to me and/or my dA page somewhere in your page/product documentation.
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Hi, i'm making a discord server and i would like to use your icon as the server icon wih some edits.
There will be credits with the server infos.
Can i ?
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Sure! Good luck with your server.
Hello ! I would like to use a modified version of your icon for my website's logo. Is that possible ?
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In general, I don't have a problem with people using the tools and icons that I put up here, but asking permission and giving credit is something that I generally expect, unless I explicitly say that it's a free-use image. Occasionally, I include icons and tools that are themselves adaptations of other peoples' work. In those cases, I try to give credit, and if I can directly attribute the work to a specific person or site, then I generally refer people to the original work.

In the case of this dragon icon, I'm happy to let other people use it, and I ask such people to credit me and post a link to my dA page.

(I already settled this question by pm, just posting this for people who might have similar questions)
Indeed ^^ And I gave some proper credit in the "Credits" section of my website :) Hopefully, one day it drives some traffic to your deviantart page ^^

(This was already settled in pm, just want to make clear to the public we both agreed on proper attribution for your work)
This is a great icon.  I'd like to hand-paint it on a t-shirt for personal use - would that be OK with you?  
I'm playing a Dragonborn in a D&D group and want to represent.  :-)  I'm thinking of doing it in bronze paint on a dark t-shirt (Maybe brown or dark blue).  I've learned to make the bronze paint stand out more I need to paint it in white first and then do the bronze as a second coat.  Thanks for designing this!
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Sounds awesome! Have fun with your Dragonborn. Please take a picture and share the result!
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Pretty neat.  Looks like it'd make a cool tattoo.
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Needles creep me out, but some of the best icon design work I've seen has been for tattoos. Thanks!
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This is fantastic, I am working on a D&D/Pathfinder Android app and would love to use this as the icon. I will link here and include credit in the app if you don't mind.  
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Sure, help yourself. I have this in Inkscape as a vector if you want to resize it (though it should be ok if you're shrinking it down to fit on a small screen).
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Thank you so much! The placeholder website is here:
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No problem! Good luck with your app!
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I really like this dragon.  Very well done.  Simple, yet still so DRAGON!
I am an artist and a dungeons and dragons player.  I have played for over 20 years.  I have designed a character sheet and was wondering if you would allow me to use this image as the icon in the "Dungeons and Dragons - Io" banner.  This would be for personal use only, nothing published, but I would still like to give credit where credit is due.  I have my name and symbol at the bottom of the last page of the character sheet (a 2-page, front and back design).  I would like to include your name for credit on the dragon icon.
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Sure, no problem. Help yourself.
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Thank you very much!!
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