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A Posse of Princesses Map

By Will-Erwin
Back in the fall, one of my daughters (the older sister of the one who's learning to do oil painting with me) decided she wanted to make a map of one of her favorite books as a school project in the same style as the maps I make. I showed her the techniques, and she did the grunt work. Unfortunately, we only had time to do the bare geography of the map within the timeframe of the assignment, but we've been working at adding to it off and on since then, and tonight, we completed it.

This map is based on A Posse of Princesses, a novel by Sherwood Smith, and all the names and places in the map are from the hand-drawn map in the published book. My daughter probably read it through six times getting little details like colors for the various countries, a suitable symbol for the compass rose, and an estimate for the distances involved. There's no scale in the novel's map, so she based it on how long a carriage ride is between a couple of known points on the map.

My daughter did the coastlines, the basic land shapes, the labels, and the national borders. We worked together on the mountains, rivers, climate colors, compass rose, frame, and city icons. I did the water effects.

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With a story like that, how could it not go in the Favourites section?
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Great work. How's things going?