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ClassicPro Template pack

After months making it and promissing its release, the new skinners guide to Winamp ClassicPro is finally here! Made with the collab of Veronica Mogni aka Veroka, this template shows clearly each part of the skin, as well as the manual dissects it thoroughly. It also explains the procedures to create color themes for the most recent versions of it.

This is a pack which contains:
-> An oldschool ClassicPro skin (.wal file), with the 1.03 files included in it, altough not functional;
-> A ClassicPro skin with color themes (.wal file);
-> The manual (.pdf file)

I´d like to thank people who supported me during this work and waited for it patiently.
© 2008 - 2021 Wilian
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thank you very much
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Wow I'm so happy to see this is still available for download. I tried working through this but then my old XP computer threw everything out of the pram and died on me. So many thanks for this, cause it means I can give skinning another shot this year.
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Thank you, great stuff.
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Hope you enjoy making Winamp skins ;)
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Now i can start to make a winamp skin.
Great job! Thanx
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Great stuff! The best manual ever!
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Wow this will be hella useful for noob skinners like me, thanks a ton mate ! :peace:
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Thank you. This work is intended to be what the Skinner Atlas was to the classic skins!
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