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Chronicles of Balthor (Prologue)
The Chronicles Of Balthor
"Wake up, it's time to go to class" the sound of the voice of my old friend Sarah was a bit far yet close, I slowly opened my eyes to see her there, her blue eyes, warm smile and brown hair...
"Let's go, it's time sillypants  or we'll be late"
I grinned as usual then went back to sleep... not even a second had passed that I felt the sound of her knuckles...
"I'm going I'm going" I said as I woke up really and pulled off the blanket of my body.
I yawned then went to the bathroom and saw myself in the mirror, my black eyes seemed a bit darker than usual and my usually unattended black hair was a mess.
After I had washed my teeth and face I felt an odd noise outside...
I left all, went to see what was is, at first I thought it was a car... if it was I had never seen anything like it. All I know is that it easily wasn't from this planet, black,red and golden.
The door -or what seemed like it- opened and there it was, a creature unknown to me and surely t
:iconwilhemstudley:WilhemStudley 1 3
Abby in sl by WilhemStudley Abby in sl :iconwilhemstudley:WilhemStudley 2 0
What if...
What if...
What if you do come back?
What if I see you again?
What would you say?
What would I say?
They come so slow yet go so fast
Hope... Last thing lost?
Is it?
What if we meet again?
The other side...
The other realm...
The memories won't fade ever...
Love comes slow and it goes so fast...
Till we meet again...
:iconwilhemstudley:WilhemStudley 3 3
Letting go
Not easy
Not hard
What is it really?
Sometimes good
Sometimes bad
Why do they exist?
Letting go
Why it's so hard?
Why must i look at the past?
That bind me
Self imposed
Would i let the memories go?
:iconwilhemstudley:WilhemStudley 1 2
Can't help but think of it...
So great, so deep
Can't look at it
Feel it perhaps?
Can you?
Yet you don't hear the call
The call for you
The soft whisper
The muffled moan...
:iconwilhemstudley:WilhemStudley 1 0
This one is called "Past" linked to my previous one "Turn Back Time" enjoy and please don't hate me... i just aren't feeling really well and depressed as f... atm... ty for your attention
A black shroud
Memories of long times
The past came back
To haunt you perhaps?
"Let go, the past is the past" you say
But deep inside you know it's true
Past will be forever part of you
You can't escape it...
Would you prefer to be trapped in the past, forced to relive it all, each day in your mind?
Do you prefer to let it go and maybe eventually forget people?
It's your call...
For it's only no one's but yours decision...
:iconwilhemstudley:WilhemStudley 2 0
Turn Back Time
I guess, writing with my soul is the best i can do...
Call me foolish, if you'd like, but i wish i could turn back time
There was a time, where i was happy, free, loved and smiled a lot for real
I had a bunch of friends, never spent a day alone anymore but...
It was at distance...
Distance, oh distance, how i hate and love you at the same time...
Past... is the next one i'll write, related to this one btw, hook up...
Turn back time
Recover your smile
Turn back time
Move on, make new friends, remember but not chain yourself
Turn back time
Turn back time
Live life to the fullest...
:iconwilhemstudley:WilhemStudley 2 0
A little about Love
Love is like the wild rose-briar,
Friendship like the holly-tree—
The holly is dark when the rose-briar blooms
But which will bloom most constantly?
The wild rose-briar is sweet in spring,
Its summer blossoms scent the air;
Yet wait till winter comes again
And who will call the wild-briar fair?
Then scorn the silly rose-wreath now
And deck thee with the holly’s sheen,
That when December blights thy brow
He still may leave thy garland green.
:iconwilhemstudley:WilhemStudley 1 6
Never,apologies,confort (?)
I never got to meet you, to ever chat with you...
I did, however checked your art, the comments on your profile...
I saw you were a kind person, even in the toughest situation...
I'm sorry...
I'm sorry, no one deserves what happened to you....
It's not fair that always good people die first...
But, wherever you are, i take confort for you suffer no more...
:) :hug:
:iconwilhemstudley:WilhemStudley 2 0
Remember what you mean to me
What can I say of you? You're the sweetest, kindest and most true person I know. It's unfair you have that battle, no one deserves to suffer so much... I wish I could just erase your pain with a giant hug, you're really brave and I admire you so much. Even when life has been unfair to you, you never went into paying with the same coin, even to people who really deserve it, I hate distance, if I could I'd be next to you right now. I made you a promise of staying by your side forever till your last breath and I will honor it, you have no idea how much you mean to me, to all the people that love you too, I just am blessed to have you by my side, you never judged me and I will never forget that <3
:iconwilhemstudley:WilhemStudley 3 0
Dei's gift for me by WilhemStudley Dei's gift for me :iconwilhemstudley:WilhemStudley 0 0
Before we start... i dislike hospitals a lot... luckily in my life i've only been there a few times...
White... white light
Voices, which i don't recognize
Blood, red... red as roses
Worried glances... in their faces
Cold and dark is only what i feel...
I don't want to die...
:iconwilhemstudley:WilhemStudley 1 2
Life (get back)
Life is something you're given...
Life is something you've got to live...
Life is something you need to go through...
It may hurt, it might make you cry...
It might make you smile, it might make you laugh...
It might be hard, it might be easy
But it's life...
Battle for it...
Get back, your smile if you cry
Get back, your strenght if you fall
Get back...
Get back in your feet...
:iconwilhemstudley:WilhemStudley 2 3
Rosalie and me by WilhemStudley Rosalie and me :iconwilhemstudley:WilhemStudley 0 0
About me ^^
A kind man according to people love music--althought the more dark themed seems to be my taste. I am rather curious, and can run the same thought trail in my mind over and over again until i finally convinces myself of the most possible and logical thing-- at times. I love to do some  DJing, and visiting with my friends, even if sometimes i kinda do make them stay up RIDICULOUSLY LATE. All in all though,i truly truly care about people... Also am painstakingly truthful at times, so beware what you ask me, as i don't butter things up before speaking my opinion.
:iconwilhemstudley:WilhemStudley 0 0
Before you read this, i want to thank the person that so lovely inspired me to it C.M. you really made a great job, congratulations my "friend".
Your name
It makes me sick, it makes me enrage
I always kept my part of the deal
You fooled me, then even dared to accuse me OF WHAT YOU DID
Trust, shattered trust
I called you a friend... my love
And you want to be friends afterwards...
Irony, sweet irony
If you ever cared... why lie?
If you ever cared...
Ya know when you ya have something in your chest and need to get it out? well, that's my moment atm hah... hope ya guys like it, beyond the content of well, all the hate i spill in the "poem".
I write from the heart, for only my heart can guide me when writing...
:iconwilhemstudley:WilhemStudley 1 0


Valentine Challenge #6: Esther x Ezekiel  by She-Wolf91 Valentine Challenge #6: Esther x Ezekiel :iconshe-wolf91:She-Wolf91 4 12
Genetic Jolt! Ch. 1
~Chapter 1~
Tomb Trouble
It had been an hour since the teens entered the caves, yet so far they had yet to go even 2 feet underground. The tunnels stretched on for miles, so dark that their flashlights could only shine so far. Most of their time was spent coming across dead ends, or large pits too vast to see downward. They backtracked so many times that it was no surprise a rut hadn’t formed in their wake!
Fangs continually looked around, not for any signs of the tomb, but on the lookout for any monsters rumored to be haunting the caves. Every time a rat squeaked, a bat flew by, or water dripped from a moist stalactite above into a tiny puddle, he yelped and clung to Puggsy--- who, in turn, shoved him away with a glare.
“We should take a break,” Biff sighed after three hours passed, lighting a lantern so their flashlights could preserve power. He sat down, digging through his pack and drinking water from a canteen. “These caves just go on forever.
:iconshe-wolf91:She-Wolf91 1 0
The End
krossP here.
I visited this account once again to post something Ash requested me to do before she went away. This was a text file from her tablet entitled "The End". She told me to not read the content and just post it as a journal, 3 days after I update her account. But I can't help but read it as well. Her instructions were very specific and it left me wondering.
None of the content was altered in any way.
Whoever finds this, you are awesome <3 (If you're my brother, nevermind then xD)
October 3, 2014.
I'm still in this white room. The machines beside me are increasing every two months and welll, I'm a bit worrried. Ohhh and yea, I finally decided to write something down with my tablet or something 'cause having no internet for months and it's killing me xD
Anywho~ Once I get out of here, I'll be posting this nonsense entitled, "WHITE WALLS EVERYWHERE" or something. I don't even know, I'm just writing something out of the blue! |D
Errm, let's talk about something then... Hmm... O
:iconyuuu-chan:Yuuu-chan 66 93
A Letter to Myself
Dearest Shyra,
First up, I have to commend you for where you have gotten in your life. Would you have ever imagined yourself as where you are today at 15? I didn't think so either.  It seems amazing isn't it? That you're still alive and that you have made so many differences to the people in this world.Take a little moment, to pat yourself on your back for surviving. For struggling to stand and pick up the confused fragmented pieces of your life one at a time and for finally getting yourself to where you are today.
Dearest child, I know that there will always be a part of you that's going to remain idealistic, that will always believe in the better and inner good of people and that part of you will always keep getting hurt. Don't despair. You are going to meet people who are never going to appreciate you for what you do, tear you down for your dreams and tell you that you're not good enough.  Don't believe them. You will meet people who will suck up to you, be nice
:icontaintedbliss:taintedbliss 2 7
Yeah that's me. by Kieva Yeah that's me. :iconkieva:Kieva 3 9 Childhood by dualdesigns Childhood :icondualdesigns:dualdesigns 175 135 Deviant-Cemetery Group Icon by Kiss-the-Iconist Deviant-Cemetery Group Icon :iconkiss-the-iconist:Kiss-the-Iconist 26 19 DP: Genderbend by Amethyst-Ocean DP: Genderbend :iconamethyst-ocean:Amethyst-Ocean 1,888 128
The Morrigan
The Morrígan in Modern Pagan Worship
Though she's an ancient Irish goddess, worship of the Morrígan has carried over into modern times, and she is worshipped by several sects of modern pagans, such as Wiccans and druids.  Feelings about the Morrígan are mixed, ranging from ideas about her as an Irish Kali (and therefore a loving mother) to her as an evil, bloodthirsty goddess who should be carefully worked with, if worked with at all.  There is, however, a growing interest in her: what she means in modern times, how she is worshipped, festivals relating to her, and rituals in which she's involved.  Modern pagans have many ideas about what her purpose is and how she works in their practice, and many fall back upon historical documents found in Ireland that directly refer to her.  These texts are limited, however, as the ancient Irish religion was primarily oral and very few practices are known today.  Because of this, others argue that i
:iconrinyavie:Rinyavie 9 4
My sister's passing, I love you, Grace
I've been staring at this blank box for a while trying to figure out how to write this.
Our beautiful Grace left us
Yesterday afternoon, on October 15th 2010, I held my twin sister's hand as she was finally released from a body completely destroyed by cystic fibrosis. She is at peace and most importantly... she can BREATHE. She can breathe, she can laugh, she can dance, run, jump and do all of the things that CF took away from her. She's free.
I had been in the hospital this past week recovering from a collapsed lung and my doctor let me out late Thursday night to go be with Grace and my family at the hospice. Sometime after midnight, I reluctantly went home and got a few hours of sleep and returned the next morning. She was surrounded by so much love. Through our tears, we all told her that it was okay for her to go... and then she was gone. I feel as though I have lost half of myself. I would try to describe the bond shared by identical twins, but I don't think there are even words.
:iconautumn-rains:autumn-rains 1 27
Thursday, June 12, 4:18 PM, Eastern Time Zone
Many of you know me through my account, Jay-V-Shadow.
Today, at 4:18 PM, Justin Lex passed away. I personally was not there, but Kai was, and so we're his parents. They said Justin did not suffer, and fell asleep just before passing. He smiled, and joked with them, like he always did, like nothing was wrong. He was himself right up until the very end.
I saw his body, and I think he looks peaceful, like he's just sleeping, or like his coma, where he could hear us talking to him, and there was hope that he would wake up.
I think he knew his time was coming to an end sooner than we thought. He gave Kai a final message for you all, which Kai has since passed on to me. Here is that message.
Hey, guys.
We all knew this was coming, so I first want to thank everyone for being so supportive. My short time on deviantART has been the most wonderful experience of my life. I made so many new friends, and I even got to have a taste of fame, for my artwork, which has been my dream for so long. S
:iconjurolex:Jurolex 13 33
My DevianFriends - CharConcept by Waltrick-san My DevianFriends - CharConcept :iconwaltrick-san:Waltrick-san 7 16 Gloria by Tatyana-Sanina Gloria :icontatyana-sanina:Tatyana-Sanina 38 15 A little neko by Tatyana-Sanina A little neko :icontatyana-sanina:Tatyana-Sanina 277 94 Opal by Casey-The-Fruit-Cake Opal :iconcasey-the-fruit-cake:Casey-The-Fruit-Cake 12 16 Beach day ! by sakimichan Beach day ! :iconsakimichan:sakimichan 21,707 916






WilhemStudley's Profile Picture
Sophia Cynthia C.
Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
Normal girl, guitarrist/writer ^_^ love anime, love meeting new people and friends and gladly I'd translate Spanish stuff for ya
I am still alive but rarely visit here anymore... all who want can reach me on kik --> da_spidah_pounsa it's a... lot of stuff that has happened, I realized I'm transgender for one among many others and I've wrote many new things -uploaded to other sites tho- anyone can write to me just... tell me who you are and say "Spidah" so I know it's from DA hopefully all are ok and all that stuff, sorry I haven't been much more productive on DA!

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Chapters for already existing OC's
You got your OC and want him/her to be the protagonist? well, just for 100 points, ASUMING you got a OC well defined already, i can make it happen :) just give me a draft of your idea and i'll work from there. ONLY WELL DEFINED OC'S.

And another 100 per each chapter you want btw! :)
Extra lazy pack (FULL OC + 1 shot)
For extra lazy people, i'll do all the work, from creating your OC to write a 1 shot... and for 500 points more, i'll add a special surprise :)
OC + One Shot
Basicly you give me a draft of your OC's personality and A DEFINITIVE ON HIS/HER appearence, and i end and polish it + a 1 shot, please, in the draft, just say it like really like "he/she is a quiet/shy/etc character" and i'll work on it, no extreme details, just a draft, remember! :)
Basicly you just give me a guideline and how is the character you want me to write about, personality and appearence wise please be precise! :)
You put the topic, i write about it
You pick the topic, i write about it, it can be pretty much anything -obviously PG please- altho i can write R rated stuff i don't find appropiate to in here ^^ 

You can pay me in points as of now i do not have a paypal acc atm ^^ 


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