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Just going against the flow.
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This one has neat movement to it
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This is beautiful. The mountains and clouds really add a chaotic effect. Simply brilliant
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This artwork is beautiful. Congrats !
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hmm, I think the atmosphere on this one is maybe too kind, calm, forgiving... like on all of your paintings. But especially in this case I would like to feel the struggle. The unsettling emotions about romantic paintings 
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Thanks for the feedback!

This image, like much of my other work, may suffer from a lack of focus. Originally I was just trying to create an interesting visual relationship between the figure and the tree. Only after that was fairly completed, I decided to add to the environment.  The background flood was an idea that came very late.  So there is a combination of ideas that maybe don't fully support each other in the image.  Something I need to improve on.
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Oh its flood! Now I see. The idea is great but as you said, it's maybe a bit confusing because you started something and finished something else. But I like pictures done this way :), this works just fain. 
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one can almost feel the pain and fear she's trembling with...
thank you once again!
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This is beautiful. It makes me wonder what has happened to her. Wonderful work.
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TY For Shairing (sharing) yer talent. ( !) ~ . Hav uhh gud day. (  ~  !).
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Fantastic piece
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I just can't get enough of your style of story-telling! *o* I always dive right into your artworks and with this I feel like I could give that survivor my hand for helping.
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This might have to be my new favorite of yours, right up with Calibration.   I love the intensity of the scene, but the less saturated tones.   The whole atmosphere of the piece seems to be subdued, like the moment after danger has passed--great job capturing the relief on her face!
Also, your rendering continues to amaze me.   Gorgeous.   How do you get such clean natural lines?
Beautiful work, Lane!
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Thanks!  I've been trying to utilize more neutral/gray tones lately.  It's amazing what little notes of it can do when surrounded by more saturated areas.

As for clean lines, those are a bit deceptive, as I often require an absurd amount of undo's or paintovers before I get them right. So, I suppose persistence is the answer. :)
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Ahaa...I see that.  Brings the focus more to the saturated places and gives you an added sense of depth.   I think I need to try this sometime.   It really separates foreground from background and enhances the atmosphere in this image.

These paintings you do look deceptively effortless.   Persistence helps to explain everything.   
Very very lovely.
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What really stands out in this piece, to me, is the strength present throughout -- the power of the wind and the desperation and will of the individual to hang on (both physically and metaphorically). I love how the background kind of "tilts"... as if the wind is blowing back the viewer, as well. Beautiful work, as always!! :) 
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I'd like to claim it was all premeditated. At the end I was like, "I wonder what this would look like with wind?" Thanks!
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Ha-ha. Sometimes last inclusions/inspirations really add to a piece, it seems! And you're welcome!
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Going against the flow...  What I need to stop doing in my life... unless it's reality. -_-

Great illustration!
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