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Spider Warrior Concept

This is a concept based on a spider with vibrant markings. Feathered rods extend from the back of the headdress to represent four additional legs. Perhaps, when the warrior is moving wildly about, these would confuse an opponent.

Critique is much appreciated!
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Cool idea man ! ^^
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Dude that awsome :D (Big Grin) 
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awesome! makes me want to try this !
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Better than any of the Witch Doctor armor sets in Diablo 3
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I love this!

As far as any critiques go a little more focus on that back are would make a huge difference for concept art (front leg being defined and then upholding the same detail to give a modeler some idea on skin definition on the arms)

You might want to explore variation in the feathered extensions, in the reference the larger more muscled arms arching back could lend to maybe shoulder armor to give more mimicry to the warrior? (Possible level-up for the armor lol) I like the idea of keeping maybe two attached as is, but then building two more out of shoulder pads perhaps with a different material/set up.

Again, just ideas on exploration if you decide to continue forward--anything to push the materials giving how symmetrical the armor is!

Great rendering cheers!
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Thank you! Those are great ideas, and much appreciated!
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No problem I adore your rendering skills! ^^ Looking forward to seeing more!
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great concept and very well done development
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I love this concept!
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Wow, this is awesome. I wish I had thought of this.
Interesting concept! Great part is that you get the idea from an interesting creature. This reminds me of biomimicry (design from nature) i think you know something about it. :)

It would be more interesting if you could also study the spider's abilities and apply it to your character i'm sure you'll get more ideas not only from it's physical characteristics.

I hope you could make more drawings! It ispires me :)
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Thank you! I plan to do more of these, so I will try to use biomimicry beyond just the physical.
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Critique - if I can.

Love the pose, can imagine some sort of tribal dance and story because how it all looks. The detail is blob but the overall effect is really stunning.

I can actually imagine a lost amazonian tribe doing this.

Clever! And inspirig
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I like that- tribal, unusual - good stuff!
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Very nice design - I love the headdress, and the idea of basing a human warrior on a spider is pretty neat as well.
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Excellent concept piece! I love the elements you incorporated from the spider -- the costuming really does fit the insect. And your dynamic style fits the subject like a glove.

Two observations:

First, the black slashing "warpaint" lines on him confused my eye. My brain thought "cast shadow" in the first instant because the light direction warrants it. But then I 1) started looking for what was casting it, and 2) looked under his shield, where it was obvious that it wasn't cast shadow. They do add dynamism to the warrior but I'd switch the direction the lines are going so they run against the light source, maybe? Or zigzags?

Second, the top of the headdress does have the spider "eyes" which is great. But there are four of them, and I'd love to see two. Maybe a technical detail, but it sometimes makes a huge difference in a "disguise" like this -- a la Chiu's Bunny Eaters, though not nearly that extreme in this case.

As for the feathered rods, maybe you've seen roaches (no, not the insects, the native american headdresses) but they were used specifically to bounce around and confuse an opponent. So you're in good company there!

Sorry, blah blah blah. I'll be quiet now.
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Awesome! Thank you, it's so nice to get a critique!

I see what you're saying about the warpaint. At first I was trying out long strands of dark hair when I got the idea of paint. So without much thought they were laid in that direction.

Also good point about the eyes. I should really push that illusion further.

Very helpful, thanks!
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It's unbelievably rare on dA (and increasingly rare on CGS and CA) to find someone who actually wants a critique. Glad it was helpful!
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