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This key shot illustration was created for ILM's Star Wars challenge on

SlingBlade87 Wrote an awesome companion story for this illustration.
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 Give it a read if you want to discover the stormtrooper's fate! 
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What heartless bastard killed the dewback-one of the chillest and adorable lizard in galaxy? He'll be sarlacc food

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hopefully all those hours spent target practicing in the Imperial firing range will pay off.

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You can't just go stomping into Vietnam and act like you own the place

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Try throwing something, works in hitman
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This is absolutely great! Looks really stunning.
(one minor nitpick, the blaster wound is not really correct as Tusken Raiders are one of the very few groups in Star Wars that use projectile weapons)
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I hate lore like that, the rifle the shoot at Anakin in episode one look like any old common red laser. If there's going to be rules like that it needs to be visually apparent.

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Your just so good
Vezlevez's avatar if we were on the scene....The tension is at his maximum...:) (Smile) 
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Unless this Stormtrooper is an exception to the rest of his kind (ie, incredibly poor shots), he's freakin' screwed. :XD:
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"For once in your life... don't... fucking... miss!" - Stormtrooper to himself
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This is freaking amazing
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I bet 20 bugs on the trooper! 
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Do you have prints of this?!
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That poor Dewback
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Wow. Great story being told here, as well as how it's told. Even the helmet construction in this particular piece makes it look like he's worried. Very nice!
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This is just great Lane! The storytelling, light, and color remind me of my all time favorite Star Wars artist (aside from McQuarrie), Hugh Fleming. Awesome man.
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"The Sand People are easily startled but they'll soon be back, and in greater numbers."
Great art.
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That storm trooper is screwed haha. Love this piece of art. This is an damn good concept
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