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*Update* : Thanks everyone for your thoughtful input.  I decided to revert back to the non-blurred foreground.  Whether fully successful or not, I think it does have a more cohesive appearance.  
You can see the out-of-focus version here:
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The best part about this is the angle. Top down perspective is always a tough one to pull off.That being said , the angle also detracts from the painting by bringing to light the lack of detail in everything else. It's seems the girl was the only part of the piece that had any time spent on it. I understand that you prefer the more "loose" style that is so popular with many of today's digital artists, but I really feel that it only serves to hurt this painting with its utter lack of definition. Some detail on the canopy would create another layer of pop, while also making us really feel like we are peering through lush vegetation at this magical occurance. More texture on the water would help, as well as adding details to the manitee itself, which is supposed to be the centerpiece of the picture , going off of the title.