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playing around some more
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GodZmcHobbyist Digital Artist
Awesome, I love the colours.
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A great one
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wonderful work. What program do you use?
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Kate246Hobbyist Digital Artist
Love the colors in this one ^^
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AntoineRozelHobbyist Traditional Artist
The textures aren't quite right, but I guess this is not what you were interested in here.
Your leaves seem very heavy because the branches look very opaque. It gives some depth graphically but also makes a weird feeling. Just curious, how long does it take you to do something like this? I have never used anything digital up to now, but I am thinking about it. Would you say that it really changed your style?
Cool sketch :)
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Wildweasel339Professional Digital Artist
Thank you, that's a great point about the limbs! Something I will keep in mind.

This one took a day maybe two.

One of digital's major perks, is speed.  When you cut out need to prepare paint, mix colors, and clean brushes, you naturally save a lot of time.  Of course, this doesn't make it better. Actually it can have a very negative effect. It often means we digital artists put less thought and consideration into each stroke.  That is something I am trying to combat. 

Along the same lines, digital gives you ultimate freedom to explore without limitations.  This, I think, allows many artist to progress faster than that otherwise would. It allows you to fail safely, frequently, and with low cost.  Failing is perhaps the greatest way to learn!  

Assuming all things are equal, if I can create 3 bad paintings in the same amount of time it takes a traditional artist to make 1 bad painting, I'm likely to get better faster. 

It's the perfect medium for commercial illustration.  It still has no viable chance in the fine art market.
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AntoineRozelHobbyist Traditional Artist
ok cool thanks,
one thing I am worried about is also what software to use with a digital. I suppose it takes a lot of time to get along with the possibilities of the new equipment. But yeah definitely, failing is very important. I don't really care too much about market, I am a researcher in geophysics, so I just paint for fun. Maybe a tablet would be cool then. I have to learn a lot about lightening and colours... Watercolor is a very difficult technique for that. It makes everything quite light. Hard to get anything deep or powerful with that. Or you have to force a lot the colour.
Thanks for the advices :)
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Wildweasel339Professional Digital Artist
Yes a quality Wacom tablet is a must have! www.wacom.com/en-us/products/p…

I use Adobe Photoshop, like most people I know.  However there are many alternatives. 
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Gorgeous feel, absolutely in love!!!
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TiancumHobbyist Digital Artist
WOW! The light is beautiful. 
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Absolutely beautiful brushstrokes, and the light coming into the painting is great (:
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TavenerScholarProfessional Digital Artist
tasty brushwork
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Woah. This color <3  I love every single bit of it :la:
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draumstafurProfessional Digital Artist
this looks absolutely magical, kind like a walk trough Mirkwoord on a good day. Love how textured everything looks, I really admire that (as I myself have a hard time with it). Lovely!
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I see the head of a fox and a horse in the tree haha. But very well done!

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SaekhtisHobbyist General Artist
XD where do you see them?
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Wildweasel339Professional Digital Artist
Hehe, good eye! I wish I could say that was deliberate :)  
I bet it would be fun to do something like the Tree of Life: shoesshortsgloves.files.wordpr…
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I think that would be an awesome concept. I would say, go for it haha!
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thomaswieveggProfessional Digital Artist
beautiful stuff Lane!
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Wildweasel339Professional Digital Artist
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2tehmaxHobbyist Traditional Artist
seriously incredible dude!
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Spiritual art
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Whoa, this is beautiful. Teach me master... :D
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